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January 12 [Sat], 2013, 16:39
Thanks for autumn and the ¢ mark "friends" ghosts and goblins, Nara repair, Night EASY BET "three friends playing tours 100 starting point coins 5888 starting point currency became the first deacon of the book, thank a reward. Another routine seek collection requirements recommended votes, huh! ----------------------- See his worried look, Zan heaved a sigh of relief and said: "look for real, you do not worry, and so I hurt , I point thousands of Whitehorse justice go with you Qiao County. "Sun Yu was overjoyed, but then I thought, but also a little bit wrong, the south is Zan Yuan Shao. Zan point soldiers south ...... Yuan Shao impossible to casually let her troops in transit Yanliang Wen ugly what came out to get in the way, and that they have how many lives are enough dead. Seems still have to strengthen the strength, otherwise even think about in this world is free to move. But how enhanced strength, Sun Yu clueless, and had to go step by step. The next few days, Sun Yu accompanied Zan the talk's Speech, looked at her injury day by day improvement. Seven days later, tens of thousands of White Horse righteousness arrived in Zan's Sister Gongsun more led zhuoxian to defend their master, Yan Gang, Tian Yu-team. The crowd met, have felt like a dream reborn. Yan Gang Wada Henan Baoquan hold into the Sun Yu eyeful appreciate the color, is also deeply admire his character. Learned from the mouth of Gongsun Yue the Karasuma army withdrew northward Youzhou, ran to the place to the north of the Great Wall. Seems Karasuma this Guan Yu and Zhang Fei ladder, gall bladder, a short period of time, did not dare come to invade Han. The Sun Yu heightened the sense of generals technology is fundamental to survival in this world, so every day, forcing Zhao took Kotake gun marksmanship practice in the yard. Poor Zhao did not know Sun Yu Why must she Lianqiang had teeth, take a pair of a powerless little hand waving bamboo gun, as soon as she stopped, Sun Yu will fiercely stared at her. This evil force the little girl practicing marksmanship Zan military soon spread, Yan Gang Wada Henan are not passed, the two men several times desiring Sun Yu miss this little girl, but Zhao Yun Sun Yu maidservants private property, belonging to others is not good to over-regulate. Is pathetic to see Zhao Yan Gang, one day could not help Sun Yu said: "look for the real President, since you insisted Zhao practicing marksmanship, it is better to let me teach her whatever the outcome is a 'gun', follow me to learn better than her take a bamboo pole lashed out. "did not expect Sun Yu a rejected, he felt that Zhao should at least" Stranglehold "That level of no reason to follow the" gun "practice Do not take a retrogression will only practice . So poor Zhao had a miserable looking over practiced bamboo gun, every day, no rest time a few hour. If the crime of child abuse in the world, Sun Yu has caught inside to eat Lao Fan. Days Zhao and training trip marksmanship, body and knees rest against a tree. Sun Yu suddenly took the Juchui into the yard facing Zhao said: "The sub-dragon, take your bamboo gun to stab me! Let sparring." "Ah?" Zhao shocked, little hands her a pair of white Sang Sang desperately shaking in the air, repeatedly said: "I do not find really amazing Mr., I dare you to practice." talk nonsense, if you can not win me no food tonight! "Sun Yu come up with a big kill. Zhao a no food, suddenly, his head drooping down, pathetic authentic: "Then practice it, but ...... how I might play Mr. find true, ooo, ooo, certainly did not eat tonight." "No crying, fast break over." Sun Yu was very poor Zhao, but in order to excite the Zhao generals technology, he had to dress up as a ferocious look. Take a look at a Sun Yu Zhao, lift afraid shrouded bamboo spear, brush shot stabbed over,Canada Goose Borden Bomber, but this shot soft soft simply not a methodicalness, the Sun Yu waved his hands sledgehammer, Zhao was both man and The gun slips out five or six times far. "Sir, my hand hurts." Zhao cried: "I did not really fighting." Talk nonsense to continue the fight. "The Sun Yu ruthless said:" Today you can not hit me, no rice eat. "Zhao Yun flat with his mouth open, Tingqiang stabbed over Sun Yu was a hammering retreat. So last twelve hour, Zhao finally no effort, her bamboo gun fling, lying on the ground and burst into tears again. Well, bully small LORI heart of the guilt really, SUN Yu sighed: "Well, I changed my mind, or make you eat it." "Really?" Zhao face, tears rolling, but I heard that there is rice eat, she immediately stopped crying. "Is true, alas, a rest, go to dinner." Sun Yu put down a sledgehammer chagrin thought: "What use any way? To Zhao's generals technology to stimulate it? If she becomes stronger, for example ... become a "gun God ... I traveled the world with her is not afraid ah. then again, the generals technology Zhao exactly look like it? was so curious." when the courtyard door suddenly a figure shaking, a spirit Jue Jue old woman went to Sun Yu courtyard door, loudly: "I ask people at home? Beihai Zheng Xuan visiting!" woman hair bridled, a face filled with weathered, mental health Jue, strength of character, rugged, light look at him is a learned scholar. Sun Yu curious mind, Zheng Xuan? What people? Previously heard ah. NM01 and quickly reported: "Zheng Xuan, word Kang into the North Sea high density of people, when World Daru, the late Han Dynasty Confucian masters, disciples throughout the world. He is Lu Zhi classmate friend, to Zan regarded as the uncles.," Romance of the Three Kingdoms " Liu Bei had worshiped him as a teacher, but no such records in the official history. "the Sun Yu listened NM01 introduced, I thought, seems a Niubi Donghonghong. Welcome to the courtyard, loudly: "student Sun Yu, Will Zheng teacher come to anything?" Zheng Xuan Ha ha laughed: "I have traveled the world, the passing zhuoxian, so want to visit an old friend Lu Zhi, I did not expect to find come go to vain. heard the apprentice Zan Lu Zhi temporary residence here, so to inquire about the news of an old friend, disturb No wonder, then. "" originally come to my lord. "Sun Yu and quickly smiled and welcomed into the Zheng Xuan. He dared not call in front of outsiders Zan Bo Kyu, honestly said her main male,Snow Parka Canada Goose. Zheng Xuan Xiaohe into the yard, although she is when the world renowned Daru, the man was not a bit shelf, like a spirit gas children good old woman, kindly face came,ralph lauren outlet. Just walked into the yard, Zheng Xuan to walk away is pathetic to see Zhao. "The little girl in, Zuosa?" Zheng Xuan asked curiously. Sun Yu sheepishly smiled and said: "our family's small maidservants, although there will only generals made no technology, I'm exercise she does." Zheng Xuan heard this curiously Zhao two left look look baffled right, then shook his head and laughed: "This woman skeleton Roucui, congenital physical bad, even generals technology, it is difficult to play the great power, her body can not bear." Sun Yu After listening to this, somewhat disagree, I thought: this world and my world very different, but the name will be the strength generally does not appear deviation, Zhao, Be Strong. Zheng Xuan see that he did not agree and will say no more, slowly roll into the house to look for Zan.
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