China sent to the Japanese second

December 12 [Wed], 2012, 16:25
Andre left Hangzhou in June 22nd ,the Ryukyu ,as he went to the Ryukyu Islands ,there is also a black guard platoon .But on the way to the Ryukyu midway ,Andre first made a detour to Taiwan ,see Taiwan now sir Shen Shouchong .
In the battle of Nanjing ended, Shen Shouchong went back to the Taiwan garrison ,now the Department of the Navy Fleet stationed in Taiwan ,Shen Shouchong also serves as the third division captain .
Ann Delie line to Taiwan ,also by Shen Shouchong for the warm welcome ,because everyone knows now, he can now be Shangyi brother-in-law ,certainly not slow .At the same time an Delie himself the Ryukyu trip task tell Shen Shou Chong ,and conveys the Shangyi command ,a load of Ryukyu change, Shen Shou Chong first immediately from Taiwan rescue .
Shen Shouchong was certainly agreed ,two people were also discussed some contact each other ,supporting details .Stayed in Taiwan for two days later ,Andre was again set out to their destination ,the Ryukyu air inlet .
Stationed in Ryukyu is hired to Spain have a total of two thousand two hundred and thirty-seven troops ,but the real of the Spanish soldiers ,in fact, only eight hundred and eighty-five people ,and another four hundred and seventy-one is the first by the Spanish army recruitment of seaman ,crew ,support staff ,everyone else is in Shangyi ,in China to recruit staff .
The soldiers of one thousand five hundred and twenty people, including six hundred and eighty-seven Navy man ,seaman three hundred and sixty-four, other are aided logistic personnel .Ingredients very messy ,Chinese ,European ,African ,Southeast Asia has ,of course the Spaniards are all soldiers .
But war, seaman ,logistics can also be a soldier .Another soldier ,seaman families for more than one thousand people .Four officers were Morant ,Weiss ,Peake ,Moya, mi .Command of the armed forces by Morant ,MI Weiss pay duty army ,under the command of Moya Peake ,the navy .
Now hired to Spain in the islands has its own independent barracks barracks and port ,is actually a small castle ,located on the northeast side of the Wangcheng castle ,back the sea ,three facing the land walls with brick ,is made ,using the prismatic structure ,seven meters high ,three meters wide ,along the wall also dug a moat ,roughly equivalent to the size of a football field .
In the aspect of the arms, now have guns one thousand six hundred and fifty branches, most basic is the new percussion cap ignition smoothbore flintlock ,in addition to the cable chamber gun twenty, a pipe organ gun eight frame ;a variety of artillery twenty-seven ,but without the heavy artillery ;hand grenades ,rockets and other weapons .
Also each have a part .The Navy had eleven ships were three ships ,two aircraft and four class cruiser ,destroyer two ships, six aircraft and five frigate ;another small boat two flying shear .
Ann Delie line rides a large flying shear ship ,Mens North Face Massif Clearance,to Hong Kong after the Spanish soldiers ,also received warm welcome ,said last Ryukyu after the battle ,the Spanish army stationed in the Ryukyu Islands have been employed ,except a few who because of work, went to Hangzhou a few times, other people have two years how not to Hangzhou ,but now an Delie already from the original boy grew up and became a blond boy ,head is not in general adults following ,also let them feel very glad Pi .
Because these Spanish soldier are the Gonzales family private army ,living in China for almost four years ,although return of hope still elusive ,but also the basic stability of down clothing ,can be said to be read without care, there are a lot of soldiers in China has been settled .
But they are also known ,their living abroad ,can have such a life ,or benefit from the Yu Yali Sandra and Shangyi relationship, thus still put Alexandra and ANN Delie as their own masters .
Whereas Morant ,Weiss ,Peake ,Moya, MI four person is otherwise a mood ,they are the Gonzales family foster home will be ,on Alexandra and loyalty are much better than others ,on the other hand also has been looking forward to their siblings to restore the Gonzales family ,returned to Spain ,in particular now Shangyi forces more and more powerful ,the hope is not achieved .
Therefore several of their hearts, but also full of hope .That the Shangyi plan, Morant also immediately said ,will be entirely in accordance with the Shangyi program implementation ,and also to the barracks soldiers ordered ,on the pro-Japanese elements of provocative activities ,have patience ,not for attachment to the Spanish hired Ryukyu power head ,but must pay attention to their own safety ,while on the go ,the best for a group with more than ten ,lest suffer siege .
In the past, the Spanish army also employed by some of the pro-Japanese forces threatening the merchant store ,head ,and the pro-Japanese forces employed have men had two group to dig ,and also to the Ryukyu official issued a warning .
But since Andre arrival, all can down .For those who come to their rescue of the Ryukyu vendors can only be expressed nothing ,allowing them to stop military supplies .No official warning to the ryukyu .
