would first have a good system

November 24 [Sat], 2012, 15:34

> Chengdu. the www! Quanben,! the CoM front three corpses Yu Lei brows tightly locked in together. Came a few days in Chengdu, but always got a clue are not. These three cases, at least for now seems to be completely independent, between and do not have any contact. But it was strange fear is why the three cases occurred before and after the main target of the assassination are officials? Certain problems, including, but what? Yu Lei keeping a close eye in front of the corpse, without a word. Report. The ? , just randomly select three Cooler only real goal the only in the HENGSHUAI body! Yu Lei sneer: this: The only thing we can do is to seize this murderer! Dai Li is found? How will expect to see through the water to Xie and Liu Sihai HENGSHUAI? Although at first sight Dai Li feel that this person is not simple, trying his trick for the men, but did not think the Dai Li bypassed, by the way and the president to establish contact. It seems that they have to be doubly careful person ... Nose Li nodded, took a Flip: section chief Jiang Chunchang free of his official torture! the time, Dai Li did not leave his office, did not want to over-eat and drink. those in the office waiting for people who do not know with what happened, but no one dared to ask the next last night when trying to please the Dai Li himself to let his wife do a few delicious, sent to the Dai Li, but did not think so when he came out from the office, not only the food intact zone out, and even the office are exempt up! This man is a workaholic, all right, or do not find uncomfortable to noon the next day, when the office door is open, look bloodshot Dai Li finally appeared, his hand several dossiers tired to the people around them: The voice said: , completely unaware of a secret investigation of them, the National Government is prepared specifically for their dorm room, these students in twos and threes gathered together to see together in that elated. Here is not the same and the North too. The street everywhere Northern Expedition slogans teams of newly integrated army, high-spirited to the front. About the story and the President can be heard everywhere. How he is three counter-insurgency in Tibet, how a little afraid of the team official to become president of the National Government is an illiterate old woman recently sued the National Government, the Ministry of Communications, leaving these young students Jinjin music Road, most students aspire to, is undoubtedly the Whampoa Military Academy. heard that there 〖〗 country's most advanced, latest Military Academy,North Face Womens Greenland Jackets, the cradle of 〖〗 ** officer 〖in〗 ** team hope for the future very strict enrollment of the Whampoa Military Academy, students anyone know yourself how many people will test inside the focus of discussion in addition to the focus on these, there are upcoming presidential face-to-face conversation. students in any case would also like to would not have thought to own not only came to Guangzhou, and in a couple of hours ago, they learned that they really get an audience with President Dai Li family band and holes recorded silence standing outside the dorm, listening carefully inside the students every word. happen to have a student go from the outside in, to see two strange asked loudly: The Dai Li immediately replied: On the inside, and come with me. An early twenties students stood up, curious looked toward the Dai Li: 〗 Life The meeting of the President have any ideas? President presented to us to prepare for his ceremony Yin Dai Li about a high degree of attention, and pretended not to inadvertently asked: a. The Dai Li smile on his face, but my mind was a sneer repeatedly. Yu Boying precisely nine people suspected, he now actually there and the large direct presidential face-to-face opportunity? Subsequent perfunctory in that for a while, Dai Li got up to leave, an outside, immediately yīn the sullen Road: family recorded then nonchalantly authentic: him: did not sleep a wink, the final delineation of sub-nine suspects. Glanced toward the black iron: And Yu Lei, compared to what? Black iron on that thought for a moment: difficult for you, and allow you to evaluate its own old superior,UGG Sunburst Tall, indeed not very good, go to work. Wang Hengyue sat down and lit a cigarette. Indeed, the Dai Li and Yu Lei some place of a lot of imagination, and some better than Yu Lei,UGG Fringe Cardy. Yu Lei rights too, also have been implicated in the military has a large number of generals and his own to conquer the world with an old friend, is when to follow. His forces continue to expand it is probably not a good thing. The timely emergence of Dai Li find a constraint Yu Lei. His rights should be diverted away. Press off the smoke, see the write half of his speech at the conference of students, Wang Hengyue Gv wrote: the human person xìng almost so here there is a chicken and egg problem, first there are good qualities have a good system, I would first have a good system, and then have a good quality of fact, this is no doubt in energy good system, regardless of the quality of the good or bad, a good system should protect the system real quality is dreamy ,UGG Women's Bailey Bomber Boots... the good of the Declaration of Independence of the United States, the Constitution of the United States no matter how good, is because of their political parties and people have done our Constitution, in fact, or the ruling party said that a lot better than the Declaration of Independence only better than the Declaration of Independence Declaration, but most did not do. they are not going to be looking at the various declarations and introspection the the 〖leather〗 life the costs too large and uncontrollable, improved slow and delay, the quality is not high, indeed looked like the deadlock but I still choose to believe that improved. violent or non-violent 〖leather〗 life can only urge The improved bargaining chip, but can not and can not really control them, I hope those students were able to understand their pains, and also hope that they can become the future 〖in〗 States, ridge beam! ! . <

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