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Xuan Lan, a local domain, towering peaks, wuhai the vast, afar is an ink landscape very misty, here it is the reputation wuhai mountains, just Reiki rich, but no large Spirit veins, mostly some small spiritual pulse, sometimes twelve medium spiritual pulse, here became numerous scattered repair monks, as well as the careen door to gather ground. Dongyuan were just wuhai mountains many careen door one palm teach the east close to Yuan Ying Dzogchen Taoist exist, better than some, worse than others, were disciples have been very comfortable, and later I heard east to Taoist going to impact distracted amulet fortune to teach, many low-level disciple is more excited to go out a little more arrogance. Only in recent years, many disciples have been alerted to the elders Munekado the younger disciples practice with tight a lot of the original rare Yuan Ying elders nor when pointing to their own repair people do not understand why there is such change, but also know the the Yuan Ying predecessors pointing is not easily able to get a natural spare no training hard and strive for a higher level the entire Munekado a proudly upward dynamic weather. Only repair into the case of the door for the generation of higher Presbyterian came to understand the situation of the door were far from the surface looks like the Enron, they are clearly the palm teach East to Taoist cultivation has been stifled, under seal array channel first he must go to comprehension for industry to degree distracted amulet, distracted amulet, even self-cultivation sector is not as easy to spend, if unfortunate fall of fortune to teach, not be long before the entire East source cases will be acacia Valley annexation down, low-level disciple yet, but the the Yuan Ying top of the Men of elders is certainly not now such a status. A few years ago, when the array channel closure, palm teach East Taoist also go sealed array channel you want to back a distracted monks sits Munekado, the last and did not succeed, but rather acacia valley back to a sub- God monks, has not been seen, but from the mouth of the palm to teach them all know, this is an absolute fact that distracted big monk the last seal array channel open after returning from self-cultivation sector, perhaps because just regression Xuan Lan domain, and now the retreat to consolidate cultivation, if so, the Dongyuan were the future seems more worrying a bit. Just a few months ago, the Dongyuan were many low-level disciples suddenly found the case of the door into the atmosphere changed a lot, were originally pressed for Master look, elders, seems to have relaxed a lot of discipline when less severe, and from time to time, but also exposed some of Xu Xinxi meaning. Did not take long, one is dedicated to the elders of the things they secretly spread of Munekado to distract the attention of big brother what it means, even if it is a saver monks, the monks built based also very clear, in whole wuhai mountains the door were not a few have distracted the big monks, avatar monks Munekado both occupy the spiritual pulse, even a medium Ling pulse. A few years ago, the the acacia Valley disciples boasted they were doors have distracted big brother encountered the East source Munekado people than originally toe high gas Aung many more than once, East source Munekado people disciples had been wronged, are cases door predecessors pressure down, although it is not a big deal, but there are very few hearts not feel oppressed, and now own Munekado also been distracted by big brother, seems the 1st room, these people will give birth to endless emboldened. A the hill Lingshang, a black and blue face thiol brother is moving in another thiol brother complained: "Brother, you want to help me, ah, I have just found a Xinxue Lian, actually Dongyuan were few people join forces snatched, they increasingly arrogant. "you find? before anyone else find that you want to robbery." brothers glanced glances own Young said. Brothers say broken, who do not have the slightest Young Kuiyi: "So what, a few monks built the base early, however, actually dare to join forces lay siege to me, this feeling not my pharynx not go on." Brothers and waved his hand and said: "Young forget it, not that the one Xinxue Lian you, is not nothing remarkable things the past few years, you are also a lot of harvest, so why mere one Lingcao, raw anger. "hear Brother, who schoolmate is Some angry: "What, Brother you is not going to help me? past few years I can none the less your shot, forget the last time I have and you join forces to tackle three building-based mid-monk to, if you do not I find the Lee brothers to brothers and disdain Staveley: Lee brothers? Even find Master difficult wherever he goes back, I really thought we acacia Valley the Dongyuan were pressure anymore Have not you heard of Dongyuan were also have a worship elders. "Young was very surprised and could not help shouted out" What? Are you saying that they have distracted Big Brother? "brothers nodded:" Yes, otherwise they are and how this courageous dare grab something. "hear the distracted big monk However, building the base repair Young suddenly frustrated, compared to distract the attention of the big monk them but the ants general existence, just The Young paused, then mouth cursed: "Damn, they distracted the big brother, the the distracted big brother is not a good thing." Young's response, the brothers Not