has been bitten in shreds and

December 14 [Fri], 2012, 11:12
Come unexpectedly accident that Meng Xiang thought more confusing, the beetles are too many ,and not according to individual force can be excluded ,all die plot ,now only climbing to the top of the tower ,and then from the top of the tower .
Simply go to the desert beetle ,even more ,he will not fear .However ,when he climbed to the top of the tower ,only to find yourself too naive .Method for FIR Confucianism with thriller staring at the outside of the tower ,saddened : it seems we die ,die plot ,UGG Nightfall,* * ,and before I guess is wrong ? we hypothesized that very reasonable ,can .
Meng Xiang managed to convince myself ,but believe who see the outside scene ,look like him .Only the tower, is full of dense beetles ,and even the original big desert ,there are countless beetle during phagocytosis .
More let a person be hardly worthy of belief is, the sun in the sky ,the blue sky ,has gained a lot of black spots ,the spots are larger beetles ,they are actually in ... ... Phagocytosis star .
Pyramid tower bottom has been full of beetles ,believe that even if the beetle does not climb up, Pyramid will collapse, then ,the 3 of them will only become beetle dishes .In the dreams of death ,is entering the lost domain or a real death ?Nobody knows ,I don .
Method of double even Confucianism ,suddenly said : fir, fast back to second layers of dreams ,then will I and Meng Xiang out of hotel ,remember ,you throw Meng Xiang ,he must first ,then catch me .
Second layers of dreams, they lived in the hotel in 10 buildings ,Meng Xiang fell slightly careless might be killed ,and better than average not much side of Confucianism ?So will Meng Xiang go ,so that you can catch him .
When to throw ? Time lapse of 20 times ,you are also solved the potential lock ,quick response to the .Wake up after 10 seconds left us ,cannot be wrong time . In the event of ..
. ... For FIR would say ,suddenly feel shortness of breath ,constantly coughing blood ,then ejected from her mouth . Not if ,fast ,we bet . And some get desperation seems to side ,drink tone .
Obviously, this is party and host lattice ,his fear of death character and not because the soul fusion and unlocking the potential change .But even if he is still afraid of death ,and there is no wrong decisions .
For FIR worry at Meng Xiang a look ,frown , whiz ,before 2 people disappeared .Party and gasped : for 200 seconds ,Meng Xiang ,can bear ? Who knows. Then Meng Xiang remembered her mutilated body ,he will be the residual corpse aside , while Pyramid has not collapsed ,we first have a look of the Scorpion King hidden in secret .
Side of Confucianism through Scorpion King mutilated body ,also ignore dirty black liquor and visceral ,quickly inside search again .When he touched the Scorpion King heart ,expressions of one, then a hand out the scorpion king heart ,happy to say : the LORD God tips received ,the soul of the stone ,but no description of the stone usefulness, I first received a ring of na .
He also said ,in spite of soul stone covered with dirty black liquor ,directly into that ring . is the clue ? Meng Xiang even asked . God knows ,but since it is the LORD God tips to get the plot props ,certainly useful .
Everything as I guess ,but ,why the whole world is being these beetles eat ?The ,is the sea ? Stare at the distant side of Confucianism ,the beetle were swallowed by the sand below, amidst the ground beetle ,seem to see a faint reflection of a suspected the dazzling sunshine .
Meng Xiang looked up the sky with sun ,was bitten off ,exposing the is another dark clouds covered the sky ,can not help but feel confused .Party and suddenly take head ,shouted : yes, that .
Because our intervention ,God has found the BUG ,so is collapsing because of unknown forces shaping the story line ,and was originally third dream true colors ,UGG Mandah On Sale. Third layer dream original setting is a desert island ,so the desert is swallowed ,exposed surface is not surprising .
Meng Xiang see light suddenly ,but saw numerous beetles ,but worried that said: the beetles did not miss a sand ,if we are God as a part of BUG ,then ... ... Yes ,we will certainly be Lord God kill ,only to return second layers of dreams ,we will be safe .
