a piece of the concentrate to my hand

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 27 chapter 598th Kurast trip the very next day ,according to the original plan, with Vilas going out with them familiar with the environment .
In addition to three Princess and little ghost ,even to the Linya Kurast ,was also because of haste ,and no time to see the Kurast style ,now just be filled .Speaking of Kurast style ,uh ,unique style clothing, the size of the platform consisting of city system UGG Women's Payton Boots,which take a boat in the river and lake rowing at the local customs and practices ,both sides quickly across the feeling ,is also one kind of characteristic .
Of course ,if you must from those bad flavor swamp ,also as one of Kurast amorous feelings ,I also don .If you want to see the place is not much ,main is to show them around the West trade area ,and the center region of the adventure activities center ,as civilians living district ,and practicing Eastern camp ,I think that .
Kula characteristics than the rogue encampment ,regardless of the road or area are more complicated ,want to find close to two hundred number of Kurast platform ,no more than ten years is not possible .
Of course ,the real reason is that southern and Eastern I was on his head ,so, once before they boasted of being a know-it-all Kurast I ,never say West from near ,naturally became our first goal ,here is so lively ,everywhere is a pedlar the shouts ,both with wooden tent big booth ,and in a continuous line of business of civilian ,so that the original broad streets are narrow .
However ,compared to a few years ago ,seems to have new change, the biggest change is to see a lot of long ears ,the elves .Remember ,a few years before the western bank ,seem to have their own hit several slender ,whole body covered in a cloak of suspected elves .
And a few years ago they compared to elves ,are undoubtedly more bold ,sometimes can see a elegant spirit from the side pass by .Even see several by ELF merchant selling stall .
This and the past few years, union and the elves to repair the relationship between each other ,will not get off the relationship ,but a few months before the tournament ,is the final layer of diaphragm Pierce, so both humans and elves ,began with great care for each other to open the door stands a million years a closed door .
Of course ,I and the Faerie Queen allied news spread, have no effect ,it can make nothing of it ,it is said that the fiancee ,although young, but in the gnomes reputation is almost Elven elders ,I estimate ,even if have effect ,it is negative effect .
X provides the latest chapters perhaps ,some elves have secret organized under the banner of defend female wife HRH ,will the evil Druid Wu fan death on the word frame under the banner of the underground group .
This want, in the psychological role ,those from the side through a team of elf ,seems to be behind the back ,with pairs of eyes staring at me .Ahem, topic and away ,when it comes to Kurast trade area specialty ,I believe every jins, the answer is identical to that of those placed in the box ,let people see things in a blur of fruit ,vast primeval forest ,as an inexhaustible treasure house ,the resources inside ,only you have the power, then can be endless requests for .
It is said that those scholars statistics ,light is now known to man UGG Jacquard Cheap, explored the primeval forest, the resources inside enough for more than five hundred million of the population are fed, and the formation of a stable circulatory system ,as long as the wanton destruction ,it is a food will never cease to giant jsp .
These massive amounts of fruit ,every several only from around the size of the fleet ,the everfount to all sales ,of course ,the biggest gain is Lu Gaoyin Road ,in the absence of fruit crops in desert areas ,from Kurast fruit ,can buy several times higher than the cost price ,can gain ten thousand percent .
However ,this channel is one of the most dangerous ,is said to have good average each month a ship above the ship sink here, so although the money you earn ,but only those who are experienced captain ,to earn .
The fruit here is the little mermaid Erija likes to eat ,although he also abounds with fruit ,but Erija seemed particularly partial to Kurast, is it because the fruit here take a seafood ?In addition ,Kurast meat is also very famous ,especially in Kurast three delicious ,wherein one of the Staten beast .
These small things grow like a hamster and rabbit hybrids ,appearance is very cute ,so many noble also when Qin raise pet ,although they have no power ,but vigilance than adventurers is stronger ,faster ,as the saying goes, has ,they have more than thirty cave ,only the most outstanding Kurast the hunter to capture some ,extremely precious .
Another is that I killed the emperor crocodile ,than Staten animal cunning and means of concealment ,the emperor crocodile seem leisurely many ,those who experienced hunters ,as long as the bog river facing the sun mudflats walk ,looking for the traces ,at least one or two days ,more than one or two months ,can always find a head .
Please see Chapter .X. and most importantly ,the emperor crocodile is all natural stay ,even being close to also won ,instead, dose of active close to them as long as you have killed the monster ,it is a are not technical content .
Conversely UGG Mini,then you are dull ,will become the king of a crocodile nutritious snacks .The last ,according to the original or Feinikesi Finny says ,is not a kind of meat ,seems to be a kind of bacteria or something ,because not seen ,memories will gradually blurred .
Of course ,in addition to the two into three big tasty meat outside ,still have other seemingly good group of meat ,the premise is you dare to eat meat ,such as gold ,Godzilla meat ,white meat devil because it is about ,so here I can no longer do about .
Just around the trade area less than 1/5 platform ,the sun had climbed to the top of the head ,touched the belly ,seeing the dimension drawing their trade area also has not little understanding ,without demur .
We will sail straight into the central region .Although western also has restaurants ,but these supplied to civilian merchant seaman and taste ,how can you and central regional supply adventurers compared the taste ?The most important is the Greenwood pub remains popular as in the past ,not only because there is here in the bar in Kurast count as one of the very best beautiful woman maid Erna ,most importantly ,here are the whole weight, dark continent come first on the list of stunning cross-dresser of phenanthrene ni !! Welcome to view the pro goo hanging on the bar door bell lock sound net rings, came the voice Finny ebullience ,inside the close and natural ,let person of how the voice ,as if the home is generally warm Shu x heart .
