Robben sitting by the fire side

November 29 [Thu], 2012, 17:52
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe fire was finally lifted, a withered vine Robben was thrown into the fire ,fire explosive sound ,into the starlight from the fire travelled ,cold and lonely valley, finally have a warmth .
Robben and Natalie two people for a relatively smooth place out of a field ,the hardy down on the vines is directly burned clean .Now ,Robben sitting by the fire side ,while Natalie ,in a careful look look after Robben ,or in his ring to take out a thick cloak in the body .
Through the fire sat opposite Robben .Robben took a bite out of the ring from Natalie took food ,feeling in the mouth and delicious food with good taste ,groan ,with the exquisite, local food ,this woman thinks is out for travel? Well, now tell me ,what is this place !You said that the suck rock beast and scan bird is what !? Said Robben to the finger that faint clouds .
Robben began questioning ,opposite Natalie gently put in the hands of the food ,there is a curious eyes ,some dodge looks at Robben ,seems to have something to say . Although you say, I won hurt you ! Fire ,Robben shining, fixed at the Natalie .
You ... ... You really don know !? Look at Natalie Robben some depressed, the woman looks some fear itself ,but was also written in the face .It is what is common thing ,but his work was not done .
Said ! Luo Benlian is a cold ,took out a winner .Warm light in the body of Natalie ,Robben a drink but let her do not help trembling flutter .About one thousand years ago. Although Natalie hearts doubts ,the mainland all the world knows.
Things UGG Jimmy Choo Sora,this Robben seems to have never even heard of it ,but the flames looked at Robben in two as the night wolf shining eyes ,or immediately tidy mind know, slowly open your mouth .
years ago ,the earth burst ,a up to thousands of kilometers of crack ,countless human has never seen evil spirit from the slit black flame appears ... ... Said simply, not let you back story ! Robben relentlessly interrupted Natalie words !Natalidun live again ,I will bite your lips ,but dare not answer ,he said several modifiers he ordered his himself !Breath UGG Women's Handbags, Natalie added : countless demons come to the ground killing humans, and began to attack the mainland each country ,the devil is mostly a long head with various angles ,strong, powerful ! Said the devil ,Natalie seems a bit excited ,suddenly realized this point Natalie raised his eyes ,secretly looked at Robben, see Robben just listen to him ,he lay down their hearts, the devil has a unified command ,their single combat is far greater human elite soldiers ,and so on to form the battle against the human city when it is invincible ,and almost every demon can use black magic ,man on the mainland accumulated for thousands of years power simply stop the steps of demon ,even the last continent United almost all races still cannot compete and the devil ,until the demon would soon fall in human the mainland on the last one, Wangcheng, God sent his twelve waiters come to earth ! Luo Benyi my eyebrows , they look what !? Robben thought, is not the angel ! Court of God teach code documented they are human appearance, but very tall ,almost two times higher and ordinary people ! Natalie replied with great care .
Well !It went on to say Robben waved his hand . Twelve of God who ended up leading the devil killed at sea ,prevented the devil destroyed Continental ,the very next day ,all of the demons are returned to the crack ,subsequently, the earth together ,but did not like the past dovetail ,leaving a narrow but few meters wide ,more than 100 km long crack ,but also because of this ,God who only twelve remain in the earth ,to impart human mump and magic ,and watch the earth cracks .
The crack is demon marks ? Luo Benza smack, feel this is just a religion in promoting their own a scam . Yes !Legend ,the demon marks also often can hear the roaring demon ,devil mark deep, perennial diffuse light ,but do not know how thick mist .
Said, Natalie raised his head ,pale look above 100 meters high in the faint clouds ,the legend that is God magic ,in the mist of the stocking by two powerful beast guarding demon marks ,all want to go from here the creatures can attack !Up to now ,had not heard of who can live from the devil mark up ,those who venture to the devil mark to explore adventurers later all no news cheap ugg boots.
Even to the extent that. Those people ... ... Also. There is a retired paladin ! Natalie seem to have started .Robben was not to blame for Wright to head ,with a squad of men to slay the dragon ,the people of this world can really have a courage ,coming out of the monster big gap what good study ,is also trying to catch the devil back to sell several ! No one out ? Robben stressed that .
No. Natalie put her cloak tightened ,curled up in a fire ,and slowly spits out two words . There is no possible way to go out ?Such as how to fool the suction rock beast and scan the bird ,I watched them kill each other prey ,relationship is not good ,we can take advantage of this, and since we came off without being attacked, they will only attack to go up the creature, we slowly, is it right? Can not cause their hostility ,us two turns to use the magic slowly climb up .
