millions of Dow mans together when

December 10 [Mon], 2012, 10:45
net ?Guo Ming quietly looked at his eyes ,after a few moments, God mount throughput ,then a step forward, the body with the earth moving, played amazing a punch .. fist like knife ,awe-inspiring and granville .
The punch bright potential pressure ,the force through the sky .At the same time ,the dojo dark place also awakened and come, a roar ,startled day atmosphere thrust ,such as air ,such as a dragon day ,the whole world in his roar under completely blow .
It is an extreme, he already completely to the roar .Guo Ming back thousands of miles, it can can stop .A pair of eyes aglow looked at a distant fantasy figure . Who you are ?To offend me rite ? The voice cold openings .
Looking far, was the figure wearing a Chinese robe being handsome youth ,a pair of eyes as stars like dreams ,he stood quietly in the sky, but ever since the world road running for him and run ,he is the core of the universe ,the earth only .
Young ,warlords .His eyes are full of loneliness ,it is a rare an unwilling .After a long time, he seemed to remember something ,eyes fall on the Guo Ming body ,Guo Ming made a face, each other eyes were like Mo Zhu stern ,cold and ruthless ,he felt a strong crisis .
Scalp, Guo Ming got cold feet ,he has produced a cannot force the enemy .The enemy ,Guo Ming from birth to now ,no one has brought him such a feeling .Yan Ruyu is a tough ,but Yan Ruyu is too introverted ,but at present this is fail to show restraint ,arrogance matchless .
Guo Ming exhaled sound ,heart invincible road to Jingshi Road sound ,like Hanhai waves, direct rip pale Yu ,in the desolate earth exploding .On the road with Guo Ming was also a race to control transfer of half ,two regiment was on light straight through the sky ,a million miles away Reiki are washed out .
In addition to two Avenue ,then don other .Jin Ru was mad ,like a spit blood ,two shares Guanchuanjingu Avenue mercilessly flogged in his body, his mind was not .He struggled through the void ,escape from the sky .
When millions of miles ,he turned to the distance .Now his heart some apprehension, because the young dare and the ancient star of the strong ,will suffice to illustrate his strength .
His brother is a very literary golden demon family of rare unique talent ,but can not be with the eyes of two people ,he really have no confidence .He is know brother ,powerful, but is too proud .
I he knows not enemy ,also take up !The young man a breath of excitement ,and then burn up the fire ,the subtle way: are very strong, I hope you will not let me down . I have only to their own way ,I hope you can let me improve .
Guo Ming is a step forward, after the Millennium precipitation ,anonymous method direct hit .Like is like a magic ,magic ,like Fofeifo ,a new avenue to diffuse the power ,such as the sword Pro dust ,such as Buddha twist leaves ,such as Lord roar .
Sidewinder seventy thousand ,anonymous method directly in front of it .The Chinese robe young eyes gave a stunning ,he stretched out his right hand ,directly out of a finger .A red glow stabs ,was truncated in front of the time ,there has been a huge gap .
Guo Ming method collapse down the side of the cliff ,filled the gap ,but the other side of the barrier is in any case will not collapse .In the ring with the imminent collapse of the moment method ,Guo Ming into a world of extreme Katha ,suddenly realized forever ,even if it is the other way is unable to stop .
Chinese robe youth of their is very confident, because that is the billions of years to mix colors supernatural .Endless years of precipitation ,is the essence of his law .So even though Guo Ming did ring method when a gorgeous ,color is even more .
But when Guo Ming suddenly broke his word when, his face finally gave a dignified color .His body disappeared silently ,like a wisp of smoke never appeared .Guo Ming breath instantly diffuse here, but does not see the young figure .
Guo Ming SG flashing eyes ,on the other side of vanishing moment, he can still see traces of purple .Colored God mount ?Guo Ming arrived, saw five SG stabs .It should be one God mount application !Guo is really yuan overflows whole body ,carefully look at everything around .
His hands had time rule .Around the time suddenly in order to the ocean ,the future and the past, the forces of time by Guo Ming master ,he roared, trading places ,Buddhist bucket words printed from his right arm ,along the unique channels operation act crazy running .
In Chinese robe youth appeared suddenly, Guo Ming directly kill to .The young man is also big growl, blue boxing printed without moving to hide ,and Guo Ming bangs and go straight to the .
