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January 15 [Tue], 2013, 15:02
The legendary immortal gods practice when should be the find a Reiki sufficient to at least find a secluded inaccessible places, even if not find the Dongtianfudi such. Jeff did not know the reasons for doing so, but his teacher the Vulcan great God is to know clearly. Practice in order to prevent yourself this little apprentice disturbed mourning their lives, Vulcan letter Kam being left still specifically confessed thing. Fortunately, Jeff study compared carefully, or might really out what was wrong. Things are arranged almost Territory, Jeff also nothing hanging heart thing. After lingering for a few days and Dani, Jeff finally began his first real retreat Qianxiu. Qianxiu location not far away from the Fun City, in the town on the the Shili ground a barren hills. This is not what this mountain plants and animals, take the eye saw almost all gray, not much seems to Reiki. But Jeff think this place is good, since inaccessible, and secondly, no creatures. You're not wrong, indeed because nothing creatures. Since the legendary Jeff understands cause and effect and karma thing really exists, I will originally be careful. Jeff practice is the fire away Xuangong,Women's Canada Goose Livigno Parka, without a doubt is the strongest one in all existing fire exercises. Jeff practice so advanced things, but first, they might, it is possible to fire disseminate cited Huoshaoshan. If his election is a lush forest, I am afraid it will really unlucky. No reason to disturb the ecological balance is not to say, have to increase their own inexplicable causal karma This is really not a good thing. In fact best practice from the fire Xuangong land to fire Di is the lava where,Mens Freestyle Vest. Although he knows that there is such a place, but Ragefire Chasm one far away from home, and secondly, there are many dwarves did not move out there, would therefore be unable to go to that practice. But Jeff does not pick and choose, as long as no one hinder their own practice will not have to complain. In fact, this practice off the fire Xuangong initial indeed nothing mysterious place, at least Jeff wisdom is not. The world regarded asking for trouble and get burned as a derogatory term look at Jeff now do these two things. The so-called backfire, the word well understood, is to let the fire burn. Of course, is not the same as literally direct electrical fire yourself, Jeff has not sacrifice for the revolution of consciousness. Jeff's thing now is to strengthen the affordability of flame and heat as much as possible, Fortunately, his body already unknowingly by Vulcan benefits essence and blood, so the affordability natural flame is greatly . , After repeated temptations, Jeff directly aside the first step into the second step, the reason is very simple, since he found their bodies simply do not fear strange fire, stopped directly backfire. The next thing to do is asking for trouble, this wolf is the air filled with the element of fire, this room is Jeff the body's various organs and cells. Jeff need to do now is to motivate the the fire elementals air, by the power of the flame continue to strengthen their own organs and cells. The gold elements off the fire Xuangong practice process is enhanced by the body, of course it eighty-nine Xuangong earth element strengthening further evolved to strengthen not the same, strengthening the flesh away from the fire Xuangong beginning to end only with the element of fire. Although it looks from the fire Xuangong seems simple, some low-end, but in fact is not the case. To know that it is not the same as the element of fire, air, fire elementals only the most simple element of fire, and the element of fire can be divided into low and higher, for example, tastes real fire, it tastes real fire is higher flame most basic species, but this tastes real fire comparable to where the fire more than yixingbandian strong. Where the fire from the air also can not burn, senior flame and fire element is not the same, even from the air this fire will still be burning, and can even ignite even impossible to burning Mithril magic metal. Of course, this practice is a step-by-step, if Jeff now spend their invocation of the most powerful flame tastes real fire to strengthen themselves, and that only one result, that is, turned into ash. Of course, Jeff is not a fool, so he is now practicing away from the step-by-step fire Xuangong first turn. Do not look at this strange fire can not hurt Jeff's body, but when he introduced the element of fire into himself, but found that he was wrong, and wrong is ridiculous. Original before the element of fire not hurt yourself just because it has not broken its own defense, but you want the element of fire is introduced into the body, natural is not possible to re-use the body to resist flame. Such a change may quite big, you want the cells and organs of the body without than outside layer of tempered flesh, these parts are very delicate. Jeff pain now even the dead have the heart, either previously been subjected to torture pressed against captured after training, Jeff has long pain collapsed. Jeff hearts are cursed: the grid I date, which turtle grandson invention