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January 29 [Tue], 2013, 16:30
"This book," the Zhang Tianbai mind constantly outgoing waves, such as needle-like pain, Zhang Tianbai body constantly trembling, pale complexion also become very pale and terrible, pale, almost no trace of color ! That black robe corpse out of the huge power of soul seem endless generally did unabated the continuous influx Zhang Tianbai know sea. Silence and darkness of the void, and rolled over the black air, only in this space exists at two figures, the two shadows as the center, but slowly lit circle dark sacred light for party The silence and darkness of the void brought a ray of light. Four weeks that flooded the vanity black the airflow like very afraid of this sudden lights light the dark divine light shining at that round after round black air if spirituality have retreated toward the distant open. Few breathing time, emerged out of the Road dark sacred light at two figures, within a radius of several Baizhang has become not a shred of black airflow ... gathered outside the black stone monument Baizhang absolutely Sword Jun breaking virtual Richter scale can see another one scene. Thundered! Being black the monument baizhang outside of all the cross-legged meditation have because immediate change shocked standing up. The Baizhang outside which respect the black stone tablet straight into the sky actually fibrillation up suddenly. Connected with, the the near space seemed to be shattered general, constant tremor. "How is it?" "What is the situation?" Absolutely Sword Jun poison Jiao ancestors almost simultaneously opening shouted. Voice down two but could not help but phase as the smile, the body at this time in this shattered land, their own and others, how to know what happened! Everyone you see me, I see you have no alternative but to jump to fly farther from the monument at stop watching black monument changes. "Monument tremor ... the days Baixiao You will?" Genki ancestors it tells the voices of the crowd, before Zhang Tianbai swallowed into a portal suddenly appeared on the black stone monument, now black monument is not normal trembling up, there is no guarantee that the situation in this monument the swallowed that black portal, Zhang Tianbai ah! And how? Than what? I waited this time can do and only wait up! A Moke Wuliangshan! "No Zen master hands clasped together, whispers some words. "No I Daoyou said well ... look! What is that?!" Absolutely Sword monarch just opening, but suddenly looking pale pointed to the black monument somewhere on the side vanity shouted up! Rattled intensified as black monument fibrillation, void next black monument seems to have unbearable the black monument fibrillation arising tremendous shock, into a piece of black stone monument to the center, near the void have been shock broken up . This is not the most important thing is that black monument nearby Nether Shock broken, but broken void, there a huge crack! Make absolutely Sword Jun face became pale It is this Road chasm! Or,Youth Expedition, the slowly outgoing breath into the cracks of this channel! The Kyushu world atmosphere ah! That world of Reiki feeling is so familiar, so absolutely Sword Jun excitement of his body trembling slightly. "Outside world!" God, from this shattered land out actually need the space here to broken power ah! "All will have to look to see to that a huge crack excited exclaimed. "Force Posuixukong! This shattered land, I waited Morohito are able to do, want broken here void, and the land of the weird Scarlet burst, according to the projections of the old lady, insisted broken and empty The level of force not! the now black monument transaction, actually open connectivity to the outside world a crack! grateful to talk about, I take this opportunity to leave this place, or waiting days Baixiao You out, then think about way seeking leave here?! "absolutely Sword Jun also calm down, eyes firmly fixed on the cracks in a huge space, mouth but sound toward the crowd asked. "This is ..." everyone you see me, I see you, but suddenly hesitated up. "Oh the,air max uk sale! Pinseng two Young still unconscious! Where there is the existence of a terrorist incomparable Xiongshou, Pinseng, but decided to leave in advance here! Days Baixiao You already entered that 'Cat's door ', who do not know That Road portal back in the end leads to where the only way to determine the Pinseng only days Bai Xiaoyou encountered the opportunity rather than danger, I know when day Baixiao You again back here, perhaps days Baixiao You may never come back here maybe ... while I waited Morohito the injuries hurt, sleeping slumber, this is gone, but the broken empty level forces can be broken, and days Baixiao You do not, the mysterious Akiko Daoyou fellow trio is difficult I'll wait for being only able to reach the broken empty level power 'the chaotic burst Jianqi'! appears this mutation Road, because the black stone monument space generated cracks can leave here Pinseng agree ... "without my Zen master virtual Holding a bitter Jackson and no off Zen into a sleeping body, to break the silence, the head verbal said. "Since I Daoyou recognized that 'Cat's door' days Baixiao You embroiled into opportunity rather than danger Naturally, I am also in favor of the first to leave!" Absolutely Sword Jun nodded, except own division three brothers had not been seriously hit my Zen side, no bitter no off two Zen foes fell asleep poison Jiao ancestors who party Lion ancestors also fall into a deep sleep, and the rest