died four people dead with before

January 29 [Tue], 2013, 18:22
They know at this moment there have been people called to see his palm to teach the plus ten before that is a spiritual silence of the master they sent seven people outside all dead Quanzhen Although this is a big martial art but also know a comprehension for those who built the base to the spirit silence period takes how long takes much manpower and resources, a one-time loss of twelve Ling silence on the master that the future the Quanzhen certainly will appear once lean situation of the development of the martial art will have a great impact on seeing kinship Duke should fly over the sea on suddenly emits from the side glaucoma fast flying glaucoma suddenly turned into a humanoid the Pushan like the thugs a shot mouth shouted: "left", "plop ..." kinship Duke simply without any ability to resist a slap shot from the sky down heavy hit punched a big pit in the sand "I won" who still glowing glaucoma shouted that he was shocked comprehension monitoring divisions at shortly just before the from the Mahayana advance to the early days of crossing the robbery can not say is the first person of Chinese self-cultivation sector can sit tight in the top ten of the top spot to comprehension for those who know to be able to enter the crossing the robbery of the nature of mind than the common people to be calm addition they want to major time on crossing little out of the tube the mundane earthly so a crossing tragedy preparation the robbery early enough so comprehension for community people tremble with fear like a kid in front of his kinship Duke did a slap shot him to death has been very lucky voice faded two shadows either side appear together in the bunker next to the inside of the blood group Duke A pulling out kinship the Duke well aware of their own with the strength of heaven and the man falls far short of not the slightest idea of ​​resistance "Little Duke also dare to come I Huaxia Guo wildly really overconfident ah," the Financial Secretary said with a cold tone: "He gave me escorted back to keep a strict eye I should personally interrogate" two subordinates necessary marched to the kinship Duke left suddenly sounded a cry later: "Leave the to kill me Quanzhen door people murderer" This cry Secretaries eyes squint slightly looking at driving Feijian from seven the Quanzhen points doors palm Changchun child shouting out, he do not even know comprehension monitor Secretary Director also thought it was the other sects. "you say?" door or else this unlucky seven guys did not know the immediate secretaries expression tone naturally not too polite not Who they Quanzhen major sects in the comprehension of it a long time from top to bottom will a terrible sense of superiority has been a direct result of this sense of superiority - is to look down on the people not to send "the left" Changchun child's heart only revenge, of course impossible watched killed door murderer so others away, "pay attention to your words and deeds," Secretary Chen Sheng said he already angry, "I say and how? If we wounded him earlier that you may catch him so easily? . " Changchun child verbally aggressive and said: "So you people to us do not give yourself the trouble" Director anger you a little Quanzhen doors doors main. Dare in front of me so arrogant I think I'll choose to take you to re-get to know what is comprehension monitoring the Division of comprehension monitor Secretary the boss "tenrai" Secretaries mouth what extrusion word suddenly clouds rolling in seven head at the same time feel tense up before they understand over how children a thick yellow lightning from heaven accurate splitting Lightning center located in Changchun child who Kacha Changchun split rolling with six other people also brought up the windy fall to the ground as if a strong wind in the deciduous Qi Jin blown rickety almost from the Feijian on falling six ** startle turned out to be crossing the robbery of the cited tenrai master? Six people,Canada Goose Whistler Parka, depending on one as a comprehension that they know the same thing but for the low level of only crossing the robbery of a master have the ability to lead tenrai course tenrai the soaring robbery when this tenrai with crossing to go through the fundamental some comprehension, but can be fatal Changchun child a charred clothes lying on the beach a few small pieces of pieces of cloth Kankan complete the mission of the fig leaf he Yang octree become the image of nothing "ignorance is something the Secretary long disrespect me destroy you "Secretaries get enough to lead the second Road the Trick" 司长 adults lenient "Shun Yeung real cry sounded next second he appeared in the Financial Secretary and Changchun sub-middle hastened toward others salute: "Secretaries adults pacified are no party discipline resulting in the door people collide Secretaries adults you adults