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November 16 [Fri], 2012, 16:30
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultBind wind spirit has reached moderate emperor .
Chu Mu led by 200H ú n mainLegion also has many h ú ntemple member rides element h ú npet is tied wind wind ,all elements of the furthest distance of a series of attacks in melee ,the Legion before the collision ,the wind system h ú npet will give the enemy a first B ō angerswept handsome ,then wait a while old division station in Chu Mu side ,growing grey ,a pair of small eyes ,Zhishizhizhong staring into the melee army attack melee army by beast ,insect fauna, H ú nh ú nLegion battle Master legion ,almost war outbreak of the same time ,melee army was saved, in which white s è flatsnow land formed on two corresponding tide Yi ,is rapidly approaching the parties are clear ,melee of Legionella in according to the battlefield before, will suffer to the remote wind element destruction which is difficult to avoid ,a very important, if it hurts ,the two party will not make any melee army retreat .
The old division eyes are staring at each other melee legion of tidal line ,once they enter the wind system h ú npet to attack range ,he wind system remote army unleashed Chu mu the black s èeyesalso staring at the impending hundreds of rough beast ,suddenly ,Chu mu of Qin ordered the attack handsome ,too far away Tang army see Chu Mu binding wind spirit launching skills ,immediately said .
Almost the voice just fell ,distances of several kilometers melee Legion Black s ètideline suddenly appeared a turbidity currents ,which flow to a wind dragon ,let this long tidal line moment missing a big ,I do not know how much the only thrown into the air ,some even in midair is torn so badly mutilated ,blood on the snow appears marked all the more the ultra long range attack ,let Chu Mu around several military and intelligence are shocked ,it was discovered that Chu Mu has called this bound was achieved moderate wind spirit level medium the emperor emperor average strength in the high peak ,in the army of the king ,secondary imperial attack immediately so that they were shocked that is nearly five km distance ah ,if their wind system h ú npet can have this distance to attack, and that a terrorist group s ability ,enemy melee Legion is not near a km was completely wiped out several military strategist ,and all h ú n mainLegion members initially thought the general who was just an ordinary h ú nemperor ,emperor has low level H ú npet should be very good ,but he did not think of a hand is medium the emperor ,this makes two hundred h ú n masterThe young always handsome strong unimaginable shock ,is more ecstasy .
There is such a strong company, the advantage of them, how to lose ,must gain a complete victory Chu Mu this blow ,in order to increase morale continue to attack the Chu Mu continued orders were issued this paragraph of distance ,absolute can eliminate many Qin enemy h ú nh ú nLeague main army general .
It is the original people Xing Shen Jia river .The battle of specialized slaughter weak enemy at station in all h ú npet division eventually now ,Xing Shen face s èabnormallivid ,he apparently did not wind system h ú npet ,this distance ,making his melee army losses are extremely large ,medium the emperor after all any skills can be a seckill let you satisfied ,I per pupil magic Panther enters your melee legion ,you will die .
Xing Shen pressing anger ,said coldly .He slowly raised his hand ,gaze at each other melee Legion tidal line .However ,H ú nhouse because they have tied wind spirit team exists, distance from the attacks on occupied many cheap ,before Xing Shen make elements Legion to attack, the other team tied wind spirit has been crazy attack with Qin strong wind the most brutal ,then other tied wind wind of baptism let the enemy hundreds of evil by B ōandturbid wind Ling dance ,mingled with snow and blood in the vast expanse of snow ,with s èworld,this moment ,the growl suddenly become more noisy y ù deaf,momentum, both sides does not have any weakness bang bang near warfare corps the point of collision ,snow breaking a piece ,the directly into the pure melee weapon ,allowing elements Legion skills bombardment ,the pupil of the eye of these rough beast only are fighting with their blood enemy ho ho ho dark fur ,feeling is dotted with numerous pairs of people shiver all over though not cold pupil magic leopard sent shock the audience roar ,the cruel tore the anterior dozen monarch ,tusk hung visceral ,even the thickest armor defense insect Department monarch ,are unable to resist the attack ,even if it is the most common one Skill saw their 100 Hitomi magic leopard battle moment occupy advantage ,H ú nh ú nLeague main Legion total handsome - Xing Shen face hangs a cruel smile ,this is a secondary emperor ,standing in the H ú n mainforce ,such as a blade in a group of five or six adult children .
