am afraid we must collapsibility

January 18 [Fri], 2013, 12:55
Not loud, but filled with an awesome, was not much, but it makes the people around have to stop, Qin Yufei also turned his head, staring at the step-by-step came faint smile Wang Mingjie, for this thunderous Marshal number one warrior, Shoudexia Qin Yufei first understanding, smiled, and said: "You are the thunder the hands of one of the four major war will Wang Mingjie Wang Mingjie nodded opening touch, said:" liberalization him, wait a minute I can leave you a whole corpse. "" Oh? "Qin Yufei smiled, a bit of a hard hand, you hear the clicking sound, saw the youngest convulsions no longer move. Dead now, you want to cut to pieces? "" Death, "Wang Mingjie also be regarded as a character in Shanghai over how much part of everyday characters, which one does not respect him a bit, never dare to dial his face, Qin Yufei first waved his hand, to see the numerous members of the hormone to help, have rushed to Qin Yufei sank his face, the same wave of a hand, to see the dragon to help the members, and also a a desperate rush to go, Tiger, Wu Qiong month two directly on Wang Mingjie men in the 3rd warrior boss. "I want to live to hack the two of you and pay homage to the second and third child." "As long as you have that ability." Prime help worthy veteran gang throughout the South are one of the best strength is simply not a dragon to help able to match, before a moment see prime to help the people overwhelmingly be imputed to the dragon to help the entire battlefield, only Qin Yufei Wang Mingjie and behind him that refined male no hands, Wang Mingjie looking one around, touch laughing, said: "Today, I will let your dragon to help annihilated." Qin Yufei is also underestimated the overall combat effectiveness of these hormone to help look gloomy. "Well, you want to destroy a dragon to help get to see you not have that strength, Qin Yufei toes" Then you see that the whole person directly rushed Wang Mingjie, Qin Yufei, Wang Mingjie really on eyes, Lengheng heard the same rush to go Unfortunately, the gap between the two is too great, Ming-Jie Wang shook his head laughing, said: "give you a few years time, you really might kill me, but today, you also do not have that strength. "They played inextricably linked. Unfortunately, Qin Yufei strength or weak point, Wang Mingjie worthy of thunderous men four warrior, combat experience and strength, higher than the Qin Yufei many, seeing Qin Yufei has become precarious, it see Qin Yufei hands of a glaucoma flashed down Wang Mingjie wrists crossed out, Wang Mingjie face suddenly changed, the the rapid whole person two steps back, still feeling a sore wrist, bow only to find his wrist has been living cut off. Qin Yufei also shook his head burst pity, unfortunately, this sword is not able to Wang Mingjie chopped kill. Reincarnation. Fast as lightning. Own strength that shot is not hell, but in heaven today, chopped out of heaven, I'm afraid Ming-Jie Wang has become a body, and not just been a wrist injury, but also can be no left hand, although the wrist was cut off, Wang Mingjie still silent, just quietly looking at the Qin Yufei hand inside the reincarnation, squint, sneer, said: "The original hand there is also such a baby, wonder so arrogant. "do not kill you, really a pity," Qin Yufei laughed shaking his head. "It is indeed a pity,Air Max Skyline Sale, but unfortunately not a move to kill me now leave you baby, go to hell!" Reincarnation hurt Wang Mingjie, naturally be able to feel the front of this the reincarnation absolutely a magic silent Qin Yufei strength so low can hurt him, his hand inside, I'm afraid the strength is stronger than he is a lot of people, he has a grasp chop that person killed. Reincarnation is a well-deserved one of the top ten magic. Metamorphosis-like pattern that is simply not the ordinary people capable of carving out a stroke must be exactly the same, even the modern machines are not completely restraint, only Qin Yufei this metamorphosis outrageous, to be able to by virtue with mind inside the memory of those incredibly complex patterns, completely carved out, but even so, also failed many times, so now, the huge China, nor a reincarnation of fakes, the true God His unique soldiers, each pattern has to want exactly the same, no doubt is impossible and Qin Yufei playing scared, Wang Mingjie strength is indeed strong. Strong enough to outrageous proportions, even hurt a wrist own reincarnation would not be his opponent, to list more by the front, and the strength of the gap is greater, if it is after the 200, probably almost everyone's strength, before 50, the gap between the strength of each individual are a world of other, Qin Yufei Even reincarnation strength, but also capable of fighting and ground Top 50, while unbeaten. But the master on Wang Mingjie, simply vulnerable. Not to mention Qin Yufei, around Dragon gang members, including tigers and Wu Qiong month, one by one are pressed tightly, standing above the Banpo the Zhuge long river and yellow Yanghao two looked tense, yellow, Yanghao turned around and looked at the a Zhuge long river, it said: "If this continues, we Lung help really will be wiped out, there is no way, and immediately transferred to the staff to help Prince they?" Zhuge long river listening to a resigned look ridiculous , Road: "Here is our dragon to help all brothers" Huang Yang Hao look of helpless smile, said: "It seems really day to be dead we Lung help ah!" Even to the point where now, Huang Yang-ho is still not the slightest regret , he is one of those, do not hit the wall, never do not see the dragon to help the last one soldier all died in the hands of the hormone to help inside, he