Zhao Jingjing is furrowed his brow

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The 990th chapter three hundred rounds Liu Ying and Ai Xiaoxue is going to be ok .In the middle of the night ,the Qin Dynasty directly teleport to Kyoto, to find his sister Zhao Jingjing .His sister so armed ,if heard after this matter ,will strive to .
However ,come a little late ,do not know his sister .The Qin Dynasty figure, appear in Nitake hall .This house is quiet ,the day should be very noisy .The Qin Dynasty is now Nitake hall business how to time, next to the dojo ,came a woman cry .
Ah. Well. Ah. The Qin Dynasty pick ,is so late ,she is Zhao Jingjing ,the martial arts ?Think of here ,he walked to the martial arts field door ,gently pushed open the door .The man .
! The door was open ,UGG Accessories Sale,making loud groans . Who ! It has a red robe is martial arts martial ,woman ,suddenly turned, then quickly fly one foot, a flying kick ,a straight play . Bang ! The Qin Dynasty hastily raised his arm ,his sister this foot rack .
Sister ,i ! The Qin Dynasty quickly opening show his identity . Little junior ? Zhao Jingjing looked at the front of the man ,could not resist a bit of a surprise , how did you suddenly come ?Also so late ? I find some things ,so we came .
Never thought I was so late ,still practicing martial arts . Qin said .In the body of Zhao Jingjing ,has a very good sweat incense .Do not know how long this practice ,hair a little wet .
The entire field ,has the very good smell sweat taste .The Qin Dynasty couldn ,snorted .Zhao Jingjing face is red ,moment .Because she now ,one foot is caught in the arm ,the entire thigh towards his little brother .
While little junior actually sniffed ! Damned ! Zhao Jingjing is a swallow, the other one foot up ,heavy kick in the Qin Dynasty ,directly to the Qin Dynasty played from flying out of the dojo .
Sister ... ... The Qin Dynasty awkward climb from the ground up, although this one doesn ,just be played some strange . Hey ,why kick me ! Who ,who let you do some * * ! Zhao Jingjing blush ,legs straight ,stand in the temple ,said .
I have no !I wronged ! The Qin Dynasty shouted innocently , I just smell the world body smell good, it can not help snorted ! You ,you guys ... ... Zhao Jingjing is her heart ,you love so a colored embryos .
s getting beat up ! Then, she went back the two steps to the Qin Dynasty ,wave , come ,elder sister and I had two strokes !Are not allowed to use the state to suppress ,we two ,only to build the base level fight ! Thinking lesson about Qin Dynasty, but still want to fight the problems made .
After all the Kyoto City ,especially the martial arts street ,is the true sense of the martial arts master ,not a real person of Xiu ,may and Zhao Jingjing opened a . So I pulled fight oh .
.. ... Qin wiped sweat . What, did not want to ? I am a good man ,I hate violence ah ,sister . Qin said . Could you speak more false ? Zhao Jingjing took up the robe belt of the Qin Dynasty ,Gogo finger , come on ,sister let you tips to ! Then, she put out the fist of the hands ,his legs apart ,bare feet on the ground .
At the same time ,two fists one after the other, left and right ,gazed at the Qin dynasty . I know it is violence ... ... The Qin Dynasty is helpless ,he took a breath, the State Press in building base level ,and then said .
,sister ,I come ! He said ,knock ,appeared in front of Zhao Jingjing .At the same time ,the left hand picked up a frost giant hammer to cemented ,sister of the body is called the past .
The ice hammer ! ! Zhao Jingjing managed to retreat ,a swing ,slammed and smashed it looks great ice hammer .At the same time ,in the hands of a thin film of ice ,the Qin Dynasty ,grabbed the collar ,with his back toward a .
Give me lie ! Because of the Qin Dynasty in the air, no hide hide ,also don force, directly by Zhao Jingjing pulled up ,toward the floor behind it to the . Not so easy ,sister .
The Qin Dynasty is stretched out his hands ,one hand hoop Zhao Jingjing ,on the other hand to grab Zhao Jingjing ,and then in turn down Zhao Jingjing .But Zhao Jingjing saw the intent ,a pushing hands ,let the Qin Dynasty to open .
While the Qin Dynasty natural won release ,and his outstretched left hand ,did not reach the world ,but caught in a soft .A bulge in the Qin Dynasty ,Canada Goose Mountaineer Cheap,the palm of the hand .The Qin Dynasty nearly gush nosebleed .
I am a wipe ,sister of the martial arts, did not wear a bra ! Damned !You this goat ! Zhao Jingjing blushed ,body strength operation ,converged to the hands ,a Dragon King Kok ,the Qin fight to fly ,direct hit the head on the ceiling .
Bang ! The Qin Dynasty was banged ,and then to drop .But shame and anger Zhao Jingjing ,is here ,waiting for his brother . Sister ,calm down ,I really did not mean ah ! Qin Zhaoshen was still in mid-air ,innocence .
