although in the space nest risk

December 03 [Mon], 2012, 11:36
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultQin spines not the knowledge of God into the sea to the sea of winter to know ,because his mind has to understand ,to the life is the sea in winter .
At least face this kind of strange phenomenon ,he is unable to rescue each other life ,because the stems have begun to grow rapidly, and the sea in winter .Squared board and general sea have caused to repair damage ,the damage ,Qin thorn at present there is no ability to repair and prevent .
Conscious exit sea winter to body ,Qin thorns expressionless look to Gu Xiaofei and love two people ,see the couple did not have any abnormal performance ,he was a little relieved .
The sea in winter to late already ,but the two did not attack ,perhaps to save hope .Of course ,the spines are not obligations and responsibilities to save the couple ,but one ,everybody is peer partners ,Qin thorn as one of the members ,also do not want to see are not thoroughly into the trap of empty nest ,has lost the life thing companion .
Secondly ,he also would like to know ,this black mans is how one thing .How it is done in the host to aware of the situation North Face Mens Parka Sale,all of a sudden attack of . Qin childe ,hydrographic friends after all how ? Chu Zheng et al have been intense gaze Qin stimulating action ,see Qin sting turned around, you do not speak with asked by .
save . Qin thorn subtle shook his head . Ah ?Really haven been saved? Chu syndrome are unwilling to give up, after all this winter to sea he invited, although in the space nest risk ,your life is normal ,but if there really is a life ,he turned to aftercare ,is a very troublesome thing .
I have no way of Chu ,or take you try? Qin thorn light saying .Chu Zheng was a white ,depressed and said: even the Qin son you have no way ,where I can have what way .But ...
... How so ?Friends have also been well before the Seaway ,and how suddenly happened ,he now looks like mad ,in general ,but have not lost their lives ,do not know can not make it temporarily maintained in this state ,a good time to try to rescue .
The winter to look had not lost his life ,but his roar already more and more weak ,the eyes of madness also gradually bleak ,obviously not far behind .Often encounter this kind of situation ,can use the all state temporarily sealed practice ,let it keep state now, in order to achieve the delay time, find another rescue method aim .
But Qin thorn know ,this is impossible ,to the branches of the performance UGG Mandah,any sealing method are of no effect .Perhaps in its absence seizures before, also can use similar methods ,but once the attack ,until now this situation ,has full use .
It seems to me that any means not used, because it is the source of the black mountain ,after the exploration ,I basically have to be sure ,the black mans is wrapping the demon seed .
And now ,the seed has been in Hydrographic friends know sea sprout, to his house for nutrient is rapidly Qin stab plate light saying . Ah ?It is the black mount ? Hearing this ,all the people is a variable .
This among them UGGs Noella Shoes, drawing love and Gu Xiaofei face the most ugly ,the panic . No wonder the wrapping demon seed is so fragile ,so ,its seedling growth modes ,and other plants are completely different ,it must be in the know ,rooted in the sea ,can break ground emergence ,this .
.. ... It is really hard for people to imagine . Red lady amazed gaze of a probe ,a piece of the wrapping demon flower area ,added: the wire wrapping demon flowers so much ,also do not know how many of them ,are borrowed from the friars squared board successful seedling growth .
Other people suddenly have at the film wrapping demon flower trees ,feel cold .Splash !Splash !Two ring .Everyone looked ,it was Gu Xiaofei and figure love two people, one after the other flat on the ground .
Map of love suddenly shouted : master, I don ,you save me, save my disciple, I really don want to die like this . Gu Xiaofei responded, and hurried away in the turtle Tiancheng sos .
Turtle Tiancheng is heartache is anger ,pointing to two scolds: you this two good-for-nothing apprentice ,I come before it with you repeatedly stressed ,must be careful .The results you go, began poisoning was cut his finger ,and now with the wrapping demon flower road, you don ,I don ability to save you ,you wait for death .
Said the tortoise Tiancheng unfeeling ,turned back ,without looking at the two disciples .Others see this scene ,not on the turtle heart of stone some am ,but think carefully ,also realized the turtle Tiancheng .
Indeed, in the face of such a phenomenon ,even if want to save ,who can save you . Qin ... ... Qin prince . Map of love suddenly looked to Qin thorns, like catch at a straw. Yes, swooped past ,hugged Qin spiny legs : Qin prince, you help me ,I really don ,as long as you can save me ,I am willing to do anything ,I can you wait sleep every day ,but I can make you satisfied .
