such examples it is often seen

January 28 [Mon], 2013, 9:58
Downstairs to the car, Huang An by sitting in front of Xue Bing whispered a few words 37 quickly pushed the door to get off, toward the dining room and ran, fast as lightning, the blink of an eye Kung Fu, has gone figure, Huang Anguo was suddenly tongue, the internal security out is not the same, although he did not see Xue Bing shots, but just instinct, he could feel Xue Bing's beastly smell, always on high alert, he had visited the local garrison, visited the Armed Police SWAT team training, feeling inside leader and Xue Bingbi, also sent several grades, if let Xue Bing go and they compare notes, do not know is what the scene.Less than three or four minutes, Xue Bing has come out from the restaurant, go to the door, nodded towards the direction of the car.See Xue Bing's action, Huang Anguo knew it was not beyond his contrary to expectation, caution, for the government, it is always good advice, if you don't remember,Canada Goose Women Camp Down Hooded, you will always be my.A few paces of time, Xue Bing returned to the car, one made small recording pen pen style to Huang Anguo.Calm took the recording pen, get in the hands of non-stop playing, like a pencil from time to time to turn, Huang Anguo face many disdain and haggard, there can not harm the heart, the heart can not be without, he and Dong Qingmei had no discomfort, Dong Qingmin had to him a hand, women counted up, indeed as expected is very hateful, a poison women most heart, do not believe that this sentence, or despise the woman who is to suffer a great deal sooner or later.Xue Bing sat in the front waiting for Huang Anguo's instructions, Huang Anguo did not say to leave, his eyes closed his eyes just sat in the driver's seat, but the hearing has infinite spread, think he is lax state is completely mistaken.Huang Anguo didn't want to leave, because he was waiting for an explanation of Dong Qingmei, with that little voice recorder, he also can't take Dong Qingmei to do, he also didn't want to take Dong Qingmei how,Men's Lodge Jacket, really want a businessman to kill Dong Qingmei, he had to give her the reins, made her finally dissipate one's fortune, the streets are also possible, although its behind has background, Huang Anguo is not necessarily the people hold, but really want to do, it is meaningless to him, but also to make some of the enemy, the loss of the sale is not cost-effective, and Huang Anguo need fumigating Qing Mei assistance first, take the Public Security Bureau, for him is a pressing matter of the moment now open Haijiang city situation, Dong Qingmei in Public Security Bureau inside help, for he can be effective, otherwise,Womens Ralph Lauren Jackets, on his own to resolve it, it will run counter to one's desire, not into the dog, the dog bites, such examples it is often seen.After about five minutes, the phone finally called in, Huang Anguo wore is one of his private mobile phone, the caller is displayed on a strange number, Huang Anguo can conclude that 100% this is Dong Qingmei on the phone, for Dong Qingmei knew his personal mobile phone number, Huang Anguo didn't feel any accident, Dong Qingmei in the city of Hai looks energy is not small, can get his personal mobile phone number, not surprisingly, slowly pressed the obedient, Huang Anguo with a winner's smile, tone is still to appear very Yin Shen, "Miss Dong?"This complacent attitude is not to let Dong Qingmei know, also must let him feel his anger, or how to occupy the initiative.Yes, I am.
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