Don talk nonsense !Take that ! Zhao Jingjing hands to catch the body ,then the whole people took him to fall on the ground . Bang ! The Qin Dynasty was on the floor ,while the lower abdomen ate her sister an elbow .
If not for the Qin Dynasty the diamond body ,it may have many hardships . Give me show me what you learn ,UGG Womens Jimmy Choo Sora! Zhao Jingjing see Qin Dynasty has always been his pressing play, annoyed ,fly one foot, as Tomahawk ,toward the chest fell down .
The Qin Dynasty and not have their own masters such a strong body ,but his attack, but emerge in an endless stream . Lightning chain ! He stretched out his hand ,facing is split down the Zhao Jingjing, ejecting flash .
The electro-optic as chain ,wrapped in Zhao Jingjing, let her body with some slight paralysis ,could not help to recover the feet ,but also to step back . San ! But this also can do nothing to Zhao Jingjing ,her feet in situ ,Genki broke out, just to break up the body of the thunder light .
It is not enough !Take that ! Zhao Jingjing has broken up the body after Lei Guang, continues to the Qin Dynasty launched a dangerous situation as offensive .Every blow ,every one ,very dense ,let its impossible to guard against ,always struck him and some of the key parts .
Thanks to the Qin Dynasty the diamond body ,or early fall . The woman keep body surgery ! From the voice could not live in the Qin Dynasty in vivo sounded, in contrast ,only the core sister ,can match her .
Rui sister ? Is the stamen ,not wake up ,she is the dragon in the lateral palatal tooth dragon ,is the best fighting . From the sound of explained . Wipe ,no awakening you have hair ,let me a flash in the pan .
Toot toot ,a dissociation of wrong ... ... Host not to murder a dissociation ... ... The Qin Dynasty quite helpless ,only themselves to solve the difficult world . Nine unseen cattle ! The Qin Dynasty in the resist ,the replacement of their summoning .
The unseen force nine cattle ,appeared on his body . Give me a break !Barbarian King collision ! The Qin Dynasty hard carrying Zhao Jingjing ,and then the shoulder cross hit ,hitting Zhao Jingjing in the chest fullness .
Not wearing a corset feeling really good, hope this hit ,no aftereffects of what was good .Zhao Jingjing was inverted out ,then fell on the ground .The Qin Dynasty saw the opportunity, carrying a stone shield ,towards Zhao Jingjing took over the past .
Get out of my way ! Who knows his sister was quickly recorded a dryland Stubbs onions ,out of the ground up ,at the same time the legs with Genki breeze ,constantly swept out ,like a knife cutting apart around .
The rush to turn the shield cross in front of them, in his sister several feet . Bang bang bang ! The stone shield stone debris flying directly ,being kicked out of several pit . Inverted ! And sister go after, and a leg sweep ,directly to the embattled Qin ,want to sweep down .
Qin my ass in the ground ,and Zhao Jingjing went up .His beautiful sister ,directly on the Qin Dynasty who, battered greeting .The Qin Dynasty hastened to extend their hands ,catch a quasi ,his sister two fist to seal .
Sister ,finally we play and it ! The Qin Dynasty at the hands were his elder sister said seal ,a benign countenance . Think it over ? Zhao Jingjing is furrowed his brow ,then raising the head, leaned backward pull .
The Qin Dynasty felt schoolmates thigh strength ,he was a tight body .I am a rub ,because this is to play ah !She is to use the forehead ,smashing his face !Its natural won such a tragedy ,his waist strength, sat up ,and then used his mouth ,blocked the mouth of Zhao Jingjing .
You must use the head ,I will have a look ,who can do anyone !Zhao Jingjing had accumulated a head butt ,was suddenly Qin kiss the lips, suddenly froze .Her body ,or instant soft down .
The Qin Dynasty to encircle their sister ,the two men sat in the gym floor . Sister and brother ,since you have three hundred rounds ,I can only be you brother ! I ,I didn mean it ! I have three hundred rounds !Let you taste the how ! Had a good tournament ,should let the Qin Dynasty joined the unsuitable for children elements inside .
In two individuals in the dojo ,launched a real world war .Said that after thirty year old woman ,began to be fierce tigers .Although she is only twenty head ,but with a mammoth force woman ,will be what kind of? Wolf ,tiger ,elephant and compared these ,simply slag !Zhao Jingjing love martial arts practices ,Nitake hall knows .
Therefore ,the dojo night won someone close to .Therefore ,two people in the night ,don waste any more time .Until the day dawn, two people ended up . Little junior ... ... Zhao Jingjing is now a suit sweat ,is Qin Zhaobao in her arms ,and asked , you ,you all the way to Kyoto to find me ,is this the .
.. ... How ,how will ! Qin Zhaoxin said ,sister you push me too want to color . I come today, mainly want to find sister for help . Well ,you say ,as long as I can do . A few days later ,is a peak meeting Che-hung road will be .
At that time, I hope I can go to school and our ,when my thug ... ... The master ? Have everything that one expects to find. OK ,I promise ! Listen to a master ,Zhao Jingjing is naturally very happy , but you sent me the good news .
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