Bang ,the whole time was blown apart, a circle of devastating brilliance permeates the quadrupole eight ,at a distant unknown stars silent annihilation .Guo Ming feels like the general right arm spasm ,pain, a look down, find out abundant blood flow .
The Chinese robe youth shoulder for a shock ,right arm a shake ,he stared at Guo Ming ,Chen Sheng: I have seen you are the most amazing talent .When I have seen a ,I did not send her my colored SG ,hope you have this ability .
Is the ability to beat you ? Guo Ming laughed ,the arrogant ,hearts the road again to a tract tone .Chinese robe youth not anger the laugh ,laugh: has been for many years no one dares to say that to me .
If you can beat me ,I will give you the great nature . Guo Ming hands play Tai Chi Katha ,embrace Taixu potential , such as dragon of posture,UGG Roxy Short Boots, Guo Ming this time as Avenue origin in general, gently playing a .
Zhangfeng gently ,but with devastating force ,let Chinese robe youth for discoloration . Who is this magic ?How can you know her ? Chinese robe youth shock road .Chinese robe youth hesitated ,or played a black and white two colors of light ,to Yin and Yang flounder ,blocked Guo Ming .
Guo Ming took a deep breath ,stop the attack ,said : she is the Lord of heaven ,do not know who you are ? Me too .The Chinese robe youth pures colors .Sorry. Guo Ming startled dish .
You are the Lord of heaven ? Who told you the Lord of heaven only one ? The Chinese robe was disdainful youth road . Why history has never had any of your information ? Guo Ming asks again .
History is not important ,important is you has been brilliant, this is enough . The Chinese robe youth looked up into the sky ,pointing to the empty path: at the beginning of the famous Yu Hongmeng ,became the first president of the Lord of heaven ,but young ,do not know the heaven is high ,it is the eternal regret leaving .
Who hand ?I feel thy word ,the vastness of the universe ,not many people can overcome you . Guo Ming asked . After god . Chinese robe youth light , God ,like never before and blood vessels of the statue ,strength than the ancestral weak number .
She and I perish together . Guo Ming hearts ,he has been on the Yan Ruyu identity some doubts .Since she was the chief ,so God woman ?History and there is no God after the information .
The original is the youth of the death . God in the chaos of monasticism, but be richly endowed by nature of the animal, practicing for eight hundred million years .If you can give me some time ,I weaker than her .
Chinese robe youth voice has a desolate ,there is a trace of regret .Although Guo Ming did not know the young initially and after God before of the age ,but seems to be too much .Unfortunately, such a violent Terran turned out to grass over his life, make people compassion ,UGG Women's Bailey Mini.
Heaven predecessors ,main have several in total ? Guo Ming asked his concern . A total of nine, I was the first ,this is the ninth term, this term is the last term . The Chinese robe youth pures colors .
Nine ? Guo Ming is surprised ,he only found the heavens million community in the water too deep ,he originally thought that heaven main is the top exist ,such people do not have much .
But today he told his nine term ?It has seven men in general like lotus . Yes ,nine appointed .Maybe you have heard the news shocked .Can do so .But I can tell you responsibly ,except me and lotus ,the rest of the seven are not my Terran people .
So you a difficult task . Chinese robe youth light road . Only reached the final, you can transcend self ,be stronger .Reasonable realm is a hurdle ,you accumulate more, you break through when ascending the more .
China Youth subtle gown , well, not much to say ,as long as you can get me to admit, I give you five God mount . War ! Guo Ming nodded .This time he stabs ,all bursting out of the hundreds of millions of light ,100 thousand lights ,light ,his mind a bit hot in that the firelight ,UGG Women's Button Triplet,avalanche press .
It was Guo Ming in metempsychosis years of experience ,all pain ,a long .It is place of common feelings of people ,it is the roar in millions of lives ,that is the earth mother desire .
Chinese robe young arms one earthquake, hundreds of millions of avatar heavy Luan stacked, with ten to nine days .Neat and move, dance of wind .Hundreds of millions of avatar with heaven and earth moving, led the heavens million community law, at the same time point out one finger .
When millions of Dow mans together when, a huge voice echoes ,from nine days there came the Zen sound ,to deter the radius of the hundreds of millions of kilometers .Zen like knives ,hard to kill in the gold in your body, his mouth to hemoptysis ,systemic no breath .
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