Liu had no performance

October 15 [Mon], 2012, 12:13
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultHuang Xin said Ye Zetao said to Liu Mengyi ,it immediately aroused against Liu Dongxiong ,more quickly Timberland Womens Boots Sale,for they Liu entry ,Ye Zetao this is the limit .
/ / bean curd novel no window to see the latest chapter / odd no window Qi don say Liu Dongxiong ,Liu Dongyu are very difficult to accept .Help Ye Zetao is possible, however ,to make them the power to Ye Zetao, this is they don .
Liu Dongyu and Liu Dongxiong each had two sons ,if the power into the hands of Ye Zetao ,his son can get this powerful resource ?This is the two of them are difficult to accept ,besides ,for Ye Zetao, appreciation is one thing ,to the strength to him ,there is no thought ,that they could not accept .
Liu Yulu is ambiguous ideas ,however ,of course she tends to Liu ,Ye Zetao took control of the resources with worry ,just sat there without speaking .The room was quiet .Liu Dongliu with a variable ,he did not understand your ideas ,heart dark sigh ,usually to speak well, the true interests of the time ,this attitude changed ,Ye Zetao is obviously a big development period ,if not the resources support ,disunity is inevitable ,even if not for its own sake, also for her daughter with ideas ,in this lost to Zheng home ,her daughter is not better than the days .
Of course ,Liu Dongliu also has an all don calculations, he believed that as long as he and Ye Zetao do some things ,perhaps really able to take their outgoing Liu vein down here .Huang Xin is a bit ugly ,Ye Zetao is the son-in-law ,can do this to Ye Zetao ?When Ye Zetao was in the Zheng family appear relaxed .
Fang Meiying is on the Ye Zetao daughter ,see her so happy ,pleasant feelings are very . Or the sea rare today ,Yao Zheng has time ,you drink ? Zheng Chengzhong also smiled: long time no and or sea drink, just Ze Tao also ,we drink .
Yang Shenghai certainly happy ,and Zheng Chengzhong formed a relatively close relationship ,it is oneself this time to Beijing is one of the most important work . To accompany the old leadership to drink ,but I have to ! Zheng Chengzhong smiled and said: m here to be a bit of wine .
Zheng Xiaorou is happy: I go to arrange food . Ye Zetao said: I have to help busy . Fang Meiying smiled and said: I think that one is you father ,Bo ,I have also called him ,a long time did not sit together .
Zheng Chengzhong nodded: well ,he is also called . Yang Shenghai looked at Ye Zetao with a sigh ,dark ,this many a Ye Zetao background !Fang Meiying was there on the phone .After calling ,Fang Meiying smiled and said : they are all right ,I am called .
Zheng Chengzhong ha laughs: the progress of Huyan Bo great possibility ,or sea ,he is old Ninghai into ,you should begin the work, should communicate with him about is . Yang Shenghai knows that this is also the Zheng family hopes in Ninghai more power means ,heart will be touched, old leadership not only in helping Ye Zetao ,also for their care !Huyan Bo progress high voice ,he was in Ninghai and has a very strong force, if can get his support, his work is more convenient .
See Ye Zetao along with it, Fang Meiying smiled : Ze of Tao, here you will not have to help, not much . Zheng Xiaorou also said : Ze of Tao, you spend time with your governor ,it would not have you busy .
Ye Zetao said: no me many things . Zheng Xiaorou smiled and said: to try various devices to front to lead you to the arch ,good ,so good opportunity not catch ! Fang Meiying smiled and said : what did it matter .
Fang Meiying also has the idea ,Ye Zetao with Warwick support ,there is no entry can easily he ,Yang Shenghai is nothing but Zheng Department ,with no capital not too big relations .
Ze of Tao, then, you are busy for a while ,you also want a dad they come ,Yao hot ,you are busy ,sweat ,I see you to take a bath ,and then rest ,wait a minute before I can accompany you chat yao .
Fang Meiying said to Ye Zetao .Then