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"See what see, not seen beauties ah?" Liu Yunfei sneaky, found the living room, only Zhu Ziyun one sitting on the couch watching TV snacking. ** Bubble! Book. It * "Are you one?" Comments? "No, no." Liu Yunfei sigh of relief. Zhu Ziyun a person or a good deal of affection sat down next to her arm around her small shoulders above does not light not heavy massage said: "Wife hungry Do you want me to do you have anything to eat?" "Kacha Kacha. "answered Liu Yunfei the sound of her chewing potato chips, could see from the reaction to her feel very uncomfortable, very serious consequences. Liu Yunfei know something big bar, general Zhu Ziyun this reaction is really angry, the Cu Tanzi completely knocked no point negotiable. "At noon they were not kidding, you look at me move which one of them?" "Do you want to move which one?" One does not want. "" You did lie. "Just want to move you." To me less Xipixiaolian. Liu Yunfei bitter, Zhu Ziyun an angry real hard and soft do not eat, and only slowly waiting for her gas consumption. Is also depressed at noon they opened what joke, look at this little woman stimulus to provoke her vinegar fire to completely. There are things like this do not carefully filed Nothing, carefully say it only to find the situation turned very serious. Is also completely caused a sense of Zhu Ziyun crisis. "Wife, in the end you want? Say to you, I do so is not enough?" You say is true? "Zhuzi Yun deadpan turned his head and asked him very seriously. Liu Yunfei hurried nod to tease her happy to say. To tease her happy what things to say. "Zhu Ziyun to pat hands of debris from the snack bags thrown aside, Liu Yunfei said:" changing clothes. "" Huh? "You wear clothes on the clothes to go with me." Liu Yunfei do not know enough to allow Zhu Ziyun gourd sell drugs, but still 11 to do so. Zhu Ziyun himself went to the room to change clothes, YUE Xin Ran Liu Yunfei more confused. Does she want to go out shopping, and a good meal to vent their anger kill his wallet? Liu Yunfei feel this way better, if money can buy beautiful smile he definitely think it is worth. Now he is getting to feel like the past, throwing daughter Bo beautiful smile headed, but the beauty of his wife. Follow the Zhuzi Yun go out, they came directly to the garage. Zhu Ziyun bike BMW 9 series car keys throw him let him drive, Liu Yunfei loving mind, only done it. Along the way, Zhu Ziyun where he opened on where to open, do not turn to Liu Yunfei confused. But to see the eyes become more familiar with the landscape, Liu Yunfei Zhu Ziyun back to his car and he was her first meeting. Liu Yunfei thought she want to go to the bar, and found that she took him to the vegetable market to go impressively going to the direction of his past rental land. She was holding on the floor, and she returned to the pits in front of Liu Yunfei spent most decadent time, Zhu Ziyun come up with the key to open the door. Liu Yunfei admitted he instantly stunned found here have been decorating a new, completely new house and married with almost. Inside the furniture all be replaced, and replaced with a brand-new leather furniture, less than 50 square meters of space was dressed very stylish, fresh. All room walls were torn down, into a single space. "Do you like it?" Zhu Ziyun At this time only exhibition and smile, smile with slightly ashamed hi to Liu Yunfei a big surprise. "Like!" Castles in the air nice idea, but Liu Yunfei still feel most let him feel warm. Zhu Ziyun shy to say: "I secretly here to buy it, and multiply when we go to Shanghai to participate in the competition Contact decoration company completely renovated again." As our marriage room? "Liu Yunfei excited and did not think he does not know when this girl secretly do so many things. No wonder the feeling that time her phone calls. "Was not." Zhu Ziyun tiptoe stickers said, "This is just me and you the space of two people, only two of us." Pleasant jasmine Liu Yunfei heart, Zhu Ziyun intentionally husky voice filled with Liu Yunfei ear mature women temptation. Liu Yunfei excited to get hold of her, suddenly her Hengbao up princess hold to enter the room, the feet shut the door. Zhuzi Yun and Liu Yunfei understanding as if for the first time and as shy nest in his arms, looking forward to a little he forced the throw on the bed. After the Passion, Zhu Ziyun lying on Liu Yunfei chest playfully asked him: "That night we first met, you wanted to do?" "No." "Deceptive." Zhu Ziyun can not believe that she or her charm. confident. "And it did not lie to you." Liu Yunfei ring on her Man Yao smiled and said: "At that time only on your distressed angry why did such a good girl to go to the kind of place, the kind of place I was the only such scum should it go . since I saved you, how would you have other ideas that time I just put you as a sister to see. "" Well, no wonder I'm training of the meal, it seems I have tears. "Zhu Ziyun Sweet said. But also this