the heart very anxious

December 01 [Sat], 2012, 16:41
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultBy one hand ,his attack let Lin Chen face s è waschanged ,this a crescent-shaped attack ,is actually space magic skills .
Sacred ten products by hand ,space attack skills ,it is self-evident that power ,this one dimensional blade terrible, not on the face of the Lei Fu to match . Sword syncretic ! In the face of God ,in the hand of the sacred ten products by space magic attack ,Lin Chen startled, once again play person sword syncretic skills ,his sword and humanity as a whole, a giant sword of give tit for tat towards the dimension blade shot past .
With the powerful explosion ,although the dimensional blade was Lin Chen man sword syncretic to shatter ,but Lin Chen is the element blade attack shock flew out, visible now Lin Chen, and sacred ten products by ,or some .
Of course ,if not the world environment of repression, Lin Chen and God Emperor of the gap will not be so big ,not like now repression . Space compression ! The edge points ,nothing by mouth Li Lin Chen, briefly ,as the emperor again move ,Lin Chen can clearly feel the surrounding space is rapidly being compressed ,and the body in which the Lin Chen, can feel an inexplicable huge pressure toward his coming .
Irresistible pressure to let Lin Chen know again ,if it goes on like this ,he will definitely be compressed space squeeze into a pool of muddy flesh ,and around the huge and terrible pressure, let Lin Chen even want to escape to also do not do .
Ding qiankun ! Lin Chen ,but also it will not await one ,since their abilities in order to escape from this space compression range ,so the use of the universe Ding to resist it .In Lin Chen control, directly toward the universe Ding Lin Chen hood down, Lin Chen protection in which ,despite the space compression ,but it is still in God Emperor of the tripod attack the firm t ng ì Ji an .
Tough attack !And attack one of the artifact !? Looking at the universe ,Ding blocked their space compression ,by looking at the universe Ding ,eyes full of greed .By heart greatest desire is what ?It is to be a powerful defense ,nothing of the blade relative to the attack ,by most lack or defense .
And now to see the universe Ding ,not only can be used to attack ,also can be used to measure how to defense ,not greed ?How not to envy ?I believe that if you can ,by all want nothing to exchange the edge of the universe ding .
Good, Lin Chen ,was emperor have sent by God ,is now the environment suppressed, but not by the opponent ,however ,attacks Lin Chen have tough attack skills ,and the sword in hand ,while the defense Lin Chen and universe Ding in hand .
So although not enemy the God Emperor ,but the emperor want easily defeating Lin Chen, but it is not so easy ,even a little injury ,gods of the dynamic state, Lin Chen can easily restore .
Lin Chen and by fighting between UGGs Slippers Coquette,for a time in a tug of war, the battle though Lin Chen disadvantage ,but very firm t ng ì Ji in God Emperor of the attack strength and support ,although poor by many, but Lin Chen has two artifact near the body .
Lin Chen and the God Emperor ,attention is on the other side of the body, but no one noticed this time has been quietly back many .A day in the split in the hands of condensation ,then the gods let out ,in the day that the parcel ,the gods would smell no leakage of L ù ,sword wrapped gods may put in their own behind, followed by the hands of the gods ,one may simply disappear .
Call ... ... , a play a stealth skills to the gods to the past ,Lin Chen family secretly relieved ,unnoticed by sent out, one will not have to worry about the gods may be Lin Chen or by away ,then how to use the gods may force to suppress forest Chen x ì ng,that is Qiao Anke their things .
Qiao Anke and others have hidden in the dark ,this time, a human figure is from the air quickly toward side shot ... ... The appearance of the person actually is Yi Selin ,look down from a height ,looked at the divine continent by Lin Chen and fighting between Yi Selin ,face s è wasvariable : well ?Lin Chen !?That man is God Emperor !? .
Lin Chen that Isselin knows ,Lin Chen the bucket Seven Sacred do the things Isselin on the same day also see ,however ,can only fight Seven Sacred do strong, do not represent and sacred ten products by hands .
Not to mention in this sector of space, Lin Chen the world environment suppressed, even Isselin himself is also suppressed ,community around the full divine light magic elements ,let Isselin heart feel disgust .
!?Lin Chen is by pressing ! Looking at the floor ,fighting ,Lin Chen although strong ,but it is clear that the Pope to suppress the Yi Selin ,filled with eager gallery .Isselin doesn know Lin Chen and God of dynamic effects, so look at Lin Chen was suppressed, the heart very anxious ,as long as it is being suppressed difficult to roll over it, then defeated but is a matter of time ,this Isselin is very clear .
