is the vine entangled in midair

December 13 [Thu], 2012, 11:55
The twenty-second chapter I never bullying the little fox with concern to beam at night ,then turned to the black shadow moaning growl with . I don what you just said, I just want to be your life .
The shadow voice ,and then the other foot pedal in the evening shadows beam with his elbow . Fuck ! Beam evening ache was sweating profusely, only the feeling of his arm to be invisible force screwed back spasms ,pain bursts ,hate not knife under his arm .
The little fox see the beam in a painful look ,eyes flash Li awn ,opening a huge fireball jet to the shadows .Shadow ,a sound ,and dodge ball, he looked to the fox ejective flame even more : formed immortal Reynard ,did not see you have such a blessing .
Liang Xi is now the pain head soon blew up ,thinking how to listen to what he was saying ,is a small fox heard the shadow words ,look at an eye shadow complex . Think it looks on you seem hell-bent ,but you have no chance to enjoy the .
Shadow - a sneer, my name is image language ,can be your body and shadow together ,attack your shadow is to attack your body ,pain and is doubled ,but you may rest assured ,your body is never see any scars ,I leave you with kindness the integrity of the body .
Shadow - and stuffy humph one, behind the black smoke rising from a like number of tract silky writhing .Liang Xi was also reduce a lot of pain ,see the image language that make threatening gestures like, scalp fried up : strange octopus ! Shadow - palm up, behind a black plume of smoke like a tentacle straight beam in volume, it will stamp in the evening when the beam but he took a step toward the side flash away .
Shadow - not take it seriously ,and two black cigarette behind to Liang xi .Broke again !Shadow - not by what a sound ,he also found the wrong person as ,can predict in advance of their movements .
The little fox while he distracted Kung Fu suddenly jump up high ,a small mouth ,fireball strung like beads towards the shadow - shoot .Liang Xi hurried to the side ,the fireball shot rock spills debris hit in the shadow also hurts his death .
Shadow - on Fox from fireball very afraid ,flash after a few had to back up in smoke to resist .The black smoke and fire after the crash seems to be broken up into countless pieces of general bulk disappeared in the air .
action ?What is a minor immortal reynard . After a moment, the smoke in flying gravel suddenly efferent image language voice .Liang Xi from a rock after out of her head, to see the sight was frightened jump ,a huge black ball stands not far away, the black ball color like the thick ink ,flowing slowly ,and the shadow - sound is from the inside out .
And now the little fox fireball is sprayed on it immediately sprang open ,to shadow - simply do nothing .The fox show one is very unhappy ,but it has been tried ,but the strength difference is too big, can each other at all .
Liang Xi looked at the globe made a stay ,a sudden heart ,behind all hair erect upright, just at the moment he saw the ball more than light flashed an black gloss black ,from top down ,the final stop in the middle of the position .
Look out. Liang Xi shouting a ,also regardless of his shadow to bring their own pain ,after the fox from the rock from nursing in the body .Almost at the same time, the black ball in the shadow - a strange laughter exploded ,black such as running water ,four strokes, in hard rock left a horrible pit .
The little fox was Liang Xi under pressure in the body ,clinging to his chest ,eyes full of stars .Liang Xi was back from the pain he almost faints, the brain is pain stimulation was almost fainting instant, he clearly felt the Dantian in a hot surging out .
Although surrounded by black smoke enveloped ,blinding ,but two Green gloss in his palm ,the dark according to a human eye irritation !Green light brought his faint familiar feelings ,but she didn this feeling where previously felt .
Shadow - to not take it seriously ,but he soon became very frightened by not to regard it as right .I saw no sudden precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs from the rock breaking out numerous root as spear-like green plants ,plant tip sharp ,like the fangs toward their bite the past .
He burst out of the black smoke is those plants stamp ,as was the use of the sword in the mouth beaten teeth become pulp, instantly disappear . What is this ! Shadow - eyes ,suddenly shocked , you are already broke through the boundary of physical industry !This is not possible ! He was not a little surprised at this ,resulting in a shout voice changed ,like being pulled the throat of the male duck .
Liang Xi natural didn said just now is no realm what ,now he just think back feeling terribly hot ,sore eyes must flow out ,do not want to know ,all of these is his shadow was shot in pain .
The green plant is from the cliffs on the everfount emission ,the original smooth rocks made in a disastrous state ,Jimmy Choo Mandah,just like a person from bald suddenly by long hair ,and green hard hair ,looks very strange .
The fox knows these things is because Liang Xi constitution was aroused, and before also once, I wasn ,while shadow - a chance to break out a fireball blew past .Shadow - act with confusion from the little fox fireball ,to gather together to resist the black smoke .
Liang Xi was briefly surprised quickly found himself in hot like those plants caused some people, in the now of vital importance moment he was too late to think what is the relationship between the body ,completely rely on instinct to do action, in vivo heat under the leadership of palm green more ,suddenly a sound sensation explosive ,cliff rock rolling down, a thick enough to more than a dozen individuals hold huge vines from cliff top extrusion ,such as python ,downward pumping to .
What is that ! Shadow - be frightened out of one ,he never thought of himself to kill is actually a monster dick .Vine covered with barbs ,UGG Kensington Boots,if be rolled live even copper steel frame is a residue !A rock is the vine entangled in midair ,click a sound ,the rock broken into numerous stone chips have shed ,shadow - courage suddenly indentation .
What the hell is this monster ! Shadow - want to cry .Real person of Xiu to reach the industry realm can display their physical attributes ,he is also just belongs to the great realm ,no difference realm also distance for a whole class .
To kill him before he ever told myself that this guy is a grade than themselves to high master !He is immortal Reynard frequently secretly smashing up the ball, the other is possible at any time to topple the mountains and overturn the seas of life of green plants, shadow - awkward escape ,accidentally by a vine pull arm .
The vine is gently pull the image language ,suddenly heard a scream, his arm was an instant students tore off a chunk of flesh ,open to the bone ,blood mixed with minced meat is scattered all over the sky is .
See the shadow - black body pink meat wall and white head ,we feel a sense of relief as the beam to catch his breath ,the other is the original man ,Canada Goose Hybridge Jackets Outlet,even mysterious mystify . I never having affection and faith ,because I teased him before did not know he was weaker than me .
.. ... Beam Xi hey laugh .Shadow - now desperate resistance ,heart very painful, so that he may die in here .Liang Xi good mood to watch their identity by the prey into killing ,just feel the heat in vivo remain unbroken ,finger where ,those plants will destroy the where .
I have this ability . Liang Xi amazed .In the beam as the proud, the sun gradually again from the exposed, beam evening shadow was pulling a long .Shadow - eyes suddenly see beam evening shadow ,cut to stab his vines ,not life toward the beam evening shadow attacks .
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