Seeing this picture love more unbearable, Qin thorn frowned : ,you stand up to me UGG Kenly,I have a look . Map love skid is to climb from the ground up .Qin thorn said: now want to probe into knowledge into your knowledge sea ,you control ,do not produce too big a repulsive force ,otherwise, if you know the hurt ,don .
At this time of love where can also got too many scruples ,he nodded: Qin prince, you may come, as long as the undead ,even without knowledge of the so-called . Qin stabbed by secretly shook his head ,like the turtle Tiancheng vision was a point of difference ,apprentice is some what .
But he did not delay time ,and the knowledge of God into to the love in vivo ,but the knowledge map in love sea ,let Qin needling eye .After the sea in winter to investigation ,he has certainly ,black mans channeling into a body, is a direct access to the sea in general ,palace after potential .
I don what it means to deceive the host ,the host ,let know .But Qin thorns feel ,there should be some visions appear .But ,in the knowledge sea of love ,he did not see any unusual phenomena ,whether it is knowledge or knowledge of the sea the sea itself ,the palace of the disc ,appear to be normal .
This is some fantastic .Qin thorn subconscious will knowledge of God close diagram Effem squared board ,but nine disc repulsion force is too big ,his knowledge of God was immediately pushed far ,but also by the yuan forces counterattack .
Fortunately, Qin thorn knowledge of God as six yuan friars cheap uggs,and figure Effem again extremely weak practice ,so he stepped in the knowledge of God of strength ,or smooth break each other ninth disk block ,into which .
On the other side of opened and unopened squares ,a grid search ,results ,Qin thorns or have gained nothing ,no black mans shadow did not see .But in the Qin thorn doubts will of God General spare figure Effem squared board ,all of a sudden ,inexplicable Jiugong disc flashing, then, it seemed as if there was an energy come unexpectedly ,from nine wheel central to break out as a large ,arched .
Not good ! Qin thorn reacted quickly ,immediately know ,must be of love in black mans finally began to attack .Squared board central arch ,probably is wrapping demon flower seedlings ,is about to break through .
And this kind of change quickly ,also affected Tu Aifen itself ,I saw her face suddenly changed, and a dazed binocular luster ,as a clear sign of sanity .At this time, Qin thorn has rapidly will take knowledge of God ,because he understands ,cannot let this wrapping demon flower seedlings thoroughly broken dish out ,otherwise ,a time can not curb its growth ,only to wait for death of love .
So ,must be in the seedling is not completely broken and set out ,think of ways to frozen Effem squared board ,in order to stop the seedling of further action .Pa !Qin thorn immediately single palm pats ,cover in figure Effem head Baihui ,Yijin bite element by lock plate technique ,cast out immediately .
This diagram Effem squared board have lost resistance ,simply do not out of any reaction ,was Qin thorn gimmick, dead lock .Indeed ,nine disk is locked ,the seedling breakout action ,rapidly growing ,house of the central disk protrusion of love also calm down .
Okay ,this move was still of some use . Qin thorn dark breathed a sigh of relief .When he recovered the palm of the time ,but hear Qin thorn soon return, but see the Chu syndrome does not know when it will be knowledge of God into to the sea in winter to in vivo ,learn Qin thorn before the practice exploration of sea to sea in winter .
But he also met and Qin thorn as like as two peas situation ,those who diffuse in the knowledge sea of dark spots ,along the Chu syndrome attachment up knowledge of god .Chu syndrome knowledge of God not as powerful Qin thorn ,reaction speed slow one pace ,so when he recovered consciousness of time ,has been a part of black attachment to his knowledge of God .
Just this once, he immediately generated a sense of vertigo ,like those dark spots through the knowledge of God give him what the command general paralysis .So he confused panic ,while shouting ,while unconscious fast recover consciousness .
God knows this is invisible ,but black attachment ,becomes visible .Chu Zheng panic ,don think too much ,just instinct to recover consciousness ,but even with those dark spots are out .
Dark spots along the Chu syndrome in the knowledge of God ,a way out of the sea in winter to body ,was headed for Chu syndrome body away .Qin barbed head moment ,just to see this scene ,he made a face, without demur ,headed a distance up the past .
! Palmar force students to knowledge of God left off .Chu syndrome body suddenly slipped ,fell to the ground ,and those dark spots ,in lost track of the source ,and from the sea in winter to the body, even in the air into a plume of black smoke .
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