can do to it without bread

December 31 [Mon], 2012, 16:37
Zhou Xiangui has maintained a smiling face suddenly stiff Fortunately, this package in addition to the other only Wang Sisi a family of three service personnel in accordance with the requirements did not stay in private rooms within, so despite some embarrassing bad, but Zhou Xiangui also able to slightly patient under his temper ... Sisi! say you! "middle-aged woman rushed scold Wang Sisi a subsequently the smiles against Zhou Xiangui said:" Xiao Zhou, do not listen to our family Sisi Nonsense, her which is what boyfriend ah, a flat head powerless people, than how can you ... Do not worry, your aunts and uncles are resolutely oppose of Sisi and that people exchanges, and we fully support you. young Sisi, also see the person's good or bad, but her father and I help her gatekeeper will not let her suffer we Sisi can range from very obedient, at the request of me and her dad every day by six must go home, and never go to a bar ah KTV ah kind of place, typical is definitely a nice woman. "Mom, you look really like to sell goods salesman, but unfortunately I'm not your merchandise. "Wang Sisi coldly replied. "Oh, to be honest, like the woman at least can be routed to the queue from within the Second Ring tetracyclic, Gogo fingers there are numerous women lined up to marry me, but then, I have those women no interest, they say white are for my money, my home not a particularly wealthy, can thirty-five 10 million is still there, and the recent development of the company's fast few years, assets doubled nor is not possible, so I was actually really looking for a not marry me for my money and women. "Zhou Xiangui tilt of his legs, tone and demeanor do not know why always gives a feeling of spanking. "? Since so many women like you, want to marry you, then you can go pick one from the inside. Chow, really sorry today meet my parents arranged, although I do not agree with them practice, but with their parents or in-laws are always bad excessive contrary, very sorry to have wasted your time, but I have something to go first. "Wang Sisi spoke side took out his wallet, took out a credit card, We do not know how much the meal, but wanted to come to at least one month salary is not enough ... hey ...... seems the next month to make I Tianhe every day with her to eat stall, otherwise do not know how to live it ... the thought I Tianhe Wang Sisi mouth is not conscious of Alice Alice ... man stiff some little romantic, do not know to say something nice love talk to her, but the man is really sincere to her good, even to see her more than their own is more important, the kind of care and love all the time can feel, Wang Sisi just think I Tianhe will feel abnormal happiness. Wang Sisi is a very simple girl, she does not need the so-called life of luxury, she just wanted peace and like the people together,Canada Goose Mountaineer, hand in hand to the old ...... "Wang, you seem to mistake one thing, not I beg you to let you be my girlfriend, but your parents want to introduce you to my right to choose, I'm not you! since I took a fancy to you, you think you can run this? I Zhou Xiangui hardly figures, but to deal with you on this man in the street is not difficult in this Nakasu City! Believe it or not as long as my word, you will lose the work of the so-called university teacher, you parents and I directly let them off! my father's company size is not great, this interpersonal ability is still there! "Zhou Xiangui face again stiff stiff, then rose from his seat directly up anger said for the people of one accustomed to flattery and praise, from small to large life experiences almost no encountered any setbacks, beholding, severe trauma to the self-esteem ... "Sisi, how do you thing! hastened to sit down Xiao Zhou, and you do not get angry the Sisi temper stubborn point, but she is just a temporary thought to understand the "middle-aged women suddenly look anxiously took his daughter, he turned towards Zhou Xiangui smile apologetically explaining. "Mom! Let me go, I do not understand, you keep me so much, what is the ultimate purpose in the end? It not in order to make me happy happy? Does raising me so much to this when I sell to good for you the rest of his life luxury life? your daughter you are the keeper of the goods in the end? "Wang Sisi could not take it anymore, cold voice asked. "You ... you dead child, blind say! Is Mom not for you! Do you like that what ... what the Milky Way, what future? His potential no money,Canada Goose Snow Mantra Discount, no, can not be bought in this Nakasu even house since! give him ㊣ (4) You what? Are you after we should follow the hardship he fails? You are still young, do not understand, easily swayed by emotions, so after you really understand late love that cheat are small kid's stuff, two people are together a long time, then a deep love will slowly faded, that time you would also like to make a living to worry about every day facing Youyanjiangcu you'll know the painstaking efforts of the mother middle-aged women seem to be gas does not light, the sound is a little shiver. "Mother ... not everyone and you like the idea, maybe you have to say for most girls in terms of Nyaya, but I do not like it I love the Milky Way, only with him I'll be happy. Whether or not the two of us will be over after what day, as long as my side I feel at ease I need no money, enough for me spending can feed and clothe my wages can do to it without bread and milk may not be able to love, but actually is enough bread and milk, and do not need more luxury things. someone like steak, some people like the pizza, but I love that bowl of broth hanging surface of the water, but also how to do it? mom, I really beg you will do strong X,Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Parka Outlet, you should not impose their own ideas on me, I'm an independent person, I have my own thoughts and preferences, I keep such a big, huge grace, but you also should respect my wishes. "Wang Sisi Here sighed, picked up the bag hanging on the back of a chair, adhere to:" I want to , Tianhe today will come to me, and he seems to have something to go abroad for some time, I have to go talk to him. "today you which also can not go!" Zhou Xiangui shoved a pound the table, angry, said: I Zhouxian Gui is not to make people so humiliated if it does not give me a statement, your family waiting for me to play go die! "big breath, do not know Master Zhou intend how to play them to death?" Le ordinary suddenly appear with paragraph Mengqi in a private room door, lazy face against the door frame openings Road ...
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