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January 22 [Tue], 2013, 15:11
First 2000 Chapter the tenth deputy leader With the threat of life and death, this really polytheistic priests surprisingly honest account. The original person Mingjiao Luo Chuan, identity is a medium-sized the sects door main judge and Luochuan camp, shortly before the true God of the tenth deputy leader shot himself to regain polytheistic This became true believers. This tenth deputy leader is planning this time to enter the mastermind of the origin of the land. Originally every amulet promoters,, the invasion Kun Hui of the culprits of the world it is impossible to get Kun Market World origin admitted to enter the land of origin. But this time really polytheism there are different, they are not completely foreign, but also local monks 'baptism' develop into believers, so them also have the world's atmosphere Kun Hui. Just even so, is not enough to allow them to enter here. Let alone because they have the force of God's true Church of followers into the origins of the land, that is, into the cloud hidden mountains are impossible, the Wonjong the old monster level master among the cloud-hidden mountains, these masters can easily discover the power of God, kill Catholics in the true God, and thus did not give them the slightest opportunity. The 10th Vice door main to be pedantic Heaven In order to escape the the Wonjong master and Kun Hui eyes and ears of the origin of the world, he repeatedly find ancient, finally found from ancient fragments into a Summoner as 'kind of magic Dafa' means. This means 'kind of magic Dafa' but demons possessed the means,Womens Polo Shirts Outlet, he was ancient magic modify change, turned appendage others, and thus seize homes. Sorts of tests, he finally found suitable for use. Selection of the followers of the the Yuan Ying Dzogchen level being his first true polytheism, abruptly beaten all their strength, only the origin of stigma. Origin imprinted with 'God Seed' exhausting condensation into one. Since then, he re-cast 'kind of magic Dafa' these seeds into the body of the people into the land of origin. Just waiting for these people to enter the land of origin, 'God Seed' is open to the outbreak, the man slowly refining as host. Be to have the power of their savings to a certain extent, it will be able to completely round wins, the other side instead of out, 'God seed' being true polytheists will be reborn. Luo Yu Chuan is one among these 'God Seed'. Because the the tenth deputy leader Babel means, he arrived early they are planted in the mixed magic sub-body, while the mixed magic child was not the slightest perception. Indicates the the tenth deputy leader means. However, in accordance with the plan of the tenth deputy leader, Luo Yu Chuan These people want to completely seize homes after the success of at least one year. But he did not expect to own carefully chosen, great chance to mix magic and child survival turned on Li Yiming, leading to early short-lived. Fortunately, the Luo in Sichuan repair as profound, very early on, wake up, in the most critical time of attack by Jian Zhen force all three devil refining success out early kind of magic. Some experience but he is a manifestation of the truth 'mixed blessing' encounter Li Yiming his doom. Hear the Los Yu Chuan add yourself to really polytheism, until the encounter things that come out, Li Yiming does not mean is that action did not move just looked at him coldly, he continued. But this time,Babys Reversible Vest, Li Yiming heart was not so calm. "It seems just major sects, is what I underestimate true polytheism, I did not expect them to not only have the strange power of God, there is such a calculating mind of a master, just a tenth deputy leader fool a were many old monster, then deputy leader, even the leader, that I do not know whether there is God, not ...... "think of here, Li Yiming feel pressure on the body felt very heavy pressure, Heart Lake Dangqi a ripple . Just then, a chime from Luo Yu Chuan who came, he woke up. "How is it, do you lie to me not a side of the" Li Yiming face slightly shocked, Star Sword, a Jianmang throughput Luo Yu Chuan throat, suddenly piercing one-third,cheap canada goose, faintly visible golden by the true God, the power of flesh. Luo Yu Chuan face very ugly, and does not seem to know what happened, see Li Yiming hands repeatedly shouted: "Lee elders mercy, Elder Lee for mercy, the villain in no ......" just said half seems to have what object stuck in the the Luo Yu Chuan throat inside, he could no longer speak to. Li Yiming originally thought Luo Yu Chuan in a show, but will be injected into his body, his heart through Mana an operation, his mind in addition to the panic and fear, and no more thought. Suddenly I heard Jiejie laughter issued to him from Los Yu Chuan, his body shoved startled, a husky voice, said: "I did not expect, did not think is so magical land of origin, can weaken the power of God the impact, let this teach etc. traitor, but did not expect, even this figure early Yuan Ying, will be able to capture of the master of the late Yuan Ying Li Yiming heard surprised a moment, the thought of a turn will be to understand the whole story directed at the sword, still did not move, cold a chuckle: "presumably you is the true God of the 10th deputy leader of the bar, sorry sorry, I did not expect, deputy leader of the adults turned left hand, not only with ' kinds of magic Dafa 'species into other people who own God concept points out, planted in the souls of the believers, to line this Lidaitaojiang means. "" Oh, you should see it! "Luo Yu Chuan Meng looked up, the face is no longer mixed magic sub trio face, but for doing the face of a handsome man, needless to say it is that the tenth deputy leader. Just came to a realization by Li Yiming means he has not the slightest bit surprised, but rather carefully looked at Li Yiming, it seems that he is very interested. See you broken Dan into young infants, strength and tough predicament can be considered the evildoer general character but heaven and earth amulet of, and I really polytheism When Hing, you might as well pledge allegiance I really polytheism at least I can promote you as a total priest. qualification shall not future meteoric rise to become the deputy leader of an equal footing with me, is not impossible. "Li Yiming heard this, he sneered and shook his head and said:" the good intentions of the deputy leader of the adults next but no thanks, but no, reap the next inch power unincorporated do not say, also beheaded many true polytheism congregation, this uneasy heart, how dare set foot in your teaching. Moreover, the deputy leader of the adult parasitic very noble thing, and the next is Not for me, ah! "deputy leader did not seem to hear the discourse irony contented haha ​​a chuckle:" Do not worry, that is, you fancy I am the deputy leader of the people, naturally different from those wastes. delve into some, after the deputy leader found 'kind of magic Dafa' combined with the power of God to be able to play far more than an unusual role I can this to you, your future is the deputy leader of confidants, How? "Li Yiming itself there is a bright road to go, and does not even bother dishonest. Moreover, for the power of God, he always feel there is a big conspiracy, even if the power of magic, he is only a little research will be refining trouble, did not dare to depth. Just see the other one to admire like, Li Yiming mind a move, closing the sword back, a slight chuckle: "Now that the deputy leader so I see on, I do not can not join your religion, but there are some things, please also deputy leader informed twelve adults, so I can still think. "
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