.. ... Robben stood up ,both hands keeps her with his plan, feet are constantly moving ,but Robben stopped talking .Robben some excitement and no infection Natalie ,the girl eyes were watching before the fire, only Luo Benduo to her, she will be shaking slightly ,though ,here ,is a struggling under the fear .
Robben reluctantly squatting on the Natalie side ,this action makes Natalie a tense, to get out alive ? Robben earnestly asked .Then, Robben has been frightened girl nodded ,although in a hopeless situation ,there is a great man who fears to yourself ,but they stoop to compromise ,or even a girl dignity trampled into pieces of abasement and bear it ,in fact ,is not also hold a live fantasy !Wright ,uncle ,three ,all grew up on their own with caresses human faces in one one eyes ,the hearts of Natalie tears secretly .
Brother. I really don want to die ! I will never die in this place !Wanted to break the day I have to live out ,if you don in my life becomes cumbersome ,better give me up ,otherwise ,I want you to have no use !Do you understand? Robben wanted to give Natalie up, just saying becomes a threat .
Bully people seem to be addictive ,Robben finally got a conclusion: I will help you ! Look be close by. Stared at his Robben ,Natalie tried to use their strongest voice . Here is the devil ?They will attack us ? Robben looked around, just along the way, a large animal were not seen, even without a mouse ,only feet rustling through various black and don little things .
I don ,nobody gets out alive ! Natalie carefully picked up a withered vine threw it into the fire ,just some weak on flame going up ,Natalie surrounded by darkness . How do you know that the devil mark in the suction rock beast and scan the bird ? Robben puzzled asked .
Don stand on the cliffs above also can see that these two things ?They will not go to mainland China ? In the above seem not to see ,this layer is very deep in the earth ,I also heard people say ,everyone knows ! Natalie is not sure .
You say ?The legend is so accurate? There are still people who go from here to let mainland people know the situation here to ! With this in mind, Robben can also added some confidence ,NND !Don fall down was not killed but they trapped dead not !Natalie looked up to Robben ,but this is also recognized a ,of course, it is also based on the will to live the life instinct .
In fact ! Natalie frowned ,there seems to be some hesitation . Tell me ! Robben Natalie is also a deputy mutter and mumble appearance, very impatient . In fact ,it should not be the devil mark ! Natalie plucked up her courage ,say it makes Robben almost fainted !After all that ,you cried as if dead past despair ,now suddenly out of a sentence !Why.
Robben under the pressure of a firebrand of the woman in front of burning ash impulse, patience !Natalie was frightened face finally gave a smart , I count UGG Australia Short Sparkles,from the city sets out, half a month ,we pulled carriage supply only go north six hundred or seven hundred miles, I happy they also hear the task of distance is about these ,even to stray from the path ,we have toward the devil mark forward ,we should not get over here ,and ,if this mission in the devil mark so dangerous place the edges of words, we cannot fail to notice ,I remember reading a map of the time ,the mountain from the devil mark also has hundreds of miles ! Are you sure .
Robben carefully listened to the words of Natalie, quickly asked . Well ! Natalie thought carefully, determine the nod . It sucks rock beast and bird floating light and how it is going ! Robben pointed his finger .
Do you know these two things ? Many of the books have magic image ,they ... ... As like as two peas. Natalie voice went on , but ,this magical elements unusually active ,we from the mountain down ,ordinary cliff could not deep to this point Natalie watched over the invisible line day also very confused , everything, and the devil mark describe exactly .
.. ... Well !Well ,it does have some deep outrageous ! Robben looked up and stared at the sky ,a gnash the teeth in anger ,even without barrier goes up, also do not know how to fly .
Feel around very active in a variety of elements, Robben knows that Natalie is right ,is estimated to be not the like in the crazy dance active elements ,himself off a cliff after the attached to the body of the wind element is not landing was because no supplementation and depletion !His body fell into the kind of tough ,but do not know, at least not so good luck Natalie only a broken leg and a sternum only .
That is to say ,the other is to is wrong ! Natalie nodded his head . Are you sure ,the devil mark ,only one !? Robben ask .Natalie is startled, and with eyes open wide . years ,no new demon mark formation ? Robben then asked .
New ... ... New ... ... The new devil mark !Don ... ... Natalie was standing up ,however, at the foot of a pain but lets her fall on the ground !Look at Natalie again because of fear and become pale UGG Women's Ultimate Tall Braid Boots,Robben blinked ,not !I saying ! To sleep, tomorrow .
.. ... Robben looked at a piece of fuzzy sky ,do not see what time . Wake up ! ( see the novel to love literature network ) 16977 game update everyday fun little game ,you to find
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