Killing handsome adult Zhuo Wan frowned ,beautiful face shows a fraction of fortitude and bear .She led the Department of wood ,water ,flowers ,grass and other auxiliary troops ,but not even therapeutic skills are not released, the team was killed ,the disparity between the strength make them these auxiliary h ú npet who simply do .
Qin ,devoured it Chu Mu directly to bind wind spirit orders .Ride the wind .Wind spirit ,body light up ,actually flew directly into the melee Chu Mu Qin air control capabilities have confidence ,even chaos UGG Dakota Shoes,it can be the only 100 Hitomi magic leopard from out to kill roll it up Chu mu ordered .
Qin half suspended ,almost do not need to sing the spell ,fingers gently a bit ,the 100 Hitomi magic leopard at the foot of the emergence of a rotary airflow ,before this hundred Hitomi magic leopard react, airflow fierce rise ,the pupil magic leopard direct volume into the air .
Let a tied wind spirit to deal with my 100 Hitomi magic leopard ,this is not the death ? Xing Shen h ú N wasquickly identified the Chu Mu binding wind spirit .He raised his hand ,for behind the element Legion sent ordered his men to place ,was only 100 elements simultaneously locking the Qin king ,flame ,meteorite rock ,ice arrow ,storm ,lightning ,five .
S è elemental forcesupon, toward the bound wind spirit location covered and the monarch once condensed together with the release skills ,can cause great harm to the emperor .Qin down the wind flow ,started back out, at the same time raised a great wind field ,will be intensive incomparable skill all blocked in the wind out of bounds .
Hundreds of skills with Xing Shen moderate emperor hail roar ,Qin wind field to be broken apart ,immediately suffered a B ō icespells attack and when the resist each other elements when the Legion ,Xing Shen and the first time to let a hundred Hitomi magic leopard Ta Kong closer to the wind spirit ,want .
The direct killing of defense underground qin . Handsome ,you are so far-fetched Tang army on Chu Mu such remote attack tied Wind Spirit sent into battle in the act is not so satisfactory, tied wind spirit should be standing in the distance combat .
Anyway ,let our element Legion still they B ō skills Chu Mu didn ,opening on the LED element Legion military said .He had baptized a B ō skills,this time is certainly the best timing attacks ,so without any hesitation ,the raise ,suddenly one s ècolorlight blooming ,more momentum rainbow Elemental Skills in the air across the beautiful curve ,full of a ruined breath UGG Women's Over Knee Twisted,toward the enemy melee monster detonation .
This bombardment may also hurt their own members ,H ú nprimary elements bounded h ú npet can not some mechanical crossbows ,they can do besides kilometre accurately strike ,coupled with the military ordered the release of the local skill attacks ,fire situation can be neglected .
Handsome ,you tied wind spirit ,J. w. w. ... You look down for half the air battle ,not only has pinched perspiration .The middle level tied wind spirit but the emperor was another general Shuai Xing Shen moderate emperor class - 100 Hitomi magic leopard and middle level demon king and Emperor Chi Xue watched ,and daring to cross the enemy attack range of elements ,will accidentally killed.
Command of your fight to the . Chu Mu light saying .Chu Mu this total are fighting ,its task is in the H ún mainarmy kills the emperor level strong, Chu Mu to bind the wind spirit have absolute confidence ,let alone two medium imperial siege ,three moderate emperor appears Chu Mu never worry about call her blood s the wind filled in sickle è,Ta Kong per pupil magic leopard skin ripped apart ,to avoid the edge returned to the ground ,allowing Chi Xue to resist the demon king .