cultivation practice? This clearly is his mother masochistic it! Scolding aside, pain normalization pain, but the practice still have to practice. Jeff does not expect Vulcan teacher understanding and achievement, but at least there is always the idea, is the first practice to the holy order say. Although this continent, the Pope and the Dragon King's metamorphosis, but in general, as long as they commit mix, holy order is basically in the entire West mainland to go sideways. Physical pain is actually nothing, as a highly trained soldier, Jeff quickly adapt to this pain and this pain as his own flesh, and the strengthening of the function becomes increasingly worth mentioning. When pain is no longer as strong, Jeff began to try to strengthen the physical process with their own spiritual sense observation element of fire. Under the observation of the spiritual sense, Jeff quickly identify the presence of the element of fire. Although theoretically to the element itself is invisible, however strong they can control the elements are arranged in the shape they want according to their own ideas,Polo Long Sleeved. Jeff take it for granted learn chemistry of the element of fire as the presence of atomic and molecular, he body element of fire is also into the general presence as atomic and molecular intervention of his spiritual sense. This initial strengthening is really no big deal, nothing more than the same like past life seen steelmaking constantly refining impurities and strengthen the cells. Weak cells under the element of fire temper quickly turned into a gray, those cells has always been the element of fire temper become more powerful. New cells instead of dead cells in the position soon to be produced in the body, so back and forth, and the weak cells become less and less, and Jeff vivo cell division and replacement will become more and more slowly. Fact, the fire away Xuangong first turn to temper out impurities in the body coincided with the practice of the people sent the body of impurities with the same purpose. But Jeff is accounted for a big deal, because Jeff's body has long been careless temper too, and happens to be the impact on the body to produce because of the strange explosion. So Jeff does not have to re-calcined impurities, but have become more time to temper the flesh. This prolonged the temper of the benefits of the flesh are evident, and quickly successful completion of the first turn from the fire Xuangong practice, successfully reached the second turn. The second turn is utilized the cells of the body have been preliminary temper between heaven and earth, as far as possible to absorb the element of fire and Reiki, say white is the process of accumulation of energy. If it is the in Reiki lack above Earth, I am afraid that this process of accumulation of energy is enough for Jeff busy eight or ten years. Luckily, this outsider aura adequate, touches Jeff absorption so cool. Daytime Jeff kept absorb the element of fire and Aura will lean a lot to the element of fire in the night air force, so Jeff will from time to time to take some time to chat with mirror children Uldaman sector. Jeff also thinking initially exchange their exchanges with the Panlong column dragon, good win over a relationship in the future I would like to thank the booster. But he soon gave up, powerful fire dragon seems to be proscribed, although seems to want to talk with Jeff, but had said nothing. Jeff does not insist on a day passes when casually chats with all the fire dragon wants acquainted with the Dragon is not always a bad thing, the Chinese general term for themselves descendants of the dragon, so Jeff trapped dragons fairly respectable. These days, Jeff soul has been circling the fire Jingu also get a lot of benefits, but this advantage is invisible. Jeff's soul filled Vulcan palace, the element of fire has a strong appeal because had Vulcan soul fire. To know the element of fire, but when Vulcan gathered from so unconsciously Jeff soul has also been greatly enhanced at this time, of course, did not know that Jeff. This practice, but very boring, but fortunately Jeff can also chat and lovely children's mirror from time to time, that is to their own solution to relieve boredom, and do the things that had promised to mirror child, the idea can be considered a win-win. When the snow began falling, Jeff is also the end of the energy accumulation period, officially entered the third turn. Jeff has been recently complaining, complain that their practice is too slow. On Earth, those masters who hear, it is estimated that certainly was mad. Aura thin on Earth, in order to practice how they have nearly a hundred years to the realm of Results saver can Jeff from real practice began to knot Dan pre also used only a handful of years, this entry is really fast amazing. No way, Who let the the people Jeff get big witch ancient cultivation methods, and here or Reiki sufficient, it is no wonder that Jeff practice by leaps and bounds. Not envious Who let the original, you did not follow with crossing it. Soon, Jeff cultivation to a bottleneck, the practice now is not so much the practice from the mysterious fire body, but rather a test of perception.
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