witch eighteen is just surprised

January 12 [Sat], 2013, 18:28
Time in the next few months, the dialect division three brothers finally confirm the law of the fluctuations and green ants beast, half a month fluctuations appear once sustained is also two weeks, but with the experience of the three will continue to repetition being spent killings, refining, and then killing, and then refining it is to kill a lot of green ants beast charged supreme Reiki. Dialect also know, only the supreme body of the king of beasts Reiki to meet the appetite of heaven and earth pot does not work, is the fifth-order green ants beast, these days, he is also refining a lot, although still not as good as I too the Taoist Chang Hui two men is so leaps and bounds as the growth of the state of mind, but also to be able to perceive significant gains, was empty when the go to sentiment day Road track, you can feel the progress. Just the kind of thick supreme aura is still no charge to work twice been close to the edge of success, but still arrived many green ants Beastmaster stir together, but with the beheaded, the effect seems to be gradually apparent, the fifth-order king beast does not seem to previously as intensive, I do not know really beheaded move their bones, or deter and three great lethality, Wicked reluctant positive contend, after all, a few months time the trio teamed beheaded king of beast is almost two hundred, five order of green ants beast is nearly up. This day and a half months, Wicked again dispersed without dialect to speak, too I Taoist Chang Hui charged Wicked, then fluctuations flashed, three dialects to re-enter the magic weapon space disappear the trail. Dialect Young with two being in strange large array fight outside Passion land as the former general, but these days, a figure not fled in around since, it seems that in seeking to explore what. This is the person in Star cases within the door distracted the big brother dragon significant Taoist, a few months later, the the items fly Taoist still disappeared, the dragon was the Taoist hearts of anxiety disorders, he had quietly inquire about the fellow within Munekado is too , received the news that fly Taoist and did not go back Munekado As for the matter of your own path God card, dragon obvious no clear asked, but guess it should not affect or two fellow not talk like that. Day items fly Taoist is trailing several of the younger generation to enter into the portals of that fluctuation, after the disappearance of the trail, the items flying Fall of Long obvious not to be so got the idea,Canada Goose Womens Tremblant Full Zip Hoody Sale, the day he does not face to face, fear dialect few people will things associated with him, but Xiang Fei was just missing could not be contacted, do not believe the items fly a distracted monks Yuan Ying monks calculations to just think of the color of the dialect Henli of,Canada Goose Mens Langford Parka Sale, I do not know why, Dragon significantly hearts will burst of anxiety, the day saw items fly, Long obvious they day can not be peace of mind. Dragon significant also insinuations asked to Yuan Ying younger generation of things, get the news he was somewhat taken aback certainly did not fall from the sky, at least dialect, a dialect of genius qualification, plus star Taoist Justifying sword, if the fall of must not be a calm. Around the Passion searched a few months time, but still did not find the slightest trace of this day, Dragon significant still land Passion of skimming, suddenly aware of a faint flashed in front of a dark cloud fluctuations, and then I heard the muffled sound ear: "Star were monks?" Dragon significant Taoist stature meal, we stopped at fluctuations master does not hide their whereabouts,Canada Goose Constable, the dragon was the Taoist exploration a little but found their soul can not easily probe into them, and then also admitted to the soul broke and asked: "not know Ho Fangdao You." just faint fluctuations and I heard muffled sound, Long obvious can be sensitive to each other cultivation outside their under , though not know each other is what antecedents, The Dragon significant and nothing to worry about, distracted the monks this point emboldened As Star were inside the door is still there, in fact, Dragon significantly more than one occasion to consider how could it be a Yuan Ying The younger generation give birth to kill, thinking to want to go, or no conclusions, perhaps with the conclusions just that he does not want to admit that not necessarily. Encountered a distracted monks, the dragon was not mind chatting with each other some, and perhaps will be able to eventually find the items fly Taoist little trail. A little while later, that group of dark clouds flashing a few, then Dragon significant Taoist see a figure flashed out, eyes slightly squint: the witch family intricately Daoyou? "Witch's family is less revealing in front of people, but the dragon was good and evil is to distract the attention of the big monk, after all, seen several witch family monks in front of the young monks apparently Wu family dressed a linen cover which skinny physique, few Tao Wu family unique Rune portrayed in the linen on. Looked humble, Long obvious but it is not the slightest bit underestimated, the witch of the family, although not in the name of the Star were as Justifying preach Xuan Lan's domain, but they are the most intractable of the monks, and the witch of family practice method is very different in ordinary cases door usually means proud monks on the Wu family most likely not work very well, the face of the witch of the family of this odd ethnic groups, is behind the Star were backed Dragon significant not give birth do not want to provoke necessary trouble. Slightly inquire about it, Long obvious they hand over said: ", were dragon significant, Star, I do not know how Daoyou of the Wu family name?" Speak very polite tone. The monks of the Wu family did not immediately answer, looked up and down the same dragon significant some before slowly opening said: "the Witch 18 family Witch, and his fellow really is Star were monks, I have to ask you about the issue." Dragon significant no thought he asked toward each other, it touches on the other side before opening the mind inevitably somewhat surprised Dragon significant can be sure the front of the Wu family monks he had never seen before, Witches of the family seldom deal with others, want to come alone to the alone to, how to inquire from the things to think of. Hearts surprised, his face did not show it, the dragon was what Taoist does not draw the line, when even said: "Friends of want to ask what do not know, it may be said to listen." "I have heard your Star were named dialect infants and monks, I wonder if you can recognize? "claiming witch eighteen skinny man dragging, opening asked. Hear each other speak tone, the dragon was Taoist could not help burst despicable, underground passage in mind, to inquire into things, how can there be such a tone, do not call your cases, do not call your witch's family is really unreasonable etiquette, just to hear each other actually inquire dialect, Dragon significant even if no longer ignore these rude Xu, thoughts immediately turn up, the witch family monks Why inquire into the matter of tongues? Old acquaintances? Or is Old complain? Here encounter is coincidence or deliberate? "Dialect? I'd seen the name of the younger generation a few times, I do not know Wudao You Why mention since he." The dragon turned significant Taoist momentary offer all kinds of thoughts, and eventually could not guess the intention of the Wu family monks, the only certainty is its own whereabouts even have no plan other there could not be deliberately waiting for his opening tentatively asked. Huh? You really heard of him? I've heard enough to have many thousands of Star were the Disciples, each one you will not have seen it? "Witch eighteen does not seem expect Long obvious answer, actually questioning road. "Of course not, just a dialect of the name of the younger generation some special, I've seen both sides, but I do not know Wudao You Why will mention since he though his qualifications are not low, but still not let Daoyou concerned about fishes." Long significant do not listen to a mean witch eighteen tempted to continue. "Qualification? But a younger Bale Yuan Ying." Witch eighteen hear some disdain tone dragon significant Taoist mind fretting, then they said: "The the Yuan Ying younger generation is not false, but he was our cases talented disciples of the door into the door, but one hundred ten years effort, going to the Yuan Ying Dzogchen, maybe someday will have to break through the promotion distracted repair order. "" What? said he had Yuan Ying Dzogchen? how could so fast? "has been cold face does not seem the slightest expression witch eighteen is just surprised and disdain language, is a zombie face to say, hear the dragon was a Taoist last paragraph, but it is a little change a look, revealing a bewildered look. This time the Dragon significantly listening to the tone witch eighteen, certainly not pleased is then quietly said: "This is not fake, the other day I seem to be hearing a few mentioned with the door He also came to the land of Passion, Daoyou eventually be able to meet him. "
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