natural performance to stunned

January 07 [Mon], 2013, 15:43
Chapter 249, the problem hope you can enjoy to the inside in this moment, this huge dragon as a mountain very flexible. Invisible wind, cloud-free phase. Embodies both nature and performance of the head of the dragon at this time,Women's Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest. The dragon's huge tail like a supple extremely wind whip the pumping before hitting issue 'swish' sound of a sonic boom, reminding us of scenes at this moment to be given a life dragon. At the same time, the huge body of the dragon that is no phase cloud play to the extreme maneuvers dodge the entire flexible was as if the wind and clouds, sometimes gathered sometimes scattered. Faced with the dragon this change, that the siege of the five individuals, look great changes, suddenly began between muttered. Muttering, as it is roaring. Five people in that howling sound to express meaning, Yang Lingen this did not understand the point, just guess the meaning, that certainly is going to run away, can survive is each fate. Rushed out from the crowd of the encirclement. "Hey, if I am here, maybe you are a captive, but now I have, but you will not die, otherwise, I can go fifteen days to find a race to complete this said the first task. "Here, the Yanglin help to see the battlefield, and then run away with a smile. "The first part of my race, I'm coming, your civilization is henceforth I, we take the initiative." For yourself into this strange blue desert, Yanglin I do not know to say his good luck, or bad luck, good luck, he encountered a culture of racial because only two days, but the bad luck is that the people in this race encountered danger, and the danger is still dangerous to themselves, to engage bad I have to hurt, but let Yanglin so give up but it is impossible. Which in the last day, endless forest, Yanglin only encountered no open Euro RSCG birds and beasts, simply never encounter other open a little bit of Euro RSCG biological and racial So, faced with this does not endanger their own lives at risk, Yanglin still willing to fight some of, after all, the benefits and risks of both is that much difference, the latter is far more than former. Yanglin them sprinted hearts thinking of thousands, but looking is something I master as Shenqingziruo, put the Buddha in front of him is not a dragon is a trash fish only. Just 300 meters distance, to Yanglin speed, almost also tens of seconds of time. Originally going to sky violent, desperate to fight and dragon, to obtain the vigor of five people, suddenly look swiftly see Yanglin towards this direction, hearts suddenly had a feeling of surviving, but to less much thought, and immediately began to resist the dragon continuous attacks up. This time, running among the Yanglin already released himself several spells. These spells are: vigorously Amitabha Mountain, which is one spell Yanglin Institute blessing himself, as long as the body strength to withstand forces will become infinite and the Buddhist concept want to be in that endless Amitabha Mountain considerable, shows that this powerful spell. Not bad immortality, which is a unique spell in which the tradition of gold cents As spell how senior Yanglin not know, just know that this spells the famous Buddhist supernatural powers does not break and Taoist magic die of the body, and again, and finally the formation of such a spell As for how powerful effect, Yang Lin is not know, comparing him not fighting this spell. Lightning speed, this spell phase for the first two spells to the difference a lot, but this spell is let Yanglin has unparalleled attack and dodge speed, innate nine stand undefeated, let alone in combat what life is in danger, which is to Yanglin so sure. Blink of an eye, Yanglin reached the battlefield among. Mad dragon simply not aware of the arrival of Yanglin only swinging it extremely flexible tail drop down toward just hit knocked to the ground on top of a fiercely issue process that crackling sound of a sonic boom, people have no doubt that, If we put a piece of paper to go, it will certainly be in the blink of an eye, into nothingness. Down above the ground, in the face of a dragon which you want to set their own lethal attacks, is also in no way, at this moment, simply by virtue of his speed flash not avoid, let alone delusions escape 's life. This time, four people react eyes to see such a big picture, his eyes suddenly flushed up, each suddenly uttered a sound roar subsequent body visible speed like blowing a balloon, swell up. When four of the body to stop the expansion of the respective height has reached about 10 meters, the muscles of the body is like a steel plate in general, full lines, as if covered in blue veins that exposed blue rope tight tight taut, people have no doubt that their striking force. Consciousness