evening, let her know that there are people concerned about her, but also let her fall hopelessly in love with a lot of people think that the waste. "You just cry it." Liu Yunfei bad thief thief bad smile, her deliberately provocative. Her attention back to the eyes,Canada Goose Manitoba Cheap. Zhu Ziyun Shua blushed, of course she knew she just why are you crying. Liu Yunfei sparing her her back pressure in the body and said: "little rascal, I am every day and make you cry." Big rogue, villain ... "Zhu Ziyun writhing body like struggling are also deemed to tease. Liu Yunfei worse laugh: "You say that I am a big rogue, I do not do something than I'm sorry you gave me the title?" However, no action a while growling voice interrupted the two passions. Zhu Ziyun laughing squid chaos to Britain, Liu Yunfei also embarrassed laugh. From noon to now no a little something to eat, even if the body carry live, but is able to prevent some of the reactions. "Obediently here, I'll get you something Chiqu." Zhu Ziyun just threw a piece of clothing out of bed. Here she installed heating system they do not fear the cold. Liu Yunfei astonishment asked: "So you go?" Zhu Ziyun did not speak, just thrown him a seductive winks back, of Liu Yunfei mind myth followed up. This dinner is completely you a me a meal, no separate specific dish chopsticks, eat and drink all in one, the experience is a love feeling. Liu Yunfei is also know to the Zhu Ziyun have this idea for a long time. Even though she knew that some things can not be avoided, but she is as a woman or something does not want to share with others. So secretly bought this place there is a very important memory for her and Liu Yunfei, only two people to give them their space. Do not want other here, just the two of them only. Feel almost gentle, Liu Yunfei clinging to this super-cute wife asked: "Blue sister they know was deliberately not at home?" "Was not." Zhu Ziyun proud wrinkled small nose: "This place is only you and I know , who do not know I pulled reason to cheat them out, and said I would like to talk with you. hum, they will never think that I will talk about law,Air Max 2010 Sale. "Liu Yunfei dumbfounding. This very generous woman, but she also has her selfish side, lovely people can not stand. Is also curious to ask her: "how it feels like underground affair like? Made such a mystery." "You found." Zhuzi Yun eyes outlined pleasure proud of lines, the most at the beginning she played this purpose, Xianbao the same Q him: "a sense of not feeling so very exciting? such as we are ... when the door suddenly flung open, and they come in our original hiding here what to do." Liu Yunfei feeling his heavy breathing, heartbeat in accelerated. Zhu Ziyun an angel,Canada Goose Mystique Parka, but also her devil side. She deliberately say, of course, is deliberately teasing him. Or why her body in so regularly friction twist. "You a bad girl." You taught me, not a bad girl, a man does not love you hope that I'm a lady, or ... "" like. "Liu Yunfei up the next day to find that he has returned to his room, what happened yesterday is like a dream. He can not remember the specific number of only feeling he and Zhu Ziyun become a captive of desire, nothing to think about. "Up?" Comparing Liu Yunfei also point Yaosuanbeiteng to and Zhu Ziyun ruddy come. See her sport dress there is no dry sweat just had finished the dance back in the gym. "What happened yesterday ... I was in a dream?" Liu Yunfei totally can not remember how he is back, only he is dreaming to explain why. "Yesterday? Yesterday what ah? Yunfei, if you are not asleep. Yesterday rice also did not, we found you when you fainted in bed, we are scared to death. Almost call you to the hospital hanging grape water. "Sure enough, it was a dream." Liu Yunfei very sorry, also a feeling that the dream is too real, heart if you really like the little place nice to have a dream as he and Zhu Ziyun alone. Also saw Zhu Ziyun end came in white rice and pickles, end over a big mouth yi duo complement the loss of energy of the body. He agreed to wind chimes children remember what they continue to play at night, after eating it now appears to hurry up to apologize to them, tell them what happened yesterday why he is no way on line. But standing by the bed to pack things Zhuzi Yun Puchi could not help but smile, Liu Yunfei laugh froze. Holding a bowl do not know how she had. Zhu Ziyun finally could not help but smile, saw Liu Yunfei look stupid look more like laughing. Dinner of his hand, snatched back into bed, and ride cross-Liu Yunfei body charming, draped over his shoulder and asked him: "rogue, you said that when the next time we go to it?" Silky Wusi pouring The pink lips delicate moist, double eyelid big eyes silent witness to the fiery brotherhood, Liu Yunfei nose and mouth overflowing all jasmine Zhu Ziyun body comes out. Liu Yunfei understand, the original all ...... is not a dream.
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