if we have a male and a female

March 16 [Sat], 2013, 16:08
After ten minutes, the figure of a man hurried over toward Mu Guoxing, after meeting him slightly, the two sides to a bear hug.It was a long time before two people apart, are carefully looked up."Eldest brother, you haven't changed, but the body of the temperament changed a lot, become more mature,Nike Jordan Phase 23 Hoops, it is a mayor!"Two people laughing, and walked toward the hotel coffee shop.Came to the holder of an idle, called the two cup of Blue Mountain coffee, Li Jun was unable to hold oneself back to ask: "boss, come on, you all these years is how, the twinkling of an eye into the main hall class mayor.At school we will know you're not a general character, it seems you really are!"Mu Guoxing smiled, took him this few years things picked up on the said.Although it is said for half an hour, Li Jun listen to sometimes surprising, sometimes worry, and laughed again, and finally asked: "boss, have you got married?Some of the children, even more?You forget that we have an agreement, if we have a male and a female, let's in-laws, if there is the son or daughter to let them do that brothers and sisters."Ha ha, you say first, your health is what!""I ah,Air Jordan 6 Outlet, gave birth to a son.You don't ask me, please tell me, you will not give birth to daughter, I will make big money."Mu Guoxing laughed: "you this desire is fulfilled.To tell you the truth, I also gave birth to sons, and my wife gave birth to two life."When Li Jun was depressed: "not the boss, you then cattle in the school, the children are stronger than us.Others gave birth to a son is happy, this life you gave birth to two, you also let people live.But my son this year is almost two years old, and you?""If more than this, I will let your vanity a little happy, my two sons was less than one year old."Li Jun is happy: "boss, this is no way, who let me in this regard than you actively,Nike Air Jordan 7.Say so, you are my boss, my son is your two sons brother.Haha, I finally can you point me, when not on the boss, when the boss also good son!"Mu Guoxing could see that, Li Jun is really happy.He was the only true classmate friendship, is the world's most precious, and also the most sincere.Here is not like that in officialdom, wearing a mask of hypocrisy, cope with everything and everyone, everything is full of between the true and the harmony of person and person."You don't have a happy, to talk about yourself.I remember you like Jiangbei province?What are you doing here?See you like this. If it is within the system?"Mu Guoxing said, he saw Li Jun's eyes that excitement disappeared, his face showing a little sad."Eldest brother, in this respect, I'm not with you!I am now in the sea of flowers the District Commission for discipline inspection when the Secretary, the mixed one or.""The Commission for discipline inspection work well, I remember you said, in the school, to go when the discipline inspection cadres after you graduate, specialized for people to catch a corrupt official, this is not exactly what you would like?"Li Juntan breath, he graduated from the years of experience, one one narrative again to Mu Guoxing.Mu Guoxing with his narrative know some Li Jun after graduation.The original Li Jun after graduation from the University, returned to their hometown, worked in the city for a period of time, they, a deputy secretary of municipal Party committee admire him, send him to as a secretary.Later, the municipal Party committee deputy secretary as the exchange of cadres by the exchange to the flower Cloud City, served as the Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee.Li Jun was also at that time, along with the Deputy Secretary coming together.After working here for a year, the Deputy Secretary to cultivate him, according to his wish, let him into the sea flower district served as secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, level by are promoted to deputy director of department.
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