have come all this way to see a lot of to forgive me ungrateful door" the Pure Yang Reality told the Secretary know he is lessons Changchun child suddenly scared a cold sweat but crossing the robbery of a master cited tenrai time can be the distraction of people hack to Yuan Ying period to lose at least two to three decades the skill again look directly hack back to knot Dan and the pubic region severely damaged the split person to die will stay at this height will not have the slightest inch of six guys see palm to teach the people are so polite shouting "Secretaries adults call all scared into a cold sweat comprehension monitoring the Division's boss No wonder tempers so hot Changchun son rushed sorry while they arrived for their own glad Fortunately, just verbal collision is not me or lying on the floor to get up. that have to be my ah the Secretaries eyes contemptuous aim the Pure Yang Reality a hum: "Then look at your face Shangrao this guy I once said Shun Yeung kid fortune to teach you how when? your full really teach the doors people quality are so not as good as you hurry dissolution lest we comprehension sector disgrace "Shun Yeung real old head flushed him but faction boss he was like a training grandson a pass rebuked and he had a awkward apologize Where would dare superior fortune to teach before have to do to send the Secretary is the fact, to see Shun Yeung real before bumbling cited second tenrai the entire Quanzhen used to quell his success Secretaries adults assured I must the subglottic disciples strict discipline eliminate the recurrence of this sort of thing I would like to thank you spare Shun Yeung real bowing Road'm afraid people an unhappy dissolved Quanzhen comprehension monitoring the Division is the oldest of the major sects of self-cultivation sector rights of the dissolution of a martial art or it drops "rare your kid so naive children even if" the Secretary glanced at the one lying on the sand Changchun sub-hum: "count your lucky son of a bitch just lost two decades repair just resting my temper before non-split you to the ashes not "finished him winking toward control of the Duke of kinship grow together and flew toward the south Shun Yeung real breath after this evil Star fool passed back towards the six main gate scolded: "You are a pig brains it? even if people do not know the identity should also be able to see people's higher level than you, right? Even I do not dare they come hard of ye are delicious ambition guts? "six guys submissive lowered his head Changchun feel wronged incomparable heart Road where I know it is a Fiends tenrai took me from distracting the early split back $ infants and the initial two years of cultivation destroyed "And how many people were killed you know?." Shun Yeung real think of things not by the well done Jade Yoko gingerly said: "Qibing fortune to teach in two fights in our total loss of the six doors can also kill the other five Marquis kinship "In their view the record of six to five, although a little disadvantage may, after all, this is Quanzhen with the first battle of the kinship eat deficit as it should be, they know not six to five but 12 five a big loss, "you you ,Victoria Parka Canada Goose..." Shun Yeung really popular are unable to speak the forward the six head chest kept heaving shouted: "I go back to give a Zhongnanshan go the way the door with trembling fingers people bring back the bodies "Having Shun Yeung real driving the takeoff the sword first step you look at me I see you do not know why fortune to teach made such a big fire they Changchun sub arm up with weekend first war left six people when seven personal leave following the tragic story come to understand when palm teach Combustion Causes obviously only wounded six people now how all dead? Is kinship Tiaohulishan? Seven binocular the best red six injured doors all undermine the pubic region and then shattered visceral died four people dead with before a situation which is similar to "kinship irreconcilable with you" Jade Yoko sky and shouting Since then, the seven divisions no longer spiritual silence of the children dating this for thousands of years are very difficult to time the phenomenon has appeared in their heads Changchun sub livid face could feel the crowd to see his eyes Lidai trace of hatred If he had not,Women's Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Parka, then how could so many people 22 corpses dead lined up neatly placed Quanzhen comprehension for martial especially ever since its inception has never experienced such a big loss, "senior We'd better hurry back to their "Danyang child a heavy sigh, said:" let palm to teach anxious you I will not have a good fruit to eat the hearts of several people clearly back early with back late as where there will be what good fruit to eat later the Loredo know it pleased for several days
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