too dependent on men

January 28 [Mon], 2013, 15:39
"Miss Liu Nan, go to the general manager's office."A Japanese female staff with the Chinese language proficiency, this woman and man always bent, a pair of inferior appearance, but, but let Liu Nan feel very comfortable.In Liu Nan's view, this is the quality of performance, she often thought, if I have the opportunity to become the Japanese people much good ah, there than the Chinese developed many, many Chinese people are there to service, do the most tired of live, after coming back is pleased with oneself, think oneself make a lot of money in it. In fact, but I don't know, he is the most poor people.Is the general manager of call themselves, nature is Yamamoto, the man is just like Japan, the charming male stars, at first glance, let a person feel unable to extricate themselves.See the other girls are looking at their office, Liu Nan suddenly have a feeling of appearance, regard oneself head and shoulders above others, she thinks she is the most beautiful of them, now general manager of a single call himself a person to go to his office, is to make her feel a special excitement, it is a kind of smug feeling.Because of this office, he was the first to be general manager of separate call girl.Liu Nan airs from the office, took the elevator to the top floor with great care, and then went to Yamamoto's office and, gently knocking at the door."Come in."Yamamoto said Chinese language proficiency.Liu Nan pushed open the door gently, suddenly felt eyes bright, was amazing Yamamoto office unexpectedly so big,Women's Air Max 2009 Sale, rich is to know to enjoy, a personal accounts for such a large office, moreover, both sides are almost all glass windows, what time to live this life?"Miss Liu nan."Yamamoto looked at Liu Nan surprised, laughing, his face is a very polite demeanor, Japan is one such person, surface Kung Fu will do well, mind is very dirty."Hello, Mr. Yamamoto."Liu Nan went to Yamamoto's desk, deferential bowed, in order to give Yamamoto a good impression."Liu Nan, don't mention it, please."Yamamoto smiled,Womens Aosta Parka, sit down.Liu Nan sat down in the chair across from Yamamoto, to Yamamoto, see Yamamoto Masa smiling to himself, my heart suddenly jumped up."Miss Liu Nan, today I call you to not to work, just want to talk to you, don't know Miss Liu Nan interested?"Yamamoto looked at Liu Nan and said, he really wanted to have a look the attitude of Liu Nan, to determine what Liu Nan need much capital.Yamamoto is interested in China in the summer of woman, in his view, only the Chinese woman, is a real woman, Japanese woman, too dependent on men, it is uninteresting.But, to conquer the Chinese woman, Yamamoto has a natural ambition and desire.This is taken out from inside.Liu Nan said: "respectful and chairman of the conversation, I am very honored.""That's good, you don't worry, we can chat, I am on the Chinese culture is very interested in Chinese culture, broad and profound, but, now the Chinese, the essence of many cultures no longer exists, however, in our country, it is to carry forward and development of the culture, it is well this, I feel very sorry for chinese."Yamamoto said.Liu Nanyi Deputy deep thought is like: "yes, I think so, I especially like Yamato, think of the people is a very powerful nation.",Polo Jackets;Yamamoto smiled: "is?The Liu Nan Miss hope to become a member of our Yamato's?"I certainly would.Said, Liu Nan shameless chuckle, Yamamoto is to help yourself become the Japanese people?The opportunity to seize the opportunity, not to face the loss, but, I do want to be Japanese people."I admire Liu Nan Miss attitude, a lot of people I admire our Yamato excellence, but always slander us, for Miss Liu Nan sincerely, I am very pleased."Yamamoto said."This is our consistent view, otherwise, I will not come to work in our company, I sincerely hope to become a member of Yamato."Liu Nan once again expressed his ideas."Well, Miss Liu Nan, you are very good, for we Yamato say people, appreciate."He stood up, stretched out his hand to take, in Liu Nan's hand.Liu Nan red face, but not his hand off."Miss Liu Nan, you are very beautiful, you know?"
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