While looking at Lin Chen was suppressed, Isselin is very anxious ,want to do something to help Lin Chen, but sacred ten product levels of combat UGG Ultimate Short Boots,how is Isselin sacred eight product strength are eligible to join ?So ,Isselin here can only do worry only, but some could not help .
A time in the past ,Lin Chen in the suppression of the God Emperor ,defeated the elephant is more and more apparent ,although there is God vitality and Qian Kunding the turtle shell ,Lin Chen in God Emperor under the attack of support ,however ,powerful attacks required must be huge energy consumption ,this is inevitable .
Although a short period of time will not expose L ù out ofweakness ,but as the battle into a protracted war ,Lin Chen energy consumption is more and more big ,but relatively speaking, sacred ten product measure ,energy is much deeper than Lin chen .
Watching Lin Chen as the consumption of energy is more and more big fight ,Fang Min is increasingly difficult ,had arrived to be inferior by comparison point, Isselin eagerly I, eyes suddenly a bright : well ?Yes.
I have a magic h ú nsmoke UGG Women's Classic Tall Stripe! .The H ú nsmoke ,is the first m í smoke,the original demon emperor Satan in order for Isselin to pretend to escape from the underworld ,which gave Isselin some magic h ú nsmoke ,Isselin is also a magic h ú nsmoke m ífaintedsacred do the conjurer ,so we can steal the flag of poly leave the devil ,and the devil h ú nsmoke ,Isselin have also had some leftover .
Sacred ten strong, although can resist the devil h ú nsmoke effects, like Satan also can resist the devil h ú nsmoke collected by some ,naturally enough to resist .However ,it must prepare for it, otherwise ,if not careful, believe even sacred ten strong, in a short period of time have y ī N channelcapsized .
Think of the devil h ú nsmoke ,Isselin wasted no time ,secretly to the H ú nsmoke put out, pale black s èsmokeinto the battlefield ,such as floating past .Lin Chen and by focusing on top of each other ,and the dark Joe when they ,are nervous and stare at two between the fighting ,so that no one noticed Black s èsmokeis not normal .
Fighting continued ,and the H ú nsmoke also has begun to permeate, make Lin Chen and by action more and more is on the wane ,hiding in the dark when they see Joe by Lin Chen and action between all wrong .
On one eye ,with suspected Hu ò ,do not understand what is going on ,however ,these are not important ,important is Lin Chen almost without any fighting ,Qiao Anke and Xing all rushed out .
Has the artifact dimension door in hand ,sacred nine peak blue s è elite strangelayout ,Joe when time catches hold of God Emperor should also ,but a Xing ?It is to rely on a ghost step skills ,secretly to the gods let into the forest ,in vivo ,used to suppress his magic x ì ng,this is their campaign strategy .
Call ... ... , but they are fast, Isselin faster ,while Qiao Anke and Xing just moving up, Isselin has been towards Lin Chen rush past ,by this time, Lin Chen and by this is obviously aware of one is wrong ,the magic h ú nsmoke m ísmoke.
Could have m ícigarettefor me ?It is the magic h ú nsmoke ? , to discover his body is wrong ,the God Emperor soon suspected to magic h ú nsmoke head .The dignified ,to use their own power to expel by magic h ú nh ú nmagic smoke ,smoke is terrible, but with their own sacred ten product strength UGGs Amelie,if aware of it, to expel should not be what problem .
To measure strength ,to expel the body of magic h ú nsmoke ,is really just a minute on the line ,but this minute is enough to let Yi Selin do a lot of things .Step on it. , pulls the Lin Chen, Isselin did not stay ,lightning towards distant flew past ,even when Qiao Anke and Xing came ,all too late .
Oh, that Here is the H ú nsmoke !Rewind ! Here ,then ,Qiao Anke also aware of magic h ú nsmoke on their role ,face s èbig,mouth and shouted ,get back quickly ,and ghost step of Xing, and hurried back ,even sacred ten products by a careless will a road ,not to mention some of them .
The H ú nsmoke effect, let Qiao Anke and emperor ,did not have time to chase ,and taking advantage of this time ,it is with Lin Chen Yi Selin deity ,lightning towards distant shoot, soon disappear in front of all the people Men North Face Gore Tex Waterproof Cheap.
Watching Lin Chen figure, a several of their helpless, did not expect at a critical time, wanted to use the gods may suppress Lin Chen body magic x ì ngthings ,was Isselin practical help to turn yellow .
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