but the key clues to reveal

December 01 [Sat], 2012, 15:09

> Lv Mingyang hearts surprised, hurried sideways to hide the raw pain to the door, his face still sharp wind blew faint. WWw, QuaNBEn, COm prison guards crashing down, with a few faint gray shades flashed behind him suddenly rushed in quickly. Lvming Yang underground passage out bad, evil spirits really has very persistent, dogged, a few shades of gray between mortal has rushed Hou Qingbo near Lvming Yang hurriedly again severely bitten tongue, a bloody poof spit At the same time, Hou Qingbo has already uttered a scream of pain. Suddenly look back a few shades of gray, and a revealing look of anger expression, mouth fell open but did not issue a trace of sound, then, that a few shades of gray again leaps Suddenly, the Lv Mingyang secretly burst scared, slightly backward flash step, straining sucking tongue, ready to once again vomit blood. But these shades of gray and not facing Lv Mingyang rushing, but quickly rushed toward the door, seems anxious to leave this place. Slightly frowned Lvming Yang, this case, because of the evil spirits is a sudden upheaval, and Han Yi and is not prepared to, Han Yee hand crossbow is not yet installed arrows, these evil spirits is absolutely no reason to fear their own two completely ability to own two put to death, but why hurry to leave it? The evil spirits momentary rushed to the door, Ji Chongchong stature but suddenly stopped, as if suddenly hit an invisible barrier. Lvming Yang heart to have doubts, but also gave up so much mouth will bloody spray again, heard a while bared bared Lala Qing Xiang, The Shadow of the evil spirits suddenly painful twisted up Zhangtailezui type but unable to pay the howling of a trace, a moment lost human form, into a thin smoke, and then gradually dissipated ...... Lvming Yang looked incredible sight, he looked at Han Yi Han Yee is also a confusion expression looked at him - a tongue blood actually can eliminate this at least four of evil spirits, for their professional Supernatural agents is simply a fairy tale, this situation should only exist in folklore Master story. But the thing is indeed really happened, just a blood scared away strong Lvming Yang tight frowned and rushed to the door, just the four evil spirits when it seems that is what block, this is how it was? He quickly moved toward the door. Ground near the door lying flaccid paralysis of the prison guards to the ground outside a quiet, independent small courtyard usually very few people, but now there is a yard, wearing a prison uniform of the elderly. His age seems to at least seven years old is more than a 佝偻着身子 hand holding a broom, a hand carrying an iron summarized sub-sweep garbage yard line dies, from time to time twelve deciduous swept into summarized sub. His distance between confinement room and there is no short distance, but it does not seem to have noted that the case here, and even lying on the door, the extremely conspicuous guards are not noticed, self-serving sweep the fallen leaves, since the Guzi the slowly toward the distant line go. Lv Mingyang with a trace of suspicion expression, and turned around to look at a Han Yi Han Yi the squat body check Houqing Bo from her wrinkled brow, it seems Houqing Bo is a little slash. Lvming Yang turned his head again, but found outside the old prisoner was not there anymore in this blink of an eye. He just stooped figure, the slow pace, he is absolutely impossible to leave the yard in such a blink of an eye. Lv Mingyang almost certainly just absolutely everything and the aging prisoners! What is it? Actually be able to increase the power of the blood of their own tongue across the door so much? To help him because of what reason own one? Lvming Yang tightly frowned turned back, since the old prisoner has drifted away, for he seemed unwilling to reveal their identity, even if he hurried outside, I'm afraid it is difficult to see his people. Gang of evil spirits to do things really clean and complete, not only to his life, even the soul, not sparing only a short period so little time, the soul of Hou Qingbo they cleared this even if the hand Evocation Hong can not ask out the clues he had not finished,Women North Face Targhee Triclimate Cheap. Houqing Bo finally could not escape,Jimmy Choo Starlit, two years ago, his escape from that fatalities in some particular reason, but today he finally died in the hands of the evil spirits. Even can be said that he died in their own hands. If it is not because they have to ascertain the truth of the matter, presumably evil spirits will not again find him. Lv Mingyang close your eyes, sigh deeply, in fact, dangerous understood early on that his arrival will give Houqing Bo, but he is still coming, he was dead, and even up to mischief possible not ... end result. ? Still did not get any valuable clues. Only know a little, is about in the first two weeks before the accident, the bus in Houqing Bo had happened one thing, this thing is a woman. What is the kind of thing, that woman is what people do,North Face Steep Tech? Will the so-called Puzzle is still a puzzle, but the key clues to reveal the puzzle has been broken. Lv Mingyang a bitter laugh, the guards problem comes in easy to handle, the problem is dead Houqing Bo has also changed how to explain? He took out his cell phone called to the old horse, so he covered the back things Houqing Bo guards then dragged into the brig, unlatched the door, heels and Han Yi left. Came to the front of another prison guards saw two men come out, but could not see the shadow of his colleagues, came forward and asked: inside the Han miles, we came out first. Prison guards Hey smile, said: , suddenly Qingke heard, seems to be aware of their swearing in front of such a beautiful little too unsightly. The prison guards with the two walked toward the front door, Lvming Yang pretending to be unintentional asked: prison guards light laughed loudly and said: Lvming Yang nodded and said, Do not look at his waist, bend, In fact, the body bone can tough out .... you take a good,North Face Greenland Jackets Sale, has sent not far. had to leave and the car on the Han Yi. (Novel network www.quanben.com) <

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