water can be sucked from the sea

October 10 [Wed], 2012, 11:26

The> Carnival glory number, the fighting is fierce. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm fact, that is strong, not quite right, because the party Ray really fighting, from beginning to end is sitting nine days Fengming chair Enron fighting other candidates stop for forward, the head of this martial art, that sects were the main ..., but whether it is the head or to send the main, stop bombers flying off the stage. Until now, no one can be forced to Ray really stand up from a chair, indicates this battle easily. Until now, the Northeast comprehension for martial have to understand a single one-on-even wheel warfare, there is absolutely no one can Dide Guo Lei true, even forced her up by the seats are too difficult to be too difficult. But even if the know, this war but also the act, had to fight. If you do not fight is to admit to lose, lose it from the north comprehension League of various sects gave Shoulong to go, so they are not pounding. A martial head up the challenge, and one after another the head of the defeated. This time, defeated the new head of the ghost knife gate, the ghost knife gate the new head of the Oriental thick Although there is a considerable gap between the yellow and the previous-generation head of all sly, but in many head which can be considered quite amazing the players, but this is simply the defeat. At this time, Chu Yu Ching, remembered saying Lin teach yourself. sleeves snow sword in the hands of footsteps assumed a posture handed sword. Although the true thunder blade will not scabbard, but it is far from Mujian comparable. Seems to be a continuation of that war folk aristocracy Middle School Kendo Club, this time, Ray truth and Chu Yu Ching together. Ray a true white shirt, plain black school dress, white stockings and white shoes, the hands of the same holding is not really mine edge scabbard. Chu Yu Ching white shirt, white skirt, white socks, white sneakers, holds in his hand the general sleeve snow sword in the snow and ice. All in all,Northface Gloves, it seems that is entirely a repeat of the folk art aristocratic Middle School Kendo club sword, But when the third measure,UGGs Amelie, really really Ray Ray edge sleeves snow sword blocked. Ray really micro shocked: pressure in the cuff snow sword, Chu Yu Ching forehead, already thin fragrant perspiration to emerge. Obviously, Chu Yu Ching may no longer resist the next trick. Then hear this dialogue the next comprehension for those who are talking about, really,UGG Waverly Sale, to resist Lei true, also only Hsing-white. Hsing-white and just where you are? These two days did not see him, seems to not come. At this point, leave the carnival glory No. twenty-two days, as long as the forest wake up white again boarded the cruise ship. Ray really the moment to put away their true Ray Blade, since Lin wake white appeared, she no interest in Chu Yu Ching: say planted ten thousand sea carcass arrows in this conspiracy. Tu really really let ten thousand sea the arrow facing,Northface Down Vest Sale, these head, the elders do not have a say who will be able to escape, even spared the lives of seriously injured is also inevitable. If Diyun followed the next move, then the consequences could completely be disastrous. Fortunately, plan of Diyun is destroyed. Members head, the elders mercilessly wiped the sweat. Since Diyun side plan was completely destroyed, and then look at the deck now. Deck, Ray really stood up white sailor dress with the sea winds blow: applicable. Do not say any more what, now, do not have any words any machinations useless, now is the Competition Ray really white and Lin woke party who is strong and who is weak, strong victory, the weaker party failed, and so only. Of course, this war is still quite large bets. Lin wake white lost that natural, Ray really smooth unify various comprehension for martial grand unified, Northern comprehension coalition strength Dajin. If the forest is awake and White wins, Ray really fail, the result is also very simple, the annexation of other martial art is naturally impossible, Northern comprehension coalition also greatly sacrificed some strength. The stakes of this war, is to determine the Northeast this land, in addition to the outside the northeast demon associated most powerful overlord. The sea breeze fluttering zips right, this time not just fluttering sea breeze, the wind increasing, simply blew blinded to this case, the line of sight can be seen on the sea, whipped up a while quite a strong wind - tornado. A tornado is a accompanied by strong winds of the high-speed rotating funnel cloud column vortex. The tornado center near the wind speed of up to 100m / s ~ 200m / s, maximum 300m / s than typhoon maximum wind speed near the center several times. The central pressure is very low, and can be as low as 400hPa, as low as 200hPa. It has a significant role in sucking sea (lake) water can be sucked from the sea (lake) surface, the formation of the water column, and then the same cloud phase, commonly known as the This channel sea tornado, by the line of sight can see rapid volume over along the sea water sucked the air go of their past, that is, connected together with the whales past tornado exceedingly overbearing, just like a broken open the heavens and the earth supreme Vaillant, Volume sucking sea, away into the sky. Tornado of this road, I'm afraid there are tens of meters wide, long into the sky, and I do not know in the end how many meters, which is obviously a massive tornado. This time Hei Yaya days, the deep blue of the sea. Between heaven and earth, the only channel tornado, and aboard the Carnival glory number. Seems broken sea tornado can rend the heavens, and over the high-speed roll toward the cruise ship. The tornado came, seems to want the whole ship to destroy general. Carnival glory numbers began to stop shaking. The tornado came to wake white, more to the forest, and mine really a war, plus many Viagra help many Hing, this war, destined extraordinary. Carnival glory on people, a moment to look at the coming tornado, a moment to look at the two upcoming war. Very tense atmosphere in the spread! ~! . . <

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