perceived to this four body as well as the forces of change the Yanglin mind is very surprised, of course, they would never let the tail of the dragon, will be down on the ground that the person to kill. Just at that moment, to reach the dragon tail won `t be on the ground when the man's waist, suddenly in the middle of a hand, the menacing dragon tail grip firmly in the hands of it never hit does not survive, let alone kill this man fell to the ground. Is this dragon tail Yanglin huge changing hands to attract and capture the other four people are also 'ow' burst growled rushed dragon front Sincere to the meat hit the dragon body straight issue 'lovemaking' sound. This time, the original fury of the dragon, more violent, and the face of the four pairs fist full of power, it also buguanbugu up, he turned the big mouth open as if the size of the house, exposing the gleaming teeth like a sword Lin , with shares smell and saliva, suddenly toward which a swift incomparable bite to the abdomen under four grasping toward prance up and want to get rid of the the Yanglin hands of just the right. Although the whole person all of a sudden in a violent, but to see the dragon, which Da mouth towards own bitter bite to the face facing the people,Canada Goose Thompson, hearts still full of the feeling of one kind of miserable death, as if At this moment, in this world, he has not miss a thing, even if the same is true of their own life, because I do not know why, at this moment, his high Euro RSCG suddenly felt so alive in this world, very tired, very tired, every day just to eat struggle, in addition, no other. At this time, did not wait until this dragon bite people, Yang Lin suddenly hard with both hands, first up has been lifted, subsequent is down Yishuai the, by virtue of an unparalleled speed and powerful extreme force, instant this dragon to fury which quivered and subsequently picked up a tall, began to beat up left and right. "Honghong Honghong Honghong Honghong" is almost a breath of hundreds of the next beat, after ten breaths, Yang Lin stopped, because at this time, he could no longer feel has struggled intention of the hands of a dragon, let alone escaped, but the Yanglin not this a dragon to kill, after all, he did not know the five men come to lay siege to the dragon for what did not resist the force in this dragon before we put it down. Yanglin on the ground on the dragon, all up and down is not to see how many scars, but on the inside had suffered, is definitely not every moment can be good, she says. Yanglin to lay down the dragon toward stand aside completely not lend a hand of five people looked, could not help laughing. As if it was stuffed into numerous eggs, because at this time, the five men, completely Yanglin so relaxed and natural performance to stunned, Zhang their everyone Zuidou the big eyes round staring Yang Lin, on the whole, like the five of them at this time, it was more funny have how funny. Laugh after Yang Lin, looking at these five individuals, try to say a few words, and found that they were not to know how to express their meaning, let alone understand their own words. "This time the how to do? Five have opened a little Euro RSCG, but then a little intelligence there is only to make their own simple exchange, I simply can not understand the words, let alone exchange Could it be that this tough race so let? "Yanglin hearts very not willing to think, after all, there are strange azure desert which no other race or unknown, let alone this strange azure desert outside. Besides Yanglin not know how long it will be able to out of the blue desert, after all, like just the kind of speed, not all the time the outbreak, but has a lot of restrictions, otherwise, their will not be so indecisive , and directly ran all the way out is not to be lost. Looked still look to understand the expression of five people, the Yanglin hearts really helpless, the moment is also no longer speak, but began to contemplate them, now own what not. "The priority is to help the five open Euro RSCG, and teach them to speak Chinese, and then we go to the exchange, just how open their Euro RSCG?" Think of such a complex problem, the Yanglin also some headache, after all, Euro RSCG not so good on, but the good news is that five Euro RSCG is already open, you only need to upgrade the level of Euro RSCG, otherwise, Yanglin left early. Quietly passing them time thinking of Yanglin, Yanglin disappointed, but he still is not looking for any way,Women's Canada Goose Dawson, he is now know as well as the will of the matrix method, in this regard did not play a role in how much , has can enhance open Euro RSCG Euro RSCG matrix method, but that effect is simply not reflected in just 15 days out, it is the same as not. "Confused in the end should be how to do it?"
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