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January 22 [Tue], 2013, 9:43
If Li Yiming open days ear through natural two guards then can listen carefully, but walking in the this Wu butler behind, but he felt a surge of shortness of breath lock himself. Although not as powerful, but Ruoyouruowu quite mysterious, he did not dare to act rashly. "Wu housekeeper should be building the base repair order. Monks built the base repair enough to set up a small family on Cultivation can be considered the master of the presence of even being in a large family on Cultivation previously those guards look this Wu butler, and not just so simple housekeeper should have no small power in this forest home, For the thirteen son wanted to come to is that Lin Ping clothing which will certainly be some twists and turns, but this is their forest home, I'd What is the relationship. "Li Yiming side try to figure out, walked toward the depths of the side followed the NG housekeeper, gone a long while they came to a Yanwu field Mo Yang place, but with unusual Yanwu field, four full ban circle Queensland hole were to wash Heart Cliff disciples layout contest station is somewhat similar, but the the prohibition level is not quite. "Well, on to the right here, you are the first of 13 son included, the old lady is not difficult for you, as long as you play enough force to break the barriers that I set, even if passed,Ralph Lauren Handbags." Wu butler said blankly. Li Yiming nodded his head and said: "But, Miss housekeeper commanded!" Wu housekeeper went straight into that Yanwu field into a handy program, they heard a burst of thunder sound came, a retaining wall where they stand, and appeared in Li Yiming front. "The art of the walls!" Li Yiming pretending to be surprised Road. "Yes, the walls of the surgery, only low-level spells nothing, and I only cast contribute Road, as long as you are able to play beyond the the unusual congenital term standards should be within a half stick of incense H broken!" Wu housekeeper accident additional explanation a. Li Yiming nodded his head, the same threshold of Yanwu field, the arch of the hand did give the waist out that soft sword to Huanliaoyisheng offend mention sword Roushen approached, Jianguang hand, seems like Yinlong a sword spend directly toward the walls bombers. Since the walls of surgery is built based master cast, although the left very vigorously Road, is not so simple H broken. Blow down, splashes a spark, but with no response. Wu housekeeper eyes still empty and indifferent, just shook his head, it seems are not satisfied with this trick. Li Yiming seeing this, pretending to be dissatisfied with the roar loudly, gently forcing the pubic region, they emit a trace of infuriating after whole body meridians diluted penetration sword. That silver Jianguang being more to bring a touch of water of the dark. "Yes! Cents Wu Mo Yang!" Wu butler appear Li Yiming this means to himself. Li Yiming howling with sword hacking. Sure enough,Canada Goose Freestyle Vest, with the infuriating perfusion, the sharp blade faster very best under a split, cut two inches a clod. Some hacking again and again, even water poured into means cast out, that walls crumbled, turned into a yellow spot with the last sound Cui Xiang, dispersed. Li Yiming call a heavy breath, it seems like some loss. Wu housekeeper rare nodded, opening said: "Young people have the strength is good, no wonder the 13 son elect you you through the assessment, from now on, you're thirteen son of the Guards, salaries, equipment here, exceedingly thirteen son act now! "took over the storage bags the housekeeper thrown to the Wu Li Yiming extruding a smile to a bodyguard Mo Yang's one, pulled out from the inside, as well as long sword, footwear, each one is character. There's even a ten Lingshi, want to come is the so-called salaries. Li Yiming for a look of joy Mo Yang said: "thanked Wu butler!" Wu housekeeper faint said: "Do not thank me, 13 son elect you, you go to thank him and that was it, let's go, I'll take you go thirteen son, where he will give you a place to stay. "Then, still without looking back toward the distance walked. Li Yiming accustomed Wu housekeeper's weird, my heart smile Hey, underground passage: "I did not expect so easily mixed with the Lin family, although do Chikae what some and freedom, but to have a peace of mind to recover is not bad." two one after the other, through the walls Shen Yuan, a gorgeous building, and eventually she would come to a little other homes. At other homes and other places is obviously not the same, although the ground is clean, but you can see that Xu Jiumei someone cut flowers. With a hint of decay and decline being more quiet. Lin Ping clothing into the pavilion studying something, suddenly appear two into the courtyard, he smiled and meet up with: "So Miss Butler and the wood Daoyou to! Wanted the wood Daoyou pass the examination!" Wu butler withered body slightly bowed bowed and said: "Thirteen son, starting today, he is your first Chikae." Lin Ping Yi slight chuckle: "hard Wu butler!" Wu housekeeper shook his head Road: "This is a fair share of things Laonu, thirteen son other things, Laonu, which say good-bye." Lin Ping clothing quickly smiled and said: "Well, I'm here no matter Miss housekeeper something since and that was it. "Wu housekeeper heard is not what to say, again, a slight bow bowed departed,Womens Ralph Lauren T-Shirts Sale. We prove that the Wu housekeeper to leave Li Yiming slight chuckle: "Lindao You, the original You're the Lin family and 13 son!" Lin Ping clothing smile: "Daoyou joking, I'm thirteen son, but is linked to a number Bale, Otherwise it Wednesday son how dare this bullying with me. "Li Yiming seeing this stunned surprised a moment, immediately shook his head and said:" Bale, Bale, whether you are 13 son or next to, anyway Lindao You gave me that job, enough practice required, it would be enough just this Chikae is what identity Lindao You, amount, Lin Gongzi shows! "Lin Ping clothing shook his head," wood Daoyou or still call me Daoyou is a I thirteen son is a catchy title, To Chikae to do, As for the fellow, you have this identity can be considered the Lin family down, I waited three long convention, and not mutually shot, future walking in Huayuan Sin City, also are not afraid that too much Zhoujia. Daoyou he can find in the yard into a place to stay down, do what you want to do and that was it, hunting demon, is also possible, he said I'll give Your task, when the time can also be prey to the home, the family will give twelve points higher than the market price of the acquisition. "," Oh, that was it, I did not expect this Chikae There are so many benefits, so we must multi-some Lin Daoyou the wood of a subject such grace Lindao You For Daoyou have what it takes to help, despite the opening is the wood a natural make every effort without any hesitation. "need help." Lin Ping clothing want I thought a moment before, said dismissively: "not as good as his fellow hunting demon if found saber-toothed cat demon will condense that cat's eye gemstone send me how." saber-toothed cat demon cat's eye stone, this is pretty not very rare, Daoyou heard the good news is that. "Li Yiming Hey a laugh.
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