even their own hands with the artifact

December 01 [Sat], 2012, 13:24
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.. See Michael and the Pope rushed ... ... Lin Chen heart could not help but dark road ... UGG Women's Hat Scarf Set... Originally they three bucket not want so secretly leave ... ... Who knows they want to leave and Michael is actually at the same time towards their own hands .
Finally shield !... ... Looking at the head over the Pope and Michael ... ... Joak hurried sideways in front of Lin chen ... ... At the same time reached condensation to finally shield .
.. ... Joak knows ,this time Lin Chen energy depletion ... ... No fighting . Eh? The two of them ,how is it? Look ,the Pope and Michael moves ,the Dragon Emperor is also slightly startled .
Although the Pope ... ... The Dragon Emperor know Lin Chen betrayed the mainland ... ... But it should not let him give up and Michael fight ?But the most important is ,Michael unexpectedly also towards Lin Chen had passed .
Is this the I don ? Doubt , Hu ò Dragon Emperor heart and nature is unavoidable secretly put carved up ... ... But with their own speculations ,the dragon emperor also secretly nod matter is indeed some strange .
.. ... Is like have arrived ... ... The pope had also asked myself how to ?It is not really his call ?And do not say the Dragon emperor ... ... Heart a heart ,is what to do when the Pope and Michael .
.. ... See each other at all costs are looking towards the forest Chenchong past ... ... Hearts are dignified again ... ... Two people are aware that each other should already know the existence of God is .
.. ... At the same time also suddenly each other why will appear here .Anger this time Lin Chen felt very angry ... ... My mind flashed at even in East Empire when their first by Kaiser and they laid siege to the death of weak plane .
.. ... This time is their own and at that time he was so similar ?Myself in their forced to feign death and escape ... ... Think that when they know they have the hands of artifact .
.. ... Never let their ... ... This time the same but himself to face the goal becomes Pope and Michael .More than two years more than two years Lin Chen experienced they may never meet .
.. ... And in more than two years under tension ... ... Lin Chen for his growing ,very satisfied .But today to Lin Chen found himself actually is still and did the same ... .
.. Still others put themselves as xiangbobo like rob ... ... But their ability to protect themselves ,or not . Damned !Who am I !?I am Lin Chen !I is not what goods !Is not you who want to pinch !To be able to come to a few of the pinch .
.. ... Anger ,let Lin Chen appears to have reached a critical point .In the eyes of the beholder before for some rich staring at the Pope and Michael because of their own strength of the weak .
.. ... So ,even their own hands with the artifact ,they dare to rob ? He is mine ... ... Although the Pope strength is very strong but for the God second the Michael ... ... Or worse hands sword will the shock fly out after Michael direct a ghostly dodge .
.. ... To Lin Chen behind big open ... ... Direct capture Lin Chen collar .Surging and strong light stress soares Michael light force moment covers Lin Chen body ... ... On the other side of the suppression of the Lin Chen was even a finger can move ,a poor ,Lin Chen was instantly overpowered ,this let Lin Chen stared even want to play God incarnate all too late ,just that Michael was too fast .
Heaven step ?Do not think you should be able to master the step to heaven ?... ... Michael just had a dodge ... ... He bypassed his finally shield ... UGG Short Cheap... Lin Chen uniforms .
Joak is surprised at Michael .Paradise is the one step method ... ... To enhance the speed of movement of the terrible force even rumors ... ... Heaven step movement speed ,even beyond the speed of light .
Although it does not know whether or not true ... ... But from ancient to modern times no individual can catch the step of the movement trajectory of heaven ... ... This is mother commonplace doubt even Joe anker .
.. ... Just don Michaels step is how to move .Since it has been successfully caught Lin Chen Michael would not do for ... ... With Lin Chen Heaven step skills not stop play ,Lin Chen felt himself before the scene changes constantly but a few seconds .
.. ... He came to a large desert . Put your artifact to come out ... ... If not ,I hope you I don waste their time on you ... ... The power of the light is still tightly pressing a Lin chen .
.. ... Michael light saying ... ... The appearance of Xi ō ngwith bamboo .Obviously, Lin Chen has been his uniform and his own heaven step ... ... Believe that no one can catch up .
.. North Face Kids Denali Sale... So Michaele Jai could be so carefree . Damned !Or not UGGs Lo Pro Button Boots?My strength is indeed still much worse ? , Roger Michael Lin Chen heart feeling angry shouts .Originally, with the lifting of the Cthulhu even after the mumbo jumbo .
.. ... Lin Chen feel to their ability ... ... Sacred ten articles following the strong ... ... Hardly on their own any real threat ... ... Because the sword their skills to do the sacred status can be effective .
But unfortunately, this time Michael is heartless to Lin Chen lesson ... ... Let Lin Chengui points to recognize yourself too naive ... ... Although this is uniform ... ..
. Lin Chen is because real teeth ,force out .But even if is really force did not consume what ?Michael paradise ,they stop ?This is his sword light transient escape more terrible movement technique .
Why are so many ? Anger , Lin Chen heart with thick not reconciled to ... ... Since Lin Chen are numerous ... ... But the rebirth of such skills, Lin Chen can be said to be not too much pressure .
The strength of weak UGG Women's Annabelle?It was only a short time question, just give him a few years time can achieve sacred do ... ... But today, Lin Chen felt strong unwilling, because this one myself so much that even when no chance is seconds .
.. ... This also let Lin Chen is fully aware that ... ... Their strength is too much worse .How You want to be stronger ?Well ,you have to begin to prepare for the condensation of the teeth ,baby things .
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