Only one shoe on the smooth

December 03 [Mon], 2012, 9:43

The first is more coming! I work hard every day, and I worked really hard! See results like than others, it is well-written bad? Also, today is finally out a vote of the black vote, very novel, but also pleased Unfortunately, the friends do not vote black vote to send stickers reason to vote black vote! The dividing line is the body! Do not look at just a small secretarial workload was scary, has been referred to the 20 o'clock in the evening, the Sufi figure out a ballpark. * * bubble! Book. It * something loaded up and ready to come home from work. Happened phoenix nine deep out from the office, seeing the smiles: and convenient! her busy refused, saying bad Fung nine deep said: how people become familiar with it? If overnight mature up to speak, things did not Folly and stay fresh, clarity, and prudent. On board the high-speed rail, phoenix nine deep and asked her how not to buy a motorcycle, commuting convenience. Her silence did not answer. Phoenix nine deep said: move in the past. Fung nine deep, said: figure, after that, I also have no control New Year not long ago, he told me to buy a block of land in 22 districts, the houses are built, is being renovated, so I also learned shortly not the company announced it! Phoenix nine deep and said: companies have no right to recover the housing! Army Headquarters, also said this proposal is good,UGG Evera, can greatly enhance the enthusiasm of the staff, yesterday before we discuss these things given down. instant horde. She is now living in the house is rented by the government, the month need to pay a sum not high rents, if we really get a house from the company that they Grandia there really belong to their own home. Home attracted to her extremely huge, even more than 10 billion, 100 billion must be huge. She wants more money in order to build a happy home, if you only need to dry on six years for the company will be able to get a value of tens of millions of real estate, and also to ensure the stability of income, do not have to worry about one day being unmasked to court and put into prison, the left already disabilities the Li Qinggu the Fox Neilingding live in the world, why she did not give up the attractive 10 billion? To know the Xinghai industry treatment quite good, even if is she now Chairman of the Board, the Secretary of income, live frugally, sufficient to cover the treatment costs since CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY. Comparing the two about risking a huge legal risk and take on a lifetime of conscience condemned,North Face Panther Outlet, one need only flies impoverished frugal in exchange for a lifetime of well-being and happiness, but it can, as long as it is not the greed of people know how to choose Sophie made her choice. Locomotive in GY339 Avenue, under the high-speed track, slowly go toward the 1865 Chi. At this time, Fung nine deep suddenly look dignified authentic: looked out, although not very obvious, but indeed exist. If she is not the phoenix nine deep character impression too deep, but also can not be seen. President live, you is my secretary, have the responsibility to maintain my secret! God, how could this be? That true phoenix nine deep Where? Well, to distinguish between, let phoenix nine deep clone called Ray regrets it. Ray regrets, said: , as falling foggy. She was not used to accept the help of others, to mention she already owes the Fung nine deep a big favor. Cars to the 1865 Building, Ray regrets to see the time is not too late, smiled and said: Sophie heart shoes, how to throw this open the door to see the ground only Liqing's shoes? Put shoes pick in his hand, exclaimed: In an instant, Sophie heart filled with a sense of foreboding. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and find it, nor a single soul. Ray regrets asked her how she was, she was desperate to limp to the ground, the heart says husband certainly was kidnapped and certainly those who kidnapped. Ray regrets holds her seated on the living room sofa, pour a glass of hot water delivery in his hand, to be a little calm and only asked what. Sophie cry, do not know if I should let her dry morning young people say. I do not know, I do not know, I do not know anything! After a full half a minute,UGGs Boots Bailey I Do, Sophie stopped down, she gasped, her card and two silver-white wall stickers from the young man out of the provision of portable, said: seen the card, but had very wall stickers immediately caught his attention. Monitor? How is it? became give me 9500000000 I need the money, very needed, so I promised I did not think they would kidnap my husband to threaten, I can not think of really can not think! to the complexity of the matter. Pondered a moment and said: unable to walk, if not hurriedly kidnapped, how will that only one shoe to stay at home? Right now the most important thing is to figure out Sophie's husband is not kidnapped, abducted by whom. Ray regrets feel a burst of a large head. Sophie wrist communicator bright, at this time, she can not wait to pick up and see just a period prior to recorded images, without any sound. Only one shoe on the smooth floor, a bird the same shoes in the shoe rack below the caption reads: waiting for your good news! See that shoe, Sophie tightly grasped communicator, screams loudly: Ray regrets wildly rub between the eyes, the heart of how to do this? In the end how to do? His clone genes from the phoenix nine deep memories compiled by Fung nine deep, half is copied from Layton, where he wanted to Layton encountered such a thing will be how to deal with?

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