In 200 seconds ,or 3 more minutes, now had 1 minutes, it seems that Pyramid can not support how long ,how to do ? The yellow sand has emerged beetles ,some drill into Pyramid ,some from the tower at the climb ,soon the station will have no place to stand .
Meng Xiang is looking to the distant desert beetle ,everywhere ,very thick ,layer upon layer of shops on the ground ,there is no footing .At this time Pyramid has started to collapse, the side was swallowed up by the boulder would nearly destroy the structure of Pyramid .
Attentive to the entrance side of Confucianism ,and said: do something now ,I heard there was a sound of the beetles in Pyramid . ll try our luck . Meng Xiang single hand picked up the side of Confucianism ,so hold a man not hold for FIR so comfortable, but the situation was critical ,Meng Xiang of so many .
He was ready to aura ,Industry Wang Quan ready to erupt .Here is a dream ,whether by multiple injuries ,as long as I live back to second layers of dreams ,his injury will be safe and sound .
Of course ,because of external forces, Meng Xiang on the dream of the setting is not sure ,but at the moment, he has no other way out ,had to bet .He is not conscious laugh ,because enters the world of samsara since, he has done several times crazy gambling ,thanks to his luck is good all the time ,so I live till now .
As far as this can not continue luck ?Meng Xiang had no confidence ,but apart from this method ,there is no other method can save him and Confucianism life .Side of Confucianism had scared look ghastly pale ,trembling with fear at the ground beetle ,trembling .
No matter how high intelligence ,whether he untied the potential lock 3 after how to calm down ,now the situation is not what he can grasp, he can only pray Meng Xiang could survive .The seconds ticked ,Confucianism does not stop looking at the watch party ,he is covered with sweat, hate will not adjust time quickly .
Pyramid finally Zhichibuzhu, at the same time tower entrance was finally out of the first beetle . Meng Xiang ,we die ?Think with you together in death . We say Confucianism put on a long face .
Bah ,you don host lattice I speak with you ,another soul personality ,so as not to make me feel sick .How can I die here ,although very sick ,but you hold me ,if you have been thrown down I don .
What do you want . The ground is no place to stay ,only to heaven ,in 1 minutes ,gamble . Reiki as storm from his body blows ,side of Confucianism to have preparation early, and although he potential lock is because the soul fusion and unlock, for muscle control is not big, but more or less also enhance strength ,so it is not ejected Reiki blow away .
Meng Xiangru the same rocket soar ,Reiki as engine ejected downwards ,produce the foot has Meng Xiang and Confucianism spray flew to hundreds of meters high .Reiki Yuanyuanbujue squirting ,Meng Xiang body like a deflated balloon ,the flat, flesh and bones as into mud ,and rotten .
Fly nearly a minute ,Meng Xiang sighed ,stopped to take off .The jump ,high jump over thousands of miles ,looked down ,Heiwuwu again, and the sky ,a giant beetles more clearly ,the original blue sky ,has been bitten in shreds and patches ,bitten in sky ,with dark clouds ,thunder in the sky from breaking in and out ,even the rain edge drop along the sky .
Meng Xiang ,then what do we do ,your body ... ... Side of Confucianism which found that hold the Meng Xiang body wet ,around and look up ,found himself held couldn be person ,but a group of flesh and blood ,Meng Xiang body skeletal even seemed to melt into the blood .
Meng Xiang has played a spirit of poly ,only spirit together force, just enough to let him through transient bursts of Reiki to fly .But he changed the jade ,spirit of quality quantity will greatly enhance the body spirit ,be together force bite ,his body does not resemble humanoid ,with potential lock let him barely keep a breath ,Canada Goose Whistler Parka.
Two vertical drop ,away from the fall had no time left ,two people completely unable to change the next to a fact .Both fell to the ground dead ,or by the beetles phagocytosis ,if not second fall time ,Meng Xiang and method for Rulai said ,is a dead end .
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