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December 12 [Wed], 2012, 18:03
Zheng Chenggong led the troops leave, into and Li Dingguo immediately ordered the army ,separately from the town and Chenliu county sets out, to march on Kaifeng .From the direction of the town the spearhead of the eleventh army ,division commander named Wang Haishan ,he in the army experience is not deep in the Qing Dynasty ,is the first South ,before joining the army ,but the army has always have good performance ,Li repeated military exploits ,therefore it has been promoted to commander the .
This is also indicated in the army does not speak be promoted according to status ,ability will be head .Zhuxian Town left the letter only more than 40 miles ,if it is normal speeds ,with only half a day is enough .
Seventh divisions of troops left the town ,along the way to the Kaifeng direction ,but the army has also met at any time and the battle preparation .Because the Chinese army in the town and county of Qing Chen met with stubborn resistance ,and the town and county of Kaifeng ,is just the outer defense line ,therefore the Qing and must be in the Kaifeng area to make all the preparations for the offensive against army ,Women's Canada Goose Chilliwack Cheap,perhaps out of Zhu Xian town ,to chase a village to chase a village contention, to get to Kaifeng .
But the seventh division soldiers out of town ,he walked ten miles ,across three or four villages ,even a samurai have not found .The whole army was odd ,sir Wang Haishan is also not the effect ,perhaps this is a Qing used to plan, intentionally together without stop ,put the army drove straight ,their moving in after the army ,in a truncated posterior ,surround and annihilate them .
In the former battle, but the army used the tactics .Therefore Wang Haishan also ordered the army to bring to a halt ,look into this neighborhood contexts .But in the seventh division to enter the time, Wang Haishan sent a large number of scouts ,the army march road front and sides to prevent the reconnaissance ,laid an ambush .
But according to the scout report made in the seventh division ,front ,left ,right of at least five or six miles place ,did not find a Qing located under the ambush ,but the tracks to be found some ,but at least in the two or three days before leaving ,and from here traces ,should only from in this way ,but does not stay .
Two or three days ago ,is the Chinese Army breached the town time ,then these traces is likely from town fled to Kaifeng army left, and not the blockade or ambush force .And from along the people there about ,also be confirmed ,two or three days ago ,do have a lot of Qing Dynasty from here after ,on more than one batch ,there are in groups of three and four ,there are tens of millions of people in a group ,of course ,is a helmet askew oblique ,stop clamoring appearance, these characteristics do and soldiers like single match .
Investigation for a long time, also did not investigate a clear hall ,Wang Haishan had ordered the group to continue ,at the same time ,the army also requires vigilance ,because here, may at any time to meet the Qing .
But the army again walked ten miles ,or a little activity is done not have ,the scouts have not found any valuable clues ,Wang Haishan can be a little be all at sea feel at a loss ,from the town to Kaifeng journey has left more than half ,how not to have met the Qing Nick ?Although now the group leave letter and a dozen miles ,but the Scout must has been entered into Kaifeng in ten within the distance ,if the Qing to fortified it, should also be almost anywhere .
But Wang Haishan soon figured out ,it seems that this time the Qing is not intended to be set boundaries ,layer upon layer resistance ,possibly intended to retreat to Kaifeng City ,according to city in defense ,if the army breached the walls of the city ,then in the city of Kaifeng and the Chinese army combat ,as the army was stationed in Nanjing, is the in the city of Nanjing army layers of fortification ,blocking the up to ten days .
From the current situation ,this is the only explanation plausible .Wang Haishan then ordered the troops to move on ,,and went about seven or eight miles ,then leave a city has less than ten ,and you can see the faint Kaifeng tower .
At this moment ,suddenly two scouts report back, said to be in front of two much place ,on the left side of a village, found the qing .Wang Haishan listened to immediately ,spirits ,and here in the Qing ,immediately asked : the Qing in the village outside how deployment ? The Scout hesitated ,and said: teacher ,they had no outside the village layout defensive position .
Wang Haishan winced, said: not in the village outside the arrangement position ,that is to say the preparation in the village defense . The scout and shook his head ,said: teachers, they are not in the village alone there ready to defend it ,just like anywhere in the village .