surprisingly, smiled: "Young still annoyed junior sister apprentice LEUNG things? no wonder junior sister apprentice long Leung beautiful, tall and Rod, who is also difficult to put down. "Yuehua Jian, the brothers in the eyes of glow immorality eyes. Fart, how now is not accompanied wretched old man, said it Is the South senior sister apprentice of things you're not angry? South senior sister apprentice body, but the coveted ah. "Young equally exposed a longing look, I do not know the hearts of emerge What years. Hear Young mouth South and sisters, the brothers also look for a change, the nose into Lengheng soon, round after round of hatred in his eyes glow. "Ah, not to mention the mother, since distracted monks enter the door were almost all younger female students are to accompany him practicing one day exhausted his dog days" of The Young a dejected color, but still whispered curse Road. Brothers quickly throw a magic weapon, his duo cover in which: "You do not command the, ah, several saver the Shishu should accompany his junior sister apprentice Southern Liang no return, how." "Well, if 1 I have the strength, set to cut to pieces. "Young eyes of a Lise flashed fiercely said mouth. "Young who is cautious, forget Liu Neng Shishu? But late-saver repair, Shan the Shishu be enrolled Fam, casually complaining about a few provoke the man, man but distracted monks slowly move fingers, is born. "Young seems to think of the horrors of Shishu Liu can face became pale,Timberland Mens 2 Eye Shoes Cheap, then shut up without a word, did not forget to look around and did not find anything unusual that she said : "Well, I'm going back Munekado practice these days, not just a two-monastic companion exercises and how to quickly and sophisticated." Master says, again in 2032, who distracted the elders would not need so many people, the beams junior sister apprentice South junior sister apprentice and other people will come out is not necessarily. "the two said while words, put away the magic weapon Sword listless toward acacia Valley put an escape back. Acacia Valley and from Dongyuan cases and not too far away, otherwise the two Munekado there will not be many entanglements do not need half of effort will be able to arrive, even if it is built based monk Sword flight. Acacia Valley whole valley is a matrix method shrouded through the matrix method will be able to see the full valley dotted with acacia trees, round after round of acacia gas is a source of strength for this channel, the matrix method, acacia Valley depths depths of a ban shrouded space, space being only an acacia tree, but it is the biggest one of the whole valley, hundreds of people hand in hand it is difficult and its surrounds, original touch of acacia gas at ban space, but it is rich a hundred times, into the space of the entire ban are filled in a faint pink indescribable charm ambiguous, here is the acacia were cases Access acacia Fam. Just this past The Elder Munekado generation practice the place, and now has not seen an acacia Valley men monks the entire Fam being almost all repair different female students, orioles Feishou different, but are the reigning beauty very colorful, and each person who only a layer of tulle covered, walking, walking between the graceful posture as breeze Fuliu, secret place from time to time revealed agonistic at, it is difficult to narrate. In the a kindred largest acacia tree, the more the number of female monks simply vain inch strand, being around a person, the face is flattering intended them around the entire space only male monks, the same body without inch strand, the head moment a female monk slender thighs, one hand still on top of the female monks who walk a saver, face a refreshed look, extremely comfortable, faint between the shed atmosphere, shocking distracted breath, he is dedicated to the elders Yang stones acacia Valley sovereign Please come back. Looked a move on a the hand walk saver female monks at this moment, chest, there are positive stones, the eyes of the cheerful fawn silk facing the front man said: sound charming male predecessors, just comfortable? " abnormal unspeakable attractive. "Ha ha, Relax, acacia valley Gong really is good, can not only enhance the cultivation, there are just as comfortable,cheap canada goose parka, this power law, why should they go to penance." Male stone eyes glanced female monks few eyes, full of kinky For light. "Help the older generation to blessings of Nujia, just?" Said here saver monks slightly hesitant. "Well?" Yang stones did not stop, just slightly issued a twang, said the inquiry. "Like their predecessors, heard Dongyuan were to find a worship elders, their doors disciples but some publicity, has been robbed of a lot of the things that belong to us acacia Valley, repeated this continues, I am afraid not years, Acacia Valley will have to decline to go, hard to do even if you want to worship male predecessors. "Dongyuan cases? the yonder careen door? told Huan Taoist, do not worry about the few years I have fully recovered, to come have also surrounded by a shot even he Munekado together annexation is "said Yang pebbles reach out and brought the the saver female monks head pressed down, then a blind eye wore to enjoy the look, surrounded by a few people seeing this up out all means to please the distracted big monks, for a time, the entire Fam is a kinky For gas,Canada Goose Women's Thompson Jackets.
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