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December 07 [Fri], 2012, 16:24

Cap 245 Cap 245, a pleasant surprise, awhile. Yanglin will be watching the planet base weapons installation instructions for use on the one side, and then look to the front of a bunch of spare parts. look. I saw. Yanglin hand at this moment, if it were supple, lingering water flow in general, quickly and gently glide the planet base weapons on a piece of loose, and before shaking slightly, with the the Yanglin constantly while accurate installed under soon this planet base weapons installation complete. This planet at this time, appear in front of Yanglin base weapons are not Yanglin imagine them a magnificent look like, but is very ordinary, like a hundreds of times larger circular basketball court, boxy , the best place, but about three meters, but the above electronic circuit dense, entwined with mysterious to the extreme. Watching has been completely assembled planet base weapons Yanglin hearts, sighed and said: tone, followed by recovery from the consumption up. Among the remaining time, Yang Lin is not ready to other things, but to make a telephone call to Tang Yun, say that they want a trip far from the door, and I am afraid that the time required for a little longer. Soon after in the Yanglin just got off the phone, the stars base that mechanized voice rang up,Women North Face Targhee Triclimate Cheap. . Guide, preparation time has been consumed, you are immediately ready to start transmitted galaxies original planet. I saw, at this time, and since stars base depths which issued a bunch of light beams, and then in the the Yanglin front not far away, the rapid formation of a light curtain, followed by light curtains strange vanity which began flashing up, so also is not playing, then this light curtain which released a Road blue, the light waves of different lengths, composed of a mysterious tremendous transfer pattern. Yanglin ready blue transfer pattern, suddenly emerged a strong blue light waves, then immediately burst out of the hole in a person high expectations, and instantly extends forward quickly Yanglin whole person give all wrapped inside. Moment, Yang Lin wrap up this blue light waves of the entire people of the stature like in layers of space which began to float up, as if in Yanglin the foot has something intangible in to prop up the general . At this point if it was, this blue light waves from the outside looks, then, would certainly have been surprised, because at this time Yanglin like is mounted to the extremely fine multi-rhombus face crystal among, but is more The diamond surface crystal magnified countless times suspended in the air. The original planet of the same galaxy select Start. the transmission pattern of the color blink of an eye on start up and running, followed by Yan Zhen has been the the Yanglin only felt a black eyes, then own stature in this moment, numerous folding space compressed into nothingness. subsequently own the whole person began to shuttle them in this space countless. At the last moment, Yang Lin suddenly feeling groggy the shuttle body stops immediately knew the same galaxy the original Planet transmission has finished, the reigning force the rejection start up. When the Yanglin spirit and consciousness of the whole person is awake, Yanglin feel a burst of fiery sense of spirit level which came immediately. Yanglin feeling that something was amiss, immediately clean up from the start with a pure heart tactic which is not conducive to the elements of his own spirit up. Time quietly in the clean-up which passage away. When the clean up is completed, Yang Lin could not help subconsciously looked at from their current location together. I saw, in the surrounding environment is entirely a Grass Valley, tall-growing trees in the distance, a huge variety of shapes of birds and a variety of birds flying in the sky which all the Yanglin could not help but looked up towards the sky which looked . Viewed instantly, Yanglin only feel immense glare of light suddenly light coming toward you, Yang Lin could not help but lifted his hand to block their own eyes, then through the shadow of the men, this can be a clear view of the sky scene. This look is Yanglin surprised shouted, looked up to see the sky at this moment, Yang Lin could not help thinking, and was originally thought to guide the original the planet development of civilization is very simple thing in his mind, but at this moment, but began to doubt the. At that moment, the stars base that mechanization sound up. them 15 days time, choose a race, civilized boot, otherwise civilized task of guiding will be considered to have failed, the result is that you lose stars based inheritance rights. restrictions, just come to this before, and stars base but did not tell me, ah, It seems that the stars base does not own imagination so simple. pole. But all these stars base does not know, perhaps know and did not care, after all, Yanglin not yo inheritance stars base is not. Mechanized sound disappeared, Yanglin not react own mind which suddenly emerged out of the original planet, at the same time with the original common language, of course, In addition to these, else nothing, at least even a basic map, which stars base did not get to Yang Lin. These information after the Yanglin the hearts grasp suddenly increased a lot, and subsequently raised his wrist, looked toward the stars based task system. Do not look good, the look, the Yanglin suddenly ate was surprised. Because, in this glance, Yanglin spotted this original has thirteen thousand four hundred seventy point of the energy value of the task system, the which the the original Planet transmission after, actually disappeared seven thousand point now only six thousand four hundred seventy point energy value. A result, Yang Lin is tears. But it is precisely this time things so Yanglin know the purpose of the mission systems on energy value, just let Yang Lin did not think to spend so much energy on the time original Planet transmission,North Face Steep Dolomite, and actually, really some more. But the Yanglin not know is, in fact, count on his consumption or less, after all, in the process of transmission, which he suffered living sin can no longer less at. If the energy value enough, Yang Lingen this would not have suffered so many live sin, but will travel extremely pleasant to reach their destinations. However, at this time, Yang Lin did not continue to pay attention to this thing, but began to carefully view a variety of information on the primitive planet. Half an hour later, Yang Lin finally complete understanding of the original planet. According to the information which are described in the words of Yang Lin came to the original planet, is a prehistoric period which, minor debris legacy which has an ancient name called penglai. There is no civilization at all,UGGs Boots Finnegan, and that do not know how many years ago, prehistoric civilization, already do not know when it has disappeared, so this Penglai, belong to a civilized planet, not any so-called civilized here has the only bloody violence, filled with darkness and so on. Not, which stars base would go so powerful, with such a long history of the planet can find, even if it's civilization has not, but after all there too. the capacity of the base, because gold cents heritage which had been raised by looking for these so-called primitive debris, but he regretted that, by virtue of the scanning of the soul, there is simply looking for less than a large number of prehistoric debris, but this moment, the gold xiandu not found prehistoric debris is stars bases found this Yanglin how not astonish. But now it is also at this time because of this situation, the attitude of the Yanglin hearts had not seriously, instant seriously up, is also a significant increase in interest in mind. Yanglin say this every prehistoric debris is a rare protection. Because he is comprehension, rather than a general technological civilization studying by. planet which the existence of civilization, that is to say not much of Euro RSCG, Euro RSCG, and even get some things passed down from prehistoric, and not returning to use, which is destined to these treasures belong to the Pearl of dust. think this is very likely to occur, Yanglin heart suddenly hot again. At this time Yanglin hearts secretly howling, this is the original planet completely for me is a paradise on earth, prosperous treasure trove of ah.

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