more than he can peep.But

March 18 [Mon], 2013, 12:36
"This ********************......It can't be!Dark gold small room, ancient inflammation fate once again to release the 'glaze colorful force of destiny', will look one one sweeps the Sanyang class hunters, and the four anode hunters.He can clearly see the road, '' the fate of those three hunters length, you can even see what they have 'destiny' above 'defect', broken degree, that is the future life will appear 'disaster' times, risk size.However, these confined to the God King throughout the nine class three hunters.As for those who have a breakthrough to the Emperor God Sanyang hunters, four Yang hunters, although also can see their 'destiny', but they can not see the fate of the path length, but also unable to see the 'road' is rugged, whether there is a 'defect'.Even into the imperial God Sanyang hunters and four Yang hunters are so, not to mention the Huasheng, 1000, in three people, and more on the six Yang hunters are hung, for the inflammation is the feeling of emptiness, are not aware of any fate.From here he learned, more strong, its fate is more powerful, more hard, more than he can peep.But, to be able to see the king God, ordinary Emperor God destiny's path, it is enough to make him can not help heart shock.At least, this is awesome ability he previously cannot have!Because he had the feeling, he can to change and twist of fate God King entry level strong 'road', even can repair the God King territory strong 'destiny' on a 'trap', let their 'fate' to achieve the perfect level!However.Most ancient inflammatory shock is not here, but this' glaze colorful force of destiny 'overbearing.With the force of destiny, but this power is better than before the force of destiny strong million times, can be done completely engulfed the fate of others!"Did not think of it even let me control over one's destiny to do so.And this strength, good terrorist!"Between ancient inflammation rainbow eyes open and closed, revealed a deep shock and excitement.Eventually, he will focus on the unique palace in fourth layers, self-discipline should be."Huh?"Suddenly, his brow wrinkled.In the eyes of the ancient Yan, it should be is just the break Emperor God only, even if not clearly see each other on the 'destiny'.But also must be able to see the fate of road show?But strangely, fuzzy each other on the 'destiny' very much, even is flickering, like being a force to deceive the general."Don't say it's because it's all he's sake?"Suspicion in his mind.Then conclude, is due to its strong Hong's sake, the fate of covered shall be destiny, can let him not see see.",MBT Tembea;Well, I don't believe!"Steep.A transverse ancient inflammatory heart, immediately run up the body 'glaze colorful life force'.He will take part in the main task is to should be the fifth stars on the body, unexpectedly, this task has to be across the life God land.Originally.He is going to land the life of god.So, happened to catch up with.It is my luck.Otherwise, he did not know how to go to the land of life god.After all.The wind god is opposite the destruction of land in the land of god.Want to go to the wind phlogistic God land, must be across the six pieces of land in the land God destroy god beyond God to reach two pieces of land, the wind god Lu yan.Among them, the left is God, God of civil land Jinshui land, the right is the life God land and the land of god.But no matter which side, the distance between them is less, the nature, the middle of the road is the closest, after all, the middle is a straight road, do not go around a corner.However, the middle is endless meteorite God of the sea, and by God of the sea terror is obviously.Only from a piece of God Lu arrived at another piece of land between the sea god, let to Wuyang hunters dare not cross, let alone across the meteorite God of the sea.I'm afraid, even the existence domain master like also does not have that ability.And the rumors, the central position of meteorite God of the sea, but lived nine days the entry level sea creature!
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