the Cave of the huge space has suddenly shut down

December 03 [Mon], 2012, 12:45

Tomb of God 2 chapters of the article, if you like the tomb of God 2 chapters favorite tomb of God 2 chapters! Shield! a shield that can not be crushed, should this debris. Chen Nan did not ignore it, he began frantically running Xuangong, his body surging out the endless magic in the air, a shadow behind him slowly shaped condensate from the shadows right hand is the substance of the death Modao, In addition, around his up and down the ups and downs of black seventy-eight weapons, except for a shield outside, the rest are vague, not clear. Chen Nan lift his left arm, and that side near the substance of the shield flew his front, above the black shield engraved with ancient patterns UGGs Shoes Noella. not the same color, this very same corner of the sheet and face black shield ah! Kwan Tak that the mysterious ancient shield? known as the Lord God, that can not be crushed God, incredible! Broken fragments of ancient shield ...... this world even really have side shield and his black magic shield, he has a strong sense of dark blue broken ancient shield fragments restore his face black magic shield in the prototype of the real world! At the moment, Chen Nan hearts filled with monstrous wild waves, a magic shield even find a counterpart in the real world! Could it be that the magic around him up and down the ups and downs and a few soldiers, the prototype in the real world? side reading. Black figure with a few ups and downs of magic soldiers have disappeared. The color of his face solemn, looked full of cracks in the ancient shield fragments, the main God are unable to Jihuai the fragments, covered with cracks, and in the end, who left it? Had that intact ancient shield, how broken ground. That in the end how supernatural power to be able to be crushed ah! God is not the world's most powerful exist? Is there far beyond the existence of God? The mysterious ancient shield to Chen Nan shows a difficult to look up the field, and his myriad of thoughts, think of a lot of. Finally, a few pieces of magic soldiers, he think Xuangong operation there in the shadows behind him UGG Women's Bailey Button Boots, we say in the real world, there really such a person? Is this person as mysterious ancient shield. Leaving a residual pieces of body parts in the world? He can be of magic soldiers as well as shadows gathered around the true meaning of what? Fans, all fans! From him since the resurrection of the ancient tomb of God, experienced everything, dense fog, somewhere seems to have a pair of invisible hands, pulling him. Toward a given direction. He does not know to the last show to the front, what is the one field, do not know the truth is the day he can not stand up. North to the ancient and modern, the east-side, on Zadaxin the spirit world, down to the nether Hell, everything ... and he entangled around the stack! He was extremely angry, he had a feeling it was in control of everything, he lived in the others to set good Bureau ... the only thing he can do is to strong. Becomes strong. Again become strong! One day to force a breakthrough this disc Bureau. ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ Nalan Joshui very like this Purple Dragon Ryukoku. Chen South and ruffian dragon help, and soon moved to the residence where this small world for her is really a pure land, is a hidden endless treasure of the Holy Land. Mysterious ancient shield fragments greatly stimulated Chen Nan, he began to vigorously explore the inner world, hope to recover completely, he now needs a powerful force to slowly change, and change their life trajectory of the other book club is see: big sword master TXT download here is an excellent practice spaces, a psychedelic lightning large array rid Xianqi dense, Lingcao Xianzhi behind to Reiki, pervades the whole Ryukoku, living in this piece of pure land, even if no repair will be refreshed, Choutet quintana, not to mention people like Chen Nan Xiuwu. Chen Nan, sitting cross-legged on the floor around him is a dragon grass emit bursts of aura into his body through his skin, but this is not his active absorption, but his inner world in operation, in attracting outside Reiki. Chen Nan, soul sinks into that little world, searching for the inner and outer circles exchange forces channel mouth like a spectator. This is an extremely tedious process outside of one minute in the the party small world, so long as if one day, Chen Nan felt in this small world, almost can not move becomes a fossil. So the time slowly goes by, Chen Nan has at Ryukoku the heart three days of sit