Look at hundred Hitomi magic leopard was forced back, Xing Shen frown .Similarly ,other secondary emperor tied wind spirit seems to have no special skill ,but I don it hundreds of Hitomi magic leopard melee all losses, were students of beat back .
Xing Shen adults ,that bind wind spirit is not the higher the emperor ,why skills so tough ? You asked, aghast . ,that is a secondary emperor . Xing Shen very sure said .But the wind out of the ordinary bound tough reflected after all where ,he also can .
Xing Sir, your ,,,,,,your Chi Xue demon king was also forced back Consigliere stared, some believe that looked at the little tough tied wind spirit .Xing Shen forehead was a skeleton ,a cold glance you .
Can you say Coach Luggage Handbags Outlet,don is the same element h ú npet ,is also a medium emperor ,other elements of power crystal no strong to go, but why only a few rounds were forced back, seems completely is not a grade .
The wind ,wind attack x ì ngthan ordinary .The Emperor has nearly doubled ,spell read fast, but any skill can break the spell finally ,Xing Shen see the problem that is not an ordinary tied wind spirit ,which tied wind spirit took control of so many elements of H ú npet expect special racial skill ancient the wind will be grace inheritance of Qin, has already been far from ordinary tied wind spirit so simple ,its far antiquity will, let it at the same level within the few rivals in addition ,up to now ,Chu Mu Qin Ice Palace still do not know what strength in succession ,it may lurk ,may influence character by environment in changing .
The wind spirit ,no matter what it is ,today ,Qin will let h ú n Authese people know the true wind fury forwards Chu mu on several military orders melee Legion has erupted, elements for rush, the fort will directional pressure I don go ,forwards ,is pressed into enemy direction before the wind spirit place two medium bound back toward the emperor ,it is morale when, Chu Mu order ,H ú n mainLegion fortress begins to move forward ,rattan ,rocks ,wood line toward the forward defence line spreading pressure very important ,at any time for melee Legion and combat support and auxiliary legion UGG Women's Tall Sunburst Boots,give the enemy a tremendous pressure ,because it means that the element remote Legion in approximation of course ,before the pressure must be their own advantage ,or melee Army Air Corps assault ,elements break ,bombing ,will fall army fortifications .
Line pressure ,their first time start facilities auxiliary treatment technique, support large melee melee legion .However ,Chu Mu and not too J ī ,ask next to several military ,temporarily let line fixed .
Handsome Lo Pro Denim UGGs,with a wing of the emperor flew fast , Chu Mu lift head, immediately saw each other always handsome wing of the emperor is a moderate emperor ,opposite an H ú nimperial strength is not weak .
Chu Mu gently frowned ,glanced at being with two medium emperor battle tied wind spirit . Wing ,air combat regiment mobilized ,pinned to it, do not need to attack . Chu Mu natural flawless to take care of the wing is medium the emperor ,let the wing of army to contain .
The wing of the Legion is h ú npet palace elite ,was the team makes the H ún mainLegion is greater than the advantages of each other, which contain the wing of the emperor should not be a problem .
Of course ,this does not go on for long ,Chu mu can ,must make up the wind spirit out each other as soon as possible in a medium the Emperor Qin and Chu mu heart, does not need the Chu Mu say ,it became clear Chu mu .
Qin Shi started the air rail skills ,directly through the numerous element skills with battlefield ,appeared in the injured 100 Hitomi magic leopard near spell done quickly ,like satin general wind silk appeared in hundreds of Hitomi magic leopard near ,per pupil magic Panther growls, want to use seismic chaos roar Qin the spell ,but did not play any role .
Gentle wind silk weaving ,do not feel any danger x ì ng,however hundred Hitomi magic leopard is begins to move in the opposite direction to escape the battlefield ,dare not be the wind up just ,tied wind speed than it fast .
Bind wind directly ignore Chi Xue demon king ,continue to sing the spell ,section of the wind all around 100 Hitomi magic leopard kill upper wind suddenly ,Qin sent a high-pitched singing ,all gentle wind silk into a terrible weapon ,in the hundred Hitomi magic leopards cut off a piece of shocking flesh .
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