He promised you that one

December 24 [Mon], 2012, 17:42
The 671st chapter the case is entirely cleared!See Li Yi smoking when background, Han snow froze, the moonlight to Li Yi that thin body, as the mysterious man is added a bit of mystery."Eh?Why aren't you going in?"Li Yi turned his head, smiled and asked."Oh, oh."Han Bingxue nodded, and then marched towards the bedroom.In the bedroom, Xie Qiang quietly lying in bed, pale, eyes in despair.Xie Qiang Han Bingxue carefully surveyed, the results are surprised, the TSE's body root see no scar, in addition to his pale face and empty eyes, his whole person and usually do not much difference."Did he really may and I tell the truth?"Han Bingxue Anwen his sentence,Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Sale, then pulled a chair, sat on the bed, facing the TSE tentatively asked: "Xie Qiang, now will you tell the truth?"Lying in bed, Xie Qiang is like a silly, machinery nodded.Han Bingxue's eyes lit up, he asked: "I ask you, is it right? You kill the horse three what?"Xie Qiang slowly sat up in bed, empty eyes at Han Bingxue, and is a mechanical nodded: "kill three people really is my horse!"Han Bingxue gave a gasp, he thought that change too fast, Li Yi in the end for what he has done?But the present situation has not allowed Han Bingxue to think of these mixed problem, she asked: "why do you want to kill the horse three, is it right? Someone ordered, to the death of Ma San put the blame on Chu Linsheng's body?""Yes, it is so."Xie Qiang's face was calm, but her eyes still strangely empty."Who sent you?"Han Bingxue's heart to accelerate, so many days, between Li Yi and her efforts, finally in the engraved with the harvest."I don't know the man!"Xie Qiang whispered back.I don't know.Han Bingxue frowned, then asked: "don't know why did you help him kill?""In it for the money."Xie Qiang was a weak smile, "he said as long as I can kill a horse three, give me one million pieces.In order to make me believe his promises, he also paid a deposit, give me one hundred thousand pieces.""......"Han Bingxue was silent, for a moment, she suddenly asked: "tell you people look like?""Very short, very thin, very black......"Xie Qiang closed his eyes, by virtue of uttering the words of memory."Very short?Very thin?It is black?"Han Bingxue pondered for a moment, find the words and his photographs have seen Xiang Shaotian does not contact Xiang Shaotian, though a sinister man, but his appearance is indeed is a very handsome, apparently, to find Xie Qiang who is not a few days, it is Xiang Shaotian's men?"Tell you the name of that one you know?"Han Bingxue then asked again.I don't know.Xie Qiang shook his head."He promised you that one million you got?""Got, the day before his direct hit on my card."At this moment, Han Bingxue heart finally exhale, it seems, Chu Lin fruit was saved."So, you would you kill the horse three things happened,UGG Slippers, and I complete again,Canada Goose Calgary Sale."Han Bingxue said she wanted to tone the cold, while Xie Qiang is now devoid of resistance to emotional occasion, will head the question at all.Xie Qiang slightly nodded, began his tell."The day that people find me, I would not believe him, but his one hundred thousand yuan deposit, but to my heartbeat, he demonstrated by the way, did not break his word.One million, ha ha, I may be in the branch of toil half a lifetime, also cannot make out the number."Simple shop v. later, Xie Qiang continued: "in the deposit received the hands at the same time, I immediately agreed, then my every action, are in accordance with that man made to do.
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