own and others seemingly intact, but before the help Zhang Tianbai sits array map, break through the the Baizhang Omen illusion when everyone's mana cost has been partially restored, but in a large array is an inexplicable force break open when that power did not hurt five people, but only five fired a big fuss, but the soul of five was close and each sits a large array brings together all of a sudden, but also because of the large array H broken and the soul of the five caused great shock, the strength of five to 80% of the usual good at the moment, black monument sudden occurrence of a transaction, who can guarantee that this is a black stone tablet will not happen again something other changes,Mens D'Alpago Bomber Parka? In case of re-emergence of what their own and other people simply can not resist the awesome power to today's state of the crowd, how to resist? So, the head without my Zen master after the departure of the words agree with absolutely Sword monarch also expressed their own meaning. Leave! After all this time Zhang Tianbai has that 'Cat's Gate' swept away, is a blessing or a curse simply no way of knowing that their own and other people to stay here and get out of here and no different now appear in front of a opportunity to leave here, it should be to seize the fishes! "Leave it!" "I'll wait here waiting for of days Baixiao You also will not help ancient records that go back and consult their heritage, not as good as gone, take a look at the can not find the 'Cat's Gate' "Everyone hesitated a moment, have also nodded to make the decision to get out of here. Genki ancestors is final nod Although he do not want to day White lost the trail and leave, but to hear that everyone has agreed to leave, Genki ancestors know that even if their stay here, totally role, but may also did not wait for Zhang Tianbai, before they fall of step in here, hear without my Zen master finally said to go back and consult martial art books, Genki Laozu finally agreed to leave. "So, without further ado, I'll wait for this he went away from the place! The two Young you with Suzaku Daoyou, with shots help I Daoyou Huzhu no bitter no off two of his fellow Genki Daoyou, together with the old lady poison Jiao Road the Friends cover your Lion Road Friends, I'll wait for this we borrow that space crack out of here! "absolute the Sword monarch voice down, the head trick of the Babel extinction sword, Jianguang such as curtain will never Sword Jun body protection in which the separation of the Jianguang cover your ancestors Lion. Other people have also so, each displaying a means of protection, in accordance with the arrangements of the absolute Sword Jun, part of the magic care in a sleeping three men. Extent, revealed that a huge space in cracks of the of Kyushu world atmosphere, in addition to the part in the of that the Baizhang demons illusion where the scope of the Chinese and foreign, the remaining part has broken through Baizhang range from absolutely Sword Jun et al, but more than a hundred Zhang Yuan. The crowd and headed to the absolute Sword Jun stature flashing again and again, has been an instant into the huge space cracks. That volley in the crowd and just left, but a dozen breathing again suspended in the air, the black stone monument huge transaction. Nether Shock, a road terror space crack black monument as the center toward the edges, black stone monument in the thunderous noise, actually slowly pushed again fell down the thud fall firmly on the ground. The black stele no longer trembling firmly stands in Scarlet earth, the violent forces gradually disappeared, monument near space crack slowly healing slowly, between heaven and earth to restore calm. As if nothing had happened in general, this party Scarlet heaven and earth gradually restored silence, except for that monument subsided restore nature Xiongshou addicted dragon blood the Ants four Yaotouhuangnao search some before but did not find the batch departed enemy rather annoyed the issue a few times roar opposite direction toward the black stone monument outside of, this Scarlet heaven and earth atmosphere again restored to the silence before. At this time, living in a space suddenly appeared on the black stone monument portal volume to Zhang Tianbai, suffered pain gradually began to weaken. "Call finally weakened ah" pale, almost whole body was soaked with sweat Zhang Tianbai long spit an aggregate of passed do not know how long the time before that soul know the sea when the continuous influx of Zhang Tianbai feeling, every minute, every second, almost like a hundred years like a long, painful kind of in-depth soul is simply the world's most brutal torture difficult compared. The kind of depth the pain of the soul, can not rely coma to escape, can only survive on her own, if to Kang Buzhu that soul force brought pain surging power of soul to know the sea stays burst, even if the Zhang Tianbai not die, will definitely become an idiot! However, Zhang Tianbai very lucky on in Zhang Tianbai almost about to hold on when that huge recognition of the force of God has finally slowly weakened Zhang Tianbai, can also be regarded survived and had not been that the surging power of soul to know the sea broken, so-called 'survived must be after the blessing' soul force no Zhang Tianbai to explode, and also to look at the shares from that with the power of the clergy over the black robes corpse in the end to bring their own what to read the novel aspect, more fastest chapters "
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