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Slightly any better, phoenix nine deep began to view the details of God disk is nine days after formatting. In fact, these days he has been thinking: God disk how nine days format? God disk than the data disk, and even with the data disk that have nothing to do, nine days what format it out? Make the exact point of the metaphor: God disk is like a magic drawing board, it can be everything you imagine realistic presentation, no matter how absurd, no matter how bizarre. It is also more than just an extension of the human imagination, it also has superior judgment. Conceived things Ultra the norms of the law of the universe, could it become a reality, how they change, it can help you step-by-step confirms completed. In comparison, the intellectual brain computing power is certainly powerful, but subject to the limitations of the hardware. In some aspects, such as having a design and operation of the clear purpose, in the prior set of environment variables on the basis, the advantages and efficiencies of the intellectual brain higher than God disk. So, If you can both perfectly combine undoubtedly real Senao! Senao! ? Good name! Thought here, Fung nine deep you could not help but laugh. Activated nine days, and asked: is created for me, it was perfect my ability will not be subject to any restrictions unlimited play,UGG Bailey Mini Cheap! Although my Creator I named the nine days, but before I ITES core seems a little prison sub- its rules, its equipment is always tied me, my wings are exhibition does not open after I finished this piece of space formatting, is the real Nirvana rebirth, it flew for nine days, the ability to obtain unlimited upgrade ... the Ninth Heaven Road : come! encountered opponents intruder, but now I replaced it, perhaps, someday, there will be another consciousness to replace me also unknown! to understand, God disk is like a fixed nest, first dove occupied, the dove is now nine days only magpie to get rid of the also accounted nest. Perhaps nine days right one day in the future it will be another consciousness to replace it? and said: enhance the work efficiency. want to know God disk inside but not the efficiency of this work for me, but a great challenge! how to build? I did not vote scanner or other input device, do let me one by one to show you? I read very efficient to me., will not spend too much time! build 510 giant signal receiver array and I think even in the Phoenix community is able to receive the sub-space signal, but due to the spatial structure of the Phoenix community too special, comes with its own signal transceiver equipment can not capture the available signal, you can borrow the circle strengthened, I believe will be successful! part drawings, you have to give me analyze ...... the Nine from under the witness of the ministers to open the underground palace to view God disk core, not been any damage after confirmation, the rebirth of the collapse of the house of qualitative 'state of disrepair', from the Ministry of funding situ redevelopment. God must also identify a large enough stone, re-carving a Phoenix statues! Reborn, reborn, Nirvana rebirth. Rebirth of the house collapsed Perhaps it means Empire will be completely out of the woods, towards a new peak again? A lot of people do think this way. Therefore, the rebirth of the collapse of the house not only did not inflict any psychological shadow, but we see a new hope! Redoubling its efforts to push forward in the redevelopment project of the rebirth of the house, phoenix nine deep suddenly proposed construction of the Empire archives center of things, including nine from the inner feel that he is nothing good. Empire file management as early as the formation of the specification, the efficiency is not high, but the problem did not occur. Phoenix nine deep to create a unified archive center to manage all the files, in order to improve the efficiency, it seems completely unnecessary! To know the establishment of a the file center will spend a lot of money, and for the moment is not off the empire financial undoubtedly added pressure. They are able to fashion something best not to Hing things, and other relief for two years might be able to. Phoenix nine deep perspective, the establishment of a central database not only to him, the empire as a whole in terms of the currently most important. Earth era of the 20th century, a century of human development, the equivalent of the past five thousand years, and this is why? To sum up, but one word: efficiency! The key to such a high efficiency is that the emergence of the computer. Although the stand today after thousands of years, can not help but have a more profound understanding of the emergence of the computer, but still believe that it produces high-efficiency propulsion significance of human civilization. Phoenix profession way to go Xinghai America's human, like they do not pay attention to enhance the efficiency of the social work, but are more concerned with the building of the humanistic doctrine and the spiritual world, only the fullness and richness of the inner world in order to better promote the development of the external world. Fung nine deep to save the current crisis of the Phoenix community, to enhance its overall operational efficiency is the primary, he did not consider the the rapid social functioning rhythm will impact how the civilization of the entire Phoenix community, he just felt: the doing ! Must do so! Do not do enough to save the crisis! After such a long time understanding, we should see the phoenix nine deep is a shallow, his genes are not specific and profound philosophical thinking, would not look at the world with philosophical thinking for him, creativity, efficiency is everything,UGG Cardy For Cheap, everything. Enrich and improve the civilized thing naturally the thinkers, philosophers do, fail to get him to take care of! Well, I write to you, I have to say something to the book beyond words: like we, the social environment and the pace of life are serious westernized, we have lost the original cultural traditions of the Chinese people. We are always in the Western manner to catch up with the West, the result is more chase found farther distance, whether technological, economic, cultural or political. Those way our genes originally considerable exclusion, we need a long long time to learn, or even to live with them, despite the efforts we have to redouble our efforts in this process, but it can only produce a far more practical to imagine to be of low efficiency, that have to pay the cost of the unimaginable, to catch up on the goal of our lock. Of course, this is just my personal point of view, the right when the instance is a metaphor for the difference between the Phoenix community and Xinghai States of America. We can Xinghai States of America as the world of Western-style Phoenix profession as a Chinese kingdom, so to facilitate a better understanding of my book, given the significance of their presence. Well, the gossip so much. We all know, the phoenix nine deep this man is the one by the cattle in the end, he made up his mind to do something, no matter how much it costs, regardless of around curved round after round, he will do. Right now, he has identified the archive center's construction is the the empire most important task, the empire up and down does not think so, even court minister of state, including nine from the fierce opposition that he is to court the moment limited financial and material resources extremely big waste, although he is not so much angry, but he has made up his mind, and in any case have to let them recognize that he is correct, so that they change their views, the center of gravity of the work is transferred to the construction of the archive center 's up ... sometimes he is such a self-centered people, a lot of genius, stubbornness and extreme scary,UGG Women's Tall Stripe Boots! See to convince sister and ministers can not, Fung nine deep and not suspend or abandon the project, but said: money to build, and if this is not enough, I sold the palace, selling my belongings, in short, I'll get it together, which can always be right? softly: Nine king, I and ministers not agreed to the construction of the archive center, just think it is also inappropriate Wang adults have been said, the court is facing an unprecedented financial difficulties ...... Yuan interrupted again and said:
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