but also quite dangerous

January 21 [Mon], 2013, 15:42
White and Hu Feifei two women and four mesh the first three hundred eighty-two of chapter snatch half a day watching riveted on their own, pushing yourself to do this 'tough' decision, and Li Yiming felt a head and two large. Look at her blushing, cramped rubbing his clothing or jewelry Ji Ling smoke. Although Li Yiming know her own dark seduces, but the thought of these years, own her as a sister generally take good care of, so after all is not this 'murderous'. I would see a slight chuckle: "injury matter not in a hurry, I just take this opportunity to furnace alchemy, which just refining group of the finest vulnerary that time, once successful, you can also try the drug." Li Yiming saying the faint contingent, but which has a trace of a trace resolutely white and Hu Feifei listening to also know that torsional But mind, are exposed the Resentment expression looked Li Yiming one they do not mention the matter. As for Ji Ling tobacco, originally a Rouchang turn, this matter could not say what the idea when hear these words, in a sigh of relief at the same time, but vaguely Unfortunately secretly sigh. Other things has long been established, the matter sure it is the time to leave this place. But before leaving, Li Yiming spend a lot of hands and feet, the the Chuan Songzhen core part of his attainments separating oneself away. As for can not be taken away to set up a large array cover up the atmosphere, not to mention ordinary person, that is, the repair does not exceed his people to come here are able to detect the presence of the Chuansong Zhen,Palliser Coats Canada Goose, and even want to barge also cost a lot of effort. Put away all his four do the traveler look like it on the road. Advance Ji Ling tobacco in the Guardian when inquire about the situation, they dress up and angered others eyes. Along the way,Canada Goose Foxe Bomber, their main purpose is to find a practitioner in this world, and star charts from their hands for future interplanetary travel must be guidelines. Course At the same time, he did not forget to do other preparations, including the necessary refining immortality and magic, practice some of the lingua franca of the spell means. However, a different the unusual alchemy division and mixing device division, Li Yiming but the ancient practice of the Road, this is a pass Belden road, almost opened the ability to Goldfinger, plus the mustard space being there helper, he more leisure. This so-called helper, exactly when Li Yiming the fire crow little gold recovered up. Although these years with the Battle growing strength,cheap canada goose parka, the fire crow Xiaojin the combat effectiveness has nothing useful, but Li Yiming did not abandon it, always close at hand. Say this fire crow little gold itself is a freak in control of the real fire of the sun even more significantly similar. Weekdays, it is like as if a bottomless pit that can be the almost unlimited swallowed fire element force, to enhance their own cultivation and per force. Li Yiming years been through how many treasure house fire properties treasures unsurpassed number of natural cheap it a lot, so recently, it sleepwalk raised to five realm. Originally monster, in addition to the nine days Fox this heterogeneous, the blood the more powerful the more difficult refining the body, the incarnation of the human form. Fire crow monster enter saver can refining body, incarnation humanoid practice. But the strange thing is to the Xiaojin reach five realm of form, in addition to the Body into a three feet from the original size of the foot, secretly golden, reveals a systemic black feathers and Euro RSCG significant increase, and there is no other change. Li Yiming would have been prepared to teach the power law is useless, and all sorts of desperation, can only the combined the Royal Veterinary order and jellyfish Palace heritage to finishing it a 'the fire crow magic' to practice the use of fire, and let it help guard Ding Dan furnaces and is. Surprisingly, this is not Xiaojin of shape, but the mind is pure, born and advantages that with Professor Li Yiming, fire control below him is not even, so gradually the alchemy refining weekdays, most of the time he can walk away , is only to the critical moment came forward. In this way, although the line is ready means, but compared to them, but more seems to make a sightseeing tour to temporarily give up the Buddhas magic Cosmos amulet ...... riddled with all sorts, plus bring the United States with the tour, Li Yiming seemed these years of accumulated tension relaxed off. As the saying goes: a relaxation of civil and military way, lies on Gu Zhidao understanding and feelings can be described as strong, but the accumulation of all these years of Li Yiming, just has not been time sentiment combing brilliant changes gradually began under the relaxed environment , just waiting for changes in the accumulation of a certain time, when he was again off to become. Feel these changes, Li Yiming just take it lightly, the heart a little one operator will release one side, in addition to the normal preparation, they enjoy from the future, I'm afraid it will no longer some leisure time to. Said the road to the only let him some regret is to look for a way, did not even find in this world (4) to a fellow human, so he can not help but think that here really is not a practitioner. They play a half months time this party small world go through, however, ready to return to Chuansong Zhen, try to find one of the world when the thing occurred to shift their itinerary slightly slowed. This day, they walked to a seaside fishing village, enjoy this side of the world's unique 'Sanyang into the sea,' wonders awaiting departure, but found that the original good villagers turned out unprovoked suffering from the plague. Although this world and Kun Hui world completely not related, the two sides of the world can say that there is no relationship, but, after all, life is life, Li Yiming this bear, they caster rescue, a detoxifying panacea shot rescued a village. Originally Li Yiming thought on this would not matter, who knows the way back, a series of several towns and villages are only some of the city because of the accumulation of a lot of drugs, this eased, but looking at the situation but also quite dangerous. Seeing the situation, they look not here given there is something wrong, then pretend fought for so many years. After some deliberation, Li Yiming let the three women came out together with the practice Gangda been mustard space, Red Moon distributed around a panacea disposal of injury, based on intelligence, came to where the origin of the plague in the legendary. Watching a male city, the holy city where it is this side of the small world known, although different in any country, but it has absolute power, in the legendary world evolution of the Creator. Originally for this legends, myths, Li Yiming just thought practitioner in came a trip. Who knows, did not find any practitioner breath, this went ahead to leave. Who would have thought this trip came to, he felt different, a deep sense of the atmosphere of evil spirit came from the holy city under. If the practice of the people to open up the eyes of the acupuncture points, open the Taoist real pupil, I am afraid that will be able to see this original white one, as if the sanctuary of the city turned out to be a dirty dark covering, like falling into the quagmire, and the quagmire extending tentacles wrapped the entire holy city.
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