cross-legged, motionless. A sunny morning, the Ryukoku within Reiki flow, the singing of birds, the school of harmony, a charming scene. Nalan Flow pushed open the door of the bamboo homes, found that the Chen Nan same position, still sitting there, she was a bit worried, but she is also a practitioners million can not know in this case forward to disturb, only static the static wait Participation repair themselves received power. Black and White Dragon drunken flying back, see Chen Nan awoke sleep went headlong into the treasure cave, do not remember this guy, looted outside several restaurants in the past few days the evening in the end. The sun gradually risen, Nalan Flow quietly sitting in a wicker chair on the front of the bamboo homes, watching Chen Nan. Meet again, a year has passed, he looked, but there are some changes in the temperament, have become more fierce murderous points less pure. Nalan Flow think of a thing of the past, she burst absence, expect Chen Nan, knife in hand, the blades against the Chu Wong rescued her wedding like her feel the heartbeat burst of acceleration, the other book club watching: love in the latest chapter of the king just a year's time, there were too many things, her mind occasionally throbbing, but more time in quiet study pharmacological she think I shall such a person to spend can be considered a blessing. However, she did not think, turned and met again and Chen Nan, she was in front of Chen Nan was very calm, but his heart he was some confusion, some hesitation, because she knew Chen Nan is bound to leave shortly after, he has too many things to do, they seem to belong to the people of the two worlds. noon, the Ryukoku rich Reiki, suddenly crazy surging up, Chen Nan at bringing together away from all sides. Dense Reiki, formed a small whirlwind around constantly rotating, Chen Nan poured into his body through his skin, rapid. Nalan Flow some scared, but she did not exclaim, she believed that Chen Nan will safe, do not know since when UGG Short Sparkles For Cheap, she began to believe, Chen Nan, what should be successful. Moment Chen Nan, the soul remains immersed them in their own little world, but now this piece within the world of amazing changes, endless Reiki continue to rush to make this space chaotic zone continuously broken UGGs Wedding Collection Cheap, the whole space in slowly extended enlarge. Long yellow sand even been turned into the soil, although still chaotic when empty, there is no blue sky, but a small world Finally, the size of the space of a radius of feet slowly stabilize down, A practice within the world of the people, significant incomparable, Chen Nan soul turned into a figure, repair the conduct in this world of his very excited, looking in the growth of this small world, like to watch their children grow up gradually, the kind of the joy unspeakable table. He finally found a channel of heaven and earth and the outside world in this connection, original Chaos cracks, now have been shocked into an outlet. Chen Nan tried to touch the soul to the mouth of the channel, His heart was surprised, tried to dredge, strenuous great effort, and only gradually closed outlet port. This export, Chen Nan saw the scene outside, he saw Ryukoku plants and flowers. Distant, Nalan Flow alarmed, she saw that since Chen Nan middle finger at space slowly crushing a space Zhidong Chen Nan side, the hole slowly larger, eventually even Chen Nan body wraps inside. Sleeping in ancient cave riffraff dragon is awakened, fast Chong Teng out. When one person, a dragon rushed spatial hole near the Cave of the huge space has suddenly shut down Jimmy Choo Mandah Cheap, Chen Nan followed suddenly disappear, and also did not leave anything in place. Nalan Flow almost fainted, Purple Dragon flying around this space constantly, comfort, said: heaven and earth, and after a while will break open the door of the space, will be out. open arms, directed at the top of the head above the endless chaos and shouted: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ September, if one day the brothers to see updated two chapters, do not be surprised, ah, replacement. Of course, a leap, not daily as continuity. Recently, or to maintain the status quo, what month day appear to be determined. 0:00 Sunday delivery of the essence, then online friends, if you want to lead. [... Part II Chapter 74 broken chaotic, open heaven and earth ---- Network text updates fastest ......] @ speeding tomb of God 2 chapters full text read, if you like the tomb of God 2 chapters please bookmark the tomb of God 2 chapters!

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