will not look back, which is Huang Yang-ho, said he was smart, but in these places, clinging to a terrible proportions. "I believe that the Prince." Zhuge long river listening to the the yellow Yanghao then go back and look at the a yellow Yanghao before opening dismissively look of the firm. Punch,Canada Goose Mountaineer Jacket. See Qin Yufei entire inverted out, also flew to the side of the hand inside the reincarnation, a blood directly sprayed out, ranging from near Wang Mingjie, see Qin Yufei immediately get up, take up again the reincarnation Wang Mingjie stop, a faint smile, said: "your internal organs are still injured, and hands are difficult right! already a spent force, I advise you to obediently surrender, this can also be a little less susceptible to sin." Well, have the ability to come up. "Wang Mingjie heard shook his head and smiled, and said:" Now, the people who bring you all going to die here, I have more time with you and play, if you do not want your hands of the whole army was lost, it is best to surrender what I want, and your life, so that I can also let your men, "Then to see Wang Mingjie facing those around Dragon gang members fought a bloody war, laughing, said: Listen, as long as your Prince surrender, I can immediately let go of you. "" Thirty-Six, hearts and minds on. "Wang Mingjie originally thought this trick useful, but do not want to, before falling voice immediately hears to a dragon to help the members of the rough mad voice laughing, said: "put your mother shit, Prince mighty considered what you want Prince surrender, we prefer to follow the Prince with death, not let Prince surrender. "Yes, we are willing to follow the Prince with the dead, and will not surrender ..." sound than heard, and even seen many scenes of the entire people of Wang Mingjie stunned, until all the sounds around disappeared, only to squint focus against Qin Yufei laugh, said: "It did not expect your dragon to help even able to do so united, if it is not going to kill you, I was really reluctant you dead, but I still sentence, as long as you surrender, I can let you die a little easier. "" Then look at your ability even if I die here today, have to pull a few scapegoat! "Qin Yufei finished, the whole person again to Ming-Jie Wang Chong past, reincarnation, one side of paradise side of hell, hell chop out the green, and heaven, is a red light after beheaded, heaven than hell to the speed not know is about how much, should have half of it! Unfortunately, the strength of Qin Yufei, even hell are somewhat reluctant, not to mention a paradise. "I'm going to see if you can pull the number scapegoat." This time, it really is both sides played inextricably linked. Wang Mingjie broken one hand, our own strength as before, Qin Yufei hand inside a Wang Mingjie are not close to reincarnation,Mens Polo Coats, added a bit of combat effectiveness, the shift before them so that their strength similar, and even Wang Mingjie strength but also two points higher Qin Yufei is not so easy to do, but unfortunately want beheaded, frowned slightly refined male had been standing behind, did not think things would develop to what it is today. But look at a situation around relieved this continues, up to a few hours, I am afraid we must collapsibility dragon help, and, as long as the number of generals of the Dragon to help one death, to when the dragon help naturally collapsibility refined male noted, in fact, the dragon to help, there are a few strength enough on the ground chart master, but unfortunately these masters have long besieged, if not these dragon group support, I am afraid that now the dragon to help long has been scored. On a tree in the distance. A neck tattoo of a flirtatious Lotus man, standing on a worldly air of a woman beside him, a look of hatred smile, said: "Master, you say, today, that kid can not survive?" Speaking of Qin when Yu Fei, the whole people are gnashing of teeth, does not seem to forget the last disgrace want to let Qin Yufei eat here once burned, but did not think about the Qin Yufei died here. After all, where falls on where to get up. "Without foreign aid, I am afraid the dragon to help today will really wiped out," a touch of rouge snow openings no trace of expression on his face. "That's the kid undead became." "How? Also looking to avenge his death?" Rouge the snow Zhuantouwangxiang demon male lotus. The demon male lotus point nod, look Hengrou the jitter is some heinous sneer, said: "That kid once Shuazha, I eat a loss, and now the injury has not been restored and agile, this time, he had better be able to live down, or else, after my lotus how tortured her? "rouge snow listening to the faint smile, said:" You want him in your hands will he win, it is estimated that this life impossible. "" Master, Mai Tai people not to do so? "because of your personality, doomed is a loser male demon Lotus listening to, nose Lengheng soon, it said:" Master, you are too high to see that kid right! waiting for him to live over we will discuss it. "Rouge Snow nodded and said:" Any further gambling game? "demon Male lotus listening to, the whole body is also shocked, he can not forget, on time, even injured, rouge snow to a kicked down the river, and the male demon Lotus, but drank not know how much saliva, if continues, he also worried about their own life will one day be living scared demon male lotus listening to, and a look delicate and charming, and said: "Master, let me stay here! I do not want to go swimming." rouge snow listening to hear a trace of ring, turned around and saw the eyes of a condensate, then smiles: " It seems that the time factors help people over. "...
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