monster and no significant weaknesses

January 19 [Sat], 2013, 17:53
PS: Six more completed to support it, and built a group, the group number of announcements inside, interested friends come, I am waiting for you. "Oh, this simple chemist listened to the words of Xu Xiang slightly stunned, then turned into a smiling gesture might think there are skills Xu Xiang will not be happy, just like one day suddenly found you are in a stronger than a great man. Bite pharmacy owners want to teach you [a super collection surgery], whether or not to accept? "Accept", "you learn to bite [super collection operation]." Past and player also did not learn so it has been collected this [super collection surgery], or Xu Xiang will not know this cheap can be accounted for. [Super collection operation: than ordinary collection operation more complete and professional collection methods, Level: Intermediate 0100, collecting the intermediate material success rate of 98%, acquisition the Advanced Materials success rate of 27%, the acquisition of expert-level material success rate 0.7% increase in acquisition speed 20% the ordinary the collection operation intermediate acquisition intermediate material is only a 70% chance of success, 9% of the advanced materials, but no way to collect expert-level material, and all of a sudden intermediate, eliminating the need for a lot of time to exercise proficiency, while increased acquisition speed is no ordinary collection operation. The acquisition failed herbs will be incomplete herbs are generally lost store directly worthless. Fang Juan grass is senior herbs,nike air max store, chemist teach intermediate collection operation, by virtue of that less than one percent chance of really enough to choke out. Get the benefits of decisive farewell base guy pharmacies boss, Fang Juan grass only to appear in more than 25 of the map, widely distributed in more than 50 map means that players have to wait until at least generally more than 45 senior instant recovery Pharmacy will be universal. Xu Xiang remembers After completing this task,Mens Ralph Lauren Big Polo, the system pharmacies start selling senior instant recovery agents, but the amount he was very dead restrictions, occupational trade union registration number of the capital of the evening, the ratio of the first ten thousand to one, that is, every 10,000 players pharmacy every day will sell a bottle of Advanced instant recovery agents, and the price is two gold coins. Suddenly this sentence here vividly manifested, and in that time every night Shier Dian has a large number of players in the months of purchase senior instant restoration Pharmacy Association want in twelve point when cleared, but without success forced to guard the pressure. Advanced instantly restore Pharmacy valuable enough to see but this bottle at least five gold coins if purchased on the Exchange Advanced instant recovery Pharmacy, and the number is still very scarce and sought-after, 500 value of life, after all, a bottle of instant recovery Pharmacy and two hundred and fifty is a completely different concept. Gradually expand the proportion of recovery agents with game development pharmacies sell senior instant before the price drop down, and then later to a large number of senior pharmacists have recipe production, which allows advanced instant recovery agents into spread the goods , until a large number of expert pharmaceutical really worthless. Also be regarded as the grass is always greener! ...... Xu Xiang out of the evening are Simon, are due to the evening of the central Bridi Andi Guo rely on West's place, and Bridget Dean is surrounded by the sea, so in the evening are the west than the other three sides wet much like Fang Juan grass this shade good wet herb also more than the other three sides on many. Not the Dark Iron dwarves villages Xu Xiang last trip to the Dark Iron dwarves village is to the west of the capital in the evening., Xu Xiang need to go in that direction, open strengthen sneak in a Shadowblade suit accelerated Xu Xiang can that was up to the wind, the figure quickly disappeared in the forest. Monster Xu Xiang encountered on the road simply do not flash past her to avoid directly from these grades and Xu Xiang almost monster with Isaac Phil's cunning even close are difficult to find Xu Xiang and Xu Xiang speed and fast, even in close when found, until react Xu Xiang did not know Grazing how far. With increasing depth, the trees become tall and thick it later Xu Xiang had to open the shadow pupil huge shade has been completely obscured all light outside, do not open the shadow pupil then almost pitch-dark, events are likely to hit the tree. Looked coordinates, has been far away from the target point, Xu Xiang destination is a map of 28, from dusk are about 60,000 yards, now affirmed and 阿萨莫哈尔 ruins off the beaten track, maybe also met some chest. Xu Xiang feel the moisture in the air gradually becomes heavier know already arrived at the destination, slow down the forward speed began to prepare for the possibility of the emergence of monster, after all, is a monster of 28, Xu Xiang also not so arrogant as to evade its the degree of perception Moreover, where the monster or remote attacks. Son had said before: speak of the devil. Sub not necessarily know who is Cao Cao, but the sentence still makes sense, like Xu Xiang now verify the correctness of this sentence, Xu Xiang shadow pupil state to see a fish person, very significant fish face with webbed feet than the ID card back to the force to prove its identity. Amphibious Murloc Level: 28 Magic attack: 541 Physical Attack: 703 Defense: 278 blood: 9800 Skills: [water genus physique [water shells]: long-term occupants of the amphibious fish were the Leite Si lakes, they either swimming in the water can also be active on the ground, but not from the water for too long or a long time in the extremely dry state, fear of fire spells, with both physical and magic attacks, very tough,Mens Canada Goose Banff Parkas. This is also past life players headache monster, after all, so dim remote magic attacks of the fish were completely unprepared, and this monster and no significant weaknesses can be regarded as a weakness is fire damage it extra bonus, but the fire department was only the fire department magician. Fire spells too conspicuous to release such a dim environment, and the release of divine magic in the souls of the people of the nearby fish definitely will all come together when the time will certainly brawl, but here there are many herbs, if security acquisition in here, then make a lot of money is not a problem. Past and team to leveling also a lot of people while making money is a very good thing, after all, be able to side leveling, and occasionally be able to find some rare herbs really make a big fat, of course, there are a number of life the Occupational Employment players protection acquisition.
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