Wang Haishan heard the more puzzled : live in the village? What is all this? The Scout said: Sir ,I do not know ,anyway, is in the village of Qing Dynasty was not at all here is to block our way ,like a temporary pass by here ,living in the village alone ,UGG Ultra Short Discount.
Wang Haishan blinked ,that some may have been intended to ,but the Qing Dynasty from a pass by here ,this is what to do ,but he also not care so much ,immediately sent a battalion ,along with the village scouts went to have a look ,what the hell is going on .
Best can catch one or two live back ,good ask Kaifeng City exactly what happened .Team after departure ,only half an hour ,and a Chinese Army soldiers hurried back ,saw Wang Haishan ,ran while shouting : teacher ,teacher ,capture ,a village creeps all caught ,six hundred or seven hundred people .
Wang Haishan was also not rejoicing ,and the soldier ran forward, tapped him on the shoulder ,saying: kid ,to long ability, work really is smooth and clean ,even the gun did not hear a sound ,the Qing were caught ,how to do .
The soldier gasped ,said: nothing really difficult ,we arrived at the village alone mouth look, it was a village of samurai ,no defensive position ,no one standing guard ,so we just sneaking into the village leads to ,we just rushed in ,the boys they saw ,put the weapon away, shouting to surrender, the results of a village of the samurai ,seven hundred or eight hundred people, who have no resistance, all surrendered ,so even a gun off .
Wang Haishan heard nodded ,immediately ordered : go ,we go over there and have a look ,look for leading out to ask, now the city of Kaifeng the what ? Wang Haishan led troops into the village alone ,to find the two leading Qing generals ask ,that Kaifeng city was in turmoil,UGG Suburb Crochet Boots, duo Ergun ,economic Erhalang ,Hong Chengchou and others have been missing for several days, now no leader in ,into beasts .
In October 22nd, the Chinese army was attacked the town and the town of north towards the battlefield ,Qing said the coalition defeated the news ,finally reached Kaifeng City duo Ergun hand .
Although it has been well prepared for it ,but after reading the report of that a moment ,my heart still does not conceal duo Ergun deep disappointment ,because it can determine the said ,the Central Plains war finally came to an end with the complete .
And it also means the last hope ,so shattered .Think of here ,how you place a weak smile ,and her mouth and continuous cough La several voice, slightly stable a mood ,it is ordered, get economic Erhalang ,Shuo plug ,Hong Chengchou and others ,to their own economic council .
In fact, the situation at this stage ,there is nothing to discuss ,because the outcome has been placed in the front ,to deal with a variety of programs also have been well, do now, just in advance in accordance with the formulation of plans on the line .
So people know that in battle and defeated the news, do not have too much entangled, have decided ,do not hesitate ,this evening immediately, to escape the letter office .While North of battlefield defeat message ,hide .
While the escape route would have been developed ,after leaving Kaifeng ,first to the west to walk ,arrived in Zhengzhou region through the Yellow River ,into the Huaiqing house property ,then from Huaiqing house go down a road ,in Shanxi Province, a road north, after Zhou ,urinary ,Liao states such as arrival Taiyuan house ,and then turning east ,into the Hebei government is really determined boundary ,so it can be returned to Beijing .
The whole journey is about one thousand seven hundred or eight hundred miles ,but the Shanxi insurgency now also has calmed down ,for the present, these places belong to the Qing ,a road is still relatively safe ,so they decided ,Qingqi Jane line ,as little as possible with troops ,with only three thousand horsemen and twenty days of food March ,as well as some essential goods ,all other bulky heavy baggage give it all, but to prepare seven thousand horses, surplus pack horses simple military items ,as well as the rotation along the way ,that counted down ,about ten to about fifteen days ,then return to Beijing .
Food ,horses ,army article had already prepared ,even accompanying three thousand full eight elite soldiers have been singled out ,just make the decision later, at any time can be set out ,is of course ready to support the other to the name on the ready ,and therefore did not cause any doubts about the .
Dorgon then immediately ordered ,on the same evening about two more ,and led the three thousand soldiers ,quietly from the city of Kaifeng Simon went out of the city ,the defenders of course we don but see is Dorgon heads a group personally, who dare to stop ,so immediately opened its gates to release ,Dorgon and his team out of the town later, immediately hit the horse on, .
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