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October 21 [Sun], 2012, 16:45

> The forest Father with Lin II Father by telephone after also reluctantly settled above the sofa holding a cup of tea, Lin Ching-her mother quickly over. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm Lin Father took a gulp, but asked: audience, as well as organized person, both can not find the suspected target, so no way! As for Buddhism, they always work for money,Nike Air Max Alpha 2011 Sale, simple kidnapping can not dare to come to us, they can not play! only daughter, said a little angry. Lim couples also look forward to look to the housekeeper, a lot of pressure to the housekeeper, I saw he wiped his sweat, shaking his head and said: Marie Lin still open asked: incompetence young, hateful, and not even Lin Ching could not protect, but also to do! Lin Father finally waved, stewards called Liu come. Saying Liu walked into the hall,Timberland Slippers, soon found that the atmosphere was very dull, his intelligence, of course, know Lin Father is aware of the situation of his granddaughter. The Lin Father obviously do not want to say more, but with a sigh, and also prepared to say. This time, Lam, said: especially such a thing occur in the body of his daughter. Saying Liu is tired of people look down on, so toward the other side read, they found a middle-aged Han, unconvinced, said: not recognize them Lin Qiang Lin Ching's father. The forest Father suddenly a little weird, and his future son-in-law and her children hit a bit .. interesting, but the thought of his granddaughter situation, and he did not laugh. Lam, of course, face shocked, really did not expect that Liu would be so bold, bulb own daughter, so arrogant to speak for themselves? So a Paizhuo the ready to get up, but fortunately Marie Lin to stop immediately, and said: , so I am a bit impulsive! Then quickly stepped forward to prepare Peizui this time Marie Lin but said: ink with him, the kid, whether you are not human martial arts, you want to be my son-in-law, and must have the strength and Buddhism are garbage, just not at this time, Lin Qiang suddenly stood up and said. Liu is a moment, but this is pretending, his heart has begun to think about. It appears that if they continue to show weakness Peizui also more despised, Liu thought, and then a bite and said: But to know Liu personality friends know he is installed. I watch your last half a day, do not know 'on' what he directly to a. Out the door to Marie Lin Lin Qiang was loud and said: grandson in the end did not have the strength, will follow. As for Lin Ching, the rich find someone just sad and concerned about it, As for the hands-on this issue, there is help others. Finally, Liu found that he had come to a gym, in accordance to describe gym Yes, but the inside of the equipment is very old-fashioned, which represent is the stakes. But the middle there are a lot of open space, see Lam, standing in the open space, Liu also consciously walk across. ! Listening to this basically villain say the words, but the other side but may father-in-law, Liu helpless shrug. But he shrugs dynamic Lin Qiang think he will understand that, not so hypocritical, took off their suits, exposing the muscles, and then said: also said: Saying Liu is also used to prepare what? After five people kidnapped Party tragic attack, he had just let him understand that he is a beat to death a little strong. Genki powerful than the ordinary people can understand! Next to the forest Father kindly remind, said: Lin Qiang and his father are surprised a moment, then Lin Qiang directly rushing fierce, his face, but he just wanted to test Liu. So in the body of Liu looks around, but fortunately find a place to beat to death, and finally found Liu posture simply too his feet itch. Rushed half volley jump, and then a turn, while in turn the moment, left foot up,Air Max Classic BW Womens. Is the volley kick behind the legendary edition. See kick menacing, Liu mouth a twitch, even though he knows that will not be an accident, but each time there will be a slight pain, but it seems this time is painful. According to their understanding, so confident Liu will put a strong posture in place, at least, just a few steps back. However, Liu of hard kick directly flew towards the back, hit the wall finally came to a halt, Lim molecular dumbfounded. Suspect that this is not a farce, may Liu let them hit the wall above the sound scared. Not dead, right? Fortunately ass overturned fallen Liu suddenly put out into the head of the foot down, to to Genki repair the body, and also from the new stand up. He had just a little regret shot too fast, but as a Warrior, see Liu like a 2B stood there, may be tempted to, such as SUCCESS Ouyang Feng and Hongqi plot. At the same time, he and Lin Father think of another time possibility, this guy is it a monster? Liu helpless in situ small jump a few, and then said: , just me, but even five into force no access it fully Come! Do not have mercy on me because I was daring,UGG Jimmy Choo Sale! Lam, a bite, if not more, directly and quickly rushed past, next to the forest Father of course, is also a little surprised, I did not expect grandson so powerful. Saying Liu Lam, this time with his fist rushing, fist above, there is an air flow it seems, I think of this time may be more painful. So tentative vitality concentrated to each other fight above the chest, waiting for each other to combat. But things are not by the imagination, this hit the Liu turned out like nothing standing there, his face still with a little puzzled, as if to say 'you've played? 'In fact, he is really wondering when the other fist hit the vitality he really did not feel a thing. Haha, their strength is really strong, ah, and so Liu glad to cry in my heart. Lin Qiang this but to use the Bacheng force, nevertheless found that Liu like a rock, so he was very surprised, and then said: that Lin Ching what circumstances, tell me ah! <

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