because a silhouette is stand in front of her

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This article content assassin magic pass 533 chapter, if you like Assassin magic pass 533 chapters Favorite Assassin magic to pass 533 chapters! Xinpei La looked up at the sky, to a rapid walk, her heart some anxious, originally Tonight To protect Alice by her, but at her to leave the garrison, led by Julie and Mi Duofu The two partners of female swordsman almost bloody conflict broke out, the reason to say it is very funny, just because a female swordsman walk when accidentally hit Miduo Fu, Mi Duofu raising his hand gave female swordsman a slap in the face that female swordsman insulted to find Julie cried a lot UGG Dakota, Julie stepped forward as the woman swordsmen backing, results so trouble up, nice novels: monasticism students undeniable social-animal when being in a totally unfamiliar environment, they always look for people who can cooperate to form a group, pretty novel: the life of a female general manager Addict: indulge in consideration of the whole party read. The female swordsman was originally not know each other, this after ten days, there are two small groups born Miduo Fu and Julie strongest natural was elected leader. Night has been deep on the streets in addition to Xinpei La rest of the pedestrians, the magical world and the modern city can not be compared, at least there are no street lights, no lighting facilities UGG Fancy Tall Cheap, although we can not say black hand dark, but only by means of revealing the bright starlight and homes, to see the scenery is very limited, but fortunately Xinpei La is a high-end fencing master, into ordinary girl walking on the streets, has long been scared to cry. Walking through a corner, Xinpei La suddenly heard the side came the faint cries, she stopped and listened carefully moment, aware of the crying sound coming out from an alley, if she did not hurry, certainly depends what was going on, but now she is anxious to go back nightwatchman UGG Suburb Crochet Tall Cheap. That is the top priority, Xin Peila thought, and continue to move on. Xin Peila again stopped, and she heard it clearly, in addition to the screams of a woman to the man issued a very disgusting laughter, Xinpei La brow of a challenge. Alley FanShen Guairu. Xinpei La dimly saw a woman lying on the ground in the alley at the end of. There are two shadow busy with what, although she could not see, some things do not need to see too clearly, she understood what happened. Upper body to be still intact, but she was his face covered with blood, the face on the left is high swollen mouth teeth out, the eyes also stream lou despair Xiufen look. Beginning Xinpei La hearts some doubts, the sky is so black, normal people do not leave the bright, warm home. Where do these people come from? But see the expression in the eyes of the woman, the Xinpei La is no longer any doubt what her very rich experience, the woman shed lou expression is true, she could still distinguish. Xinpei La just sprint forward, an arc difficult to detect with the naked eye from the boots on Xinpei La sweep, the son A Review Notes on TXT download. Xinpei La's stature suddenly stiff in there, followed by two groups quickly unite with the earth element Xinpei La feet wrapped up, and finally turned into two rocks. Founder busy two men together turned the hands of each of them carrying a standard manner crossbows, the crisp sound pulled two Jinnu like lightning shooting Xinpei La chest. Xinpei La one of skill in the sword, although temporarily unable to move her feet, but it does not affect her play to their combat effectiveness, Xinpei La backhand sword the two Jinnu all bang fly. H slamming. Xin Peila behind walls collapse. A tall figure jump out of, Xinpei La stature is high enough. But that the shadows Bixinpeila To two head higher, the two thighs even Bixinpeila the loins, the hands holding a two-edged chilling long-handled tomahawk cross, said the figure, hands wrong long the handle Tomahawk from the top down the back of the head Zhipi to Xinpei La Tomahawk waving brought up the wind turned to Xinpei La a breathless feeling. Xinpei La's grudge has released to the extreme, to reverse the sword walked up to the body Tomahawk Xinpei La almost deafening percussion H down to the ground, that figure Annealing a few steps, barely catch herself. The strength is, Xinpei La stronger than the other more than a little bit, but her stature has been extremely limited, the kind of point of view there is no way to play she really forces and why they eat