Then in the Spanish mercenaries to weakness ,Ryukyu pro-Japanese forces arrogance also gradually up ,after two months, has not a businessman to supply the Ryukyu barracks .But the Spanish soldiers in the street will not buy anything ,because all the traders ,the shops are warned not to do business ,and spanish .
Only the Chinese Camp for being human clothing ,they can buy something .Then some Chinese businessmen to camp supply supplies .But Shangyi also has a plan, from Taiwan has brought lots of live material ,can meet the basic military supply ,but also accumulated a number of materials ,to prepare for battle .
Not only that ,should also be Morant specially brought a group of prostitutes ,in order to solve the Spanish soldier physiological needs .Because the local prostitutes are not connected with the Spanish business .
In the course of transporting materials at the same time ,also brought a large number of weapons and ammunition ,military battle to ensure .At least to hold until help came .At the same time Morant ,camp in tight arrangement ,on one hand ,food and other supplies of ammunition to proper care, in addition to prepare sufficient room ,ready to let Chinese businessman in refuge use .
Ryukyu is not only from China to Japan marine transfer station ,but also the entire Southeast Asia to Japan ,Korean Marine transfer station ,in Satsuma war before, said the closed-door policy, all materials are from the Ryukyu transporter ,thus the Ryukyu logistics trade flourished ,but only on China and Holland open .
But the business occupation of Ryukyu ,is more relaxed restrictions ,the merchant also in succession to the Ryukyu Islands, Portugal ,France ,the UK ,including Spain ,results in a short span of two or three years, the international merchant shipping also gathered in the place ,and the trade prosperity ,more past several times .
Of course the most or chinese .Because Japan and North Korea has always been one of important Chinese goods consumer groups ,plus Shangyi and encourage the development of business ,but also in the Ryukyu and his army guard ,not local despotic power ,so the Chinese businessmen also bold in the Ryukyu purchase land ,set up factories to set up shop ,business ,only the Castle area, Chinese open the shops have up to more than 100 .
In the Shuri castle ,also formed a Chinese village ,traffic shopping trade and foreign businessmen in a continuous line .Some time ago the Ryukyu Pro Japanese forces to suppress the affinity in the Ryukyu businessman ,also make the atmosphere began to change ,although the Ryukyu Pro Japanese forces gas below gradually arrogant, but it is not on a military barracks disturbances ,but were soon at China merchants .
So for China Merchants affray ,dispute over trifles ,or also gradually much rise .The atmosphere is also more and more nervous .But in China from the merchant location is relatively concentrated ,and overwhelm with numerical strength ,Ryukyu Pro said forces to also dare not like Manila ,the Chinese businessman in a flagrant way to work ,so there is no large-scale conflict ,UGG Jimmy Choo Mandah.
At the same time the Spanish mercenaries to tell the Chinese businessman ,this period of instability ,it is best to leave the Ryukyu ,to avoid a ,if left in the Ryukyu Islands, in the event of a dangerous thing, also can be to the barracks to escape .
Originally based on this, from the risk of outbreak ,there is a period of time ,but at the same time China to Osaka routes opened ,immediately intensified the contradiction of ryukyu ,UGG Bailey Button Triplet Sale.China to Osaka trade route opened ,soon to be the ruler of Japan Tokugawa Yako learned ,also cannot fly ,this is the limit ,in their noses ,the merchant of Osaka had secretly opened trade with China .
This is not to the Shogun in the eye .In fact, this folk private trade in Japan itself ,or to exist all the time ,not only for China ,but also including some merchant ships in Holland ,one is because of interest ,because two is said their small and narrow ,do not provide for oneself ,also need some external goods supplement ,Tokugawa Shogunate was also so to turn a blind eye .
But this time is different ,because the scale is too large, China sent to the Japanese second fleet reached eight aircraft ,and then Chinese businessman private merchant also arriving ,almost every Chinese merchant ships into the lane .
And more important, is Osaka the place is too sensitive ,this is the year Toyotomi stronghold ,and Tokugawa Yako soon learned that ,in which she is from the Toyotomi congregation matchmaking results ,that Tokugawa Yako is more confident ,Toyotomi she has been and all Shangyi reached an agreement with Japan ,map ,if you do not stop ,adopt active measures ,will become the second original .
Therefore, Tokugawa Yako immediately ordered the closure of Osaka ,Chinese business hall ,to Hong Kong Chinese merchant all withholding ,the Chinese businessman ,and to participate in this Japanese businessman all catch up .
Not to Hong Kong Chinese merchant duty ordered to return .It begins just three months of Sino-Japanese trade links, was immediately terminated .But who would have thought ,this is just the start ,bigger storm behind .
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