Time no see, this guy will have various skills to reach the peak of perfection ,maid . Ah ,cousin and horie !! The door opened later ,raised his head of phenanthrene Ni ,a surprised with a fearful expressions ,seem to be afraid that I will like the last time she forcibly taken to group dune barrier when the tour guide ,to take what bad things .
assured ,I simply to go . I smiled . You really goo .Please see Chapter 555 I immediately went to tell Onna to prepare the best food ,my treat . Feinisong tilt relief, revealing Jiaoqiao lovely smile x body light turn, her elegant beautiful maid comes into a swing with lotus ,then going slowly ran upstairs ,every step step ,the neck of the golden bell lock to a jingle bells tinkling sound .
The world is really terrible UGG Argyle Knit Cheap.As we sit ,a little later, Erna slow down ,had unique warm smile ,with a deep vigilance . had to eat? The shop to partial content lack ,bad host also please forgive me ,if you are not satisfied, we left third street big bar Kurast ,absolutely can satisfy all tastes .
Hands holding a silver plate, slightly bowed ,Erna crafty said to us .This is the order for guests to leave ?Is the order for guests to leave right now ! No problem, I am very satisfied to this shop .
I laughed too .Like a real eye and Onna faced each other in midair ,delicate aura .Turned around all the adventurers have come . ,as the union of Presbyterian ,I make oneself an example ,eat, if only a coarse brown rice is sufficient to cope with ,but this task well ,but must be a carry out .
Task ?What task ?!! Listen to me, Erna was tense ,frequently to back with color ,make from the staircase corner out of half a head to Finny to run away . Well ,I ,the league now need a guide if not finished ,Erna feet soft down ,while hiding in the corner of the stairs of phenanthrene Ni ,also a standing instability ,goo .
a sound ,half body fell out . ,your Vilas is the last to see anymore, but pulled me by the sleeve .Although Finny had tried to fix the dimension drawing little lambs eat ,let Vilas now also not mind .
However ,before the same is the bartender she, could not bear to see Erna . . Ha ha ,a joke ,a joke . See downtown almost, I quit ,laughing with feet flat on the ground Ounala sits up ,the stubborn little maid, web site will my hand back ,angrily left, let the fear of her in the food for my hands and feet ,eat a meal shudder with fear .
But to tell the truth ,in the next few months Kurast experience ,if Finny can come as a guide, it is good ,my this half-baked level guide ,Vilas in front of them is really not how could come up with ,even without the princess is not .
Cousin ,goo as we prepare to leave, has been hiding in the upstairs of phenanthrene Ni ,Onna block, finally is slow trot. . ? I looked at her curiously ran road . This heart goo ,Finny will hold the fist opens ,a crystal lying in her pocket .
This is looking at the diamond crystal ,I hesitated ,finally revealing suddenly look .The fragmentation of the crystal ,the first is kill and courier ,in which the back of the cave lava platform altars discovered fragments ,and then in Kurast support elf action from the hand of Finny ,and I get a piece of the same fragment ,and then from the tribe of PO Box found a stone ,fourth blocks from Izual was found in the pile .
The first crystal water when the film .I never expect to be scattered in the dark continent do not know which corner of the remaining debris collected ,but these fragments seem and I have the edge though, a piece of the concentrate to my hand, count of phenanthrene Ni now this word ,is the fifth piece .
This is me from an adventurer hand buy your cousin ,is collected in these fragments ? The face I stay on expression of phenanthrene Ni ,smile . Then I accepted . The Crystal Shard to accept ,I patted the head of Pai Feini ,the cross-dresser seems very happy being me making a few .
I to see me last time from her to a block ,then went to pay attention to it ,also very considerate .After leaving the bar ,we continue to wander around ,mainly take them around the adventurers regional distribution ,which is very important in several places ,such as the adventurers trading market ,shemale mama-san mage Hera railway opened a blacksmith shop, and adventurers for the exchange of information is concentrated ,incidentally ,net of Greenwood pub is one of them .
The last station ,actually I am not willing to go to Vilas ,but they also had to endure ,.Kuras Te central region is an adventurer ,while the central region of the central platform .
It is the seat of the mages guild ,later wants to leave Kurast still have to go there ,without dimensional drawing they knew how to do ?Come to the center platform, I pointed to hundreds of meters ,a Pyramid shaped tower to Vilas they introduced .
Because of the terrain ,Kurast cannot build walls ,so the protection of the defense system in Kurast ,just around the Kurast defensive magic ,the magic of the central location, this is the Pyramid .
Road close to Pyramid ,I be very pleased with oneself to Vilas they explained . Precisely, Pyramid should be above the crystal ball in the history of moccasin blade ,called the gidbinn ,is a type of such as the short blade rhombic ,mages every three jins, once a month ,will power input ,by the gidbinn into providing defense magic energy consumption but ,inside the crystal ball nothing ah ! Before I show love trouble ,little ghost at the top of the crystal ball and asked .
Stare at her ,I lift up my head ,look at the top ,expression is one, as the ghost said, inside the crystal ball absolutely empty ,nothing .It is thought that a possibility ,I immediately cerebral hyperemia, mouth are quickly annoyed with Vilas ,they came to another platform ,in which a thatched hut door stop .
From the inside out ,get some with eerie tune ,let a person feel funny accent ,was also accompanied by rhythmic chopping sound . Ormus old man ,you get out !! Such a big roar, I didn each other from the inside out ,just kick doors .
There ,dressed in a monk monk law not strange robes, bald, tall, thin ,dark skin ,as India a man ,that strange tunes ,from his mouth humming .He saw his back towards us ,humming a minor, took the knife to cut what .
At the time, should be in do it .Hear sound after the break ,Ormus surprise turned back ,he holds in his hands the knife ,a like art as beautiful North Face Triclimate Outlet,about half a meter long short blade the gidbinn diamond .
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