the loss. Said the figure took a deep breath, and riding one step forward, waving ax swept Zhipi to Xinpei La calf UGGs Coquette. Such an attack can be considered scandalous, Xinpei La feet restricted, can not dodge, and that figure attacks Xinpei La's left calf, Xinpei La right hand a sword, it is difficult to make effective action of Block . This is just Xinpei La threat behind a body wrapped in the cloak of the swordsman Puxia from a height, the sword in the hands of distant point Xinpei La chest, and he was released grudge Xinpei La compared cents impressive. The Xin Peila eyes to turn Li, she did not bother to attack behind, staring at the the swordsman Puxia from high-altitude cold only. Just then, a figure from the flanking shot being hit that Axe Warrior the behemoth like majestic body actually can not afford such an impact that Axe Warrior screams inverted out and crashed into one of the walls, and finally heavy hit in the ground, the land turned out to smithereens trembling slightly, like a mini-earthquake, other book club watching: Jian Tang Daye party read Xin Peila hand some fat soft, she has no will to fight, because a silhouette is stand in front of her, this is not a blind worship, but again and again to develop faith in the battle, no one can harm the man in front of her. The That the swordsman Puxia from a height significantly understanding Anfei, he did not continue to attack, a spilled falls seven or eight meters distance to Anfei he know seven or eight meters distance Anfei for more is negligible, he is very, very unsafe, so his body trembling, especially its tip shaking worse. Roar is Zadao Juhan and jumped to his feet lay a magician costume, magician's body twisted in a very strange position, seems to have lost all the bones and body everywhere covered with blood, do not know has happened before he flew out, or become so dramatic impact. That Juhan looks very tenacious, and again waved skillet Tomahawk, pixiang the Xinpei La, but he suffered light injuries UGGs Argyle Knit Cheap, the action than just slow more. Xinpei La has restored freedom, she is a dwarf in stature from Tomahawk decline, and continue to be receding, at the same time the sword along the horizontal force in the waist. Xin Peila this sword is enough for most people to taste the taste of disembowelling, but that's too tall stature Juhan, Xinpei La sword cut that Juhan legs in that Juhan lap draw a deep blood grooves that Juhan again issued screams, falls to the ground. Xinpei La followed to a small jump, fall right knee hit that Juhan spine, her hands anti grip the sword, eyes look to Anfei. She did not know that you want to live or do you want to die Anfei, not the temerity start. The nodded Anfei Xinpei La down firmly on a thorn, the point of a sword has pierced the neck of that Juhan that Juhan the tightly nailed in the ground. That Juhan more than willed, more tenacious vitality, and he did not die, his hands desperately waving, flapping, but he struggled so instead let their wounds torn, blood like a fountain splashes out from the back of the neck, Xinpei La yourself and become blood people, full of strange mystery read. If it is safe to fly as early as the first time to escape, but Xinpei La and do not care bloodstained, she is still cold stare that Juhan body, also a kick and kicked in the head that Juhan . That the Juhan wound greater, more blood ejected only after a moment, that Juhan struggling action gradually stopped, and finally become have what did not look twitch. Regret I can not accept. Two fire people. He does not speak down to nothing, this opening, Xinpei La brow immediately wrinkled up, she has to recognize each other's voices, that swordsman is Miduo Fu on! disabilities loyalty unreliable, but they are useful, at least to serve as cannon fodder, the problem is that, in front of the Mi Duofu too lawless caprice, the purely black sheep: under Julie smarter than that, she also has ambitions, know what you want to do, so she will be with you after you leave the camp, she again Anthony whistleblowers, say you secretly slipped out of the camp, so ImPac pull was killed, and the conspiracy of violence lou, she became the captain of course. Mi Duofu surprisingly small smart, and immediately hear the words Anfei mystery, and then refused to take many, plop fell to his knees, crying cried: - the fastest network text updates ......] @ speeding assassin magic pass 533 chapter text read, if you like Assassin magic pass 533 chapters Favorite Assassin magic pass 533 chapters!

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