spent the turbulence and calm

February 05 [Tue], 2013, 15:08
Pig Xin: second, whirring, lost our collection, adhere ah Hold on! Do not rise, not fall out ah ~] ------ "roar ~ ~ dull sound came in a distant jungle, I heard this sound, the ancient Yan brow not help yixian. "Swish!" Followed by a road shadows from which sprang appeared in his field of vision. If you look around, this is three wolves and animals, and how their body is not huge. However, the ratio of ordinary German shepherds be strong lot, and about the size of adult tiger. Systemic gray hair, looked the Ancient inflammation the three pairs Langyan exudes faint Lvmang. The gas puffing evil fishy wolf mouth, occasionally dripping unknown liquid. "Wolf?" Looking at the three wolf-shaped animals, flashed a funny and pathetic figure in the ancient Yan head. Immediately, he shook head, staring at the three gray wolf quirky smile: "It's interesting to me as Pleasant Goat? Hehe." Ancient inflammation can feel the three gray wolf is an order different beast, not very kind. So, he did not escape the idea. This is natural, with respect for the ancient inflammation. If for some adventure to see the front of the site scene, I am afraid will be surprised to cover your mouth. A sixteen-year-old boy, even the face of the three first-order animals do not escape? But also a joke? Oh my God, this world is not crazy? ,Canada Goose Women Expedition Parka! Obviously, ancient inflammation do not think about those silly questions. What Wolf and Pleasant also only see three gray wolves, especially the three the wolf revealed that vicious look after ancient inflammation in his head before drifting past life that the Department is the fire cartoon, "The Joy sheep Sheep and Wolf "inside sad reminder of the guy. "Roar!" Obviously, the three gray wolves do not know ancient inflammation think what they only know just this human even met them, even an idiot to not run away. Moment, the feeling of hunger strikes, and finally, three wolves broke out! Roaring sound, vicious rushed towards ancient inflammation, the wolf mouth fishy breath so ancient inflammation frowning. Write that black to Frankenfish an ancient Yan face slowly revealing a smile, since the words in the mouth: "fish, no meat, how rows? Langrou it? Barely make it!" Discourse between ancient inflammation subside Anti-forward, the entire people rush towards the three gray wolf burst. Walker pinnacle realm, he really did not see in the eyes of these three low-level gray wolf. "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Golden flame rising violence from the Third Regiment of brilliant sparks in the night, just lowered the temperature of the hot breath to instantly jumped. Being in a road mourning, three gray wolves in the hands of the ancient Yan Jingmei gone through a move already unison hit the ground, the breath of life is rapidly dissipated. The three gray wolf is at most about Departed second to third order, simply can not use what the world of energy. In connection with compare Walker pinnacle, the distance is a big gap. The difference in the same class, order, strength and weakness very different, not to mention the ancient inflammation of physical abnormalities tough protoss. Even if it is the same for Walker pinnacle of ancient and inflammation confident can be solved within 10 strokes of each other. This is not ancient inflammation arrogant, but confident! Even this self-confidence, how can this practice on the road, diving? Absolutely impossible! Looked won `t be on the ground constantly choked wolf eye gradually turned into a dead gray three gray wolves, ancient inflammation also ignored, see what that looks like, at most, every few minutes it will be completely dead. What now ... Stoke grilled fish! "Roar!" "Roar!" Roar! "However, just turned in ancient inflammation. Three original death shrouded the gray wolf, even momentary violence from dead gray wolf eye flooded, actually between light! Faint flame of light in which the beating, claws like toward the three ancient inflammation of the neck, waist, thighs bite go! "Hey, you know you are not honest. The ancient Yan chuckle back three wolf cry, did not turn around, the body still facing forward walked. However, his eye was shining golden flame. Snapped, In the mouth Qingtu: "explosion." "Bang bang!" Then, abruptly, mid-air, three gray wolf's body is so out of thin air explosion off! The three gold inflammation salamanders arise, and the night is so colorful beautiful. The three wolves even screams no issue, already fragmented into numerous pieces. The ancient Yan the palms waved, wanton flying mutilated flesh and blood, all blocked out, he can not be exposed to the slightest. Turned and looked unpleasant scene, the ancient Yan touched the nose, recalling what happened in this short time, really is not simple to do. Beginning stealth Hawaii and then is three wolves, even learned loaded to force? ! Low IQ or animals what? Ancient inflammation identity, if not secretly against the point, might well have buried these guys hungry stomach. Thought of this ancient Yan brow microfold, no wonder so many adventurers into animals Mountains are afraid that there is actually such a hardship and difficulties! Recall that in order animals sturdy black beast, could not help but ancient Yan found that the more powerful black beast, but lower IQ than the strength of the weak guy much more! Presumably, those adventurers like rounding up black beast is for this reason! Suddenly, in the ancient Yan head flashed a contains a profound philosophical sentence: God is fair, when you get something, will lose something. "Whew!" Moment, the ancient Yan Qingtu breath, his face thrown a dignified. After just things, his mind gradually these animals Mountains also have a more profound understanding of. Come to a conclusion: an order animals, even if weak, can not be too underestimate, or when, there will certainly be a disadvantage. The rise of the ancient Yan eyes Chaona black Frankenfish looked,Canada Goose Kensington, mouth formed a trace of frustration, since the words said: "It seems only eat fish, no way, will look at it!" Then, he strode to embark forward, single-handedly carried the black Frankenfish, rapid and ran toward the river upstream, a few the dodge had already disappeared in the darkness. After two three hour run, a small canyon had already appeared in the vision of the ancient inflammation. "Whew, finally to." Looked at the Canyon, the ancient inflammation Qingtu tone the face surfaced trace relaxed smile. Vaguely between, he saw could hear the roar of that waterfall straight down. Aware of this wire, ancient Yan looking a hi, hurried and ran toward the canyons. Naturally, before cognitive With him is careful to urge caution. Ancient inflammation could feel this canyon many animals breath Whenever there's lots of animals, he will bypass the dare to disturb. Originally just a half an hour walk from the waterfall, under ancient inflammation so going around, but it took almost two hours! The fish, although not very heavy, but also over-jin. This has been pressed in the ancient Yan who also let him unbearable. Came waterfall, ancient inflammation haste black Hawaii on a boulder Qingtu tone twisted twisted body, a burst of bone shaking crackling sound. Feeling that majestic waterfalls momentum, the whole person, not by a burst of freshness. Immediately, his hands a flash of light, sinking deep blue gem already. Then smile, the figure jumped in a 'plop' sound, ancient and inflammation already rapid fleeing into the waterfall and small lake, splashes a huge spray. But looking to the lake, but not to see the ancient Yan half silhouette. Obviously, this is a the the sinking blue gem stealth ability. After a long, ancient inflammation before sprang from the lake,Canada Goose Ontario, the whole person inside a clean slate again. Out, blue Orb also own the body of water vapor to suck a clean, original wet clothing also became an instant dry. "This is something really good." Looked at the hands of the beads, ancient inflammation praise loudly. Immediately, his mind a turn, smiled and said: "later called the invisible gas Pearl!" Did not say what will the invisible gas beads revenue deficit refining quit, then picking up black in Hawaii toward a no animals breath cliff line to go. After half an hour of exploration, ancient and inflammation finally found a place for long lived. Soon being, in a burst of thunder, a depth of five meters in diameter in about two meters of the cave already. Fortunately, under the guise of the waterfall, has not attracted the animals Canyon has happened. Done all this ancient and inflammation only breathe a sigh of relief, and then find a heap of firewood or fire grilled fish. In this way, ancient Yan came to the first night of the animals Mountains, spent the turbulence and calm. It is also the moment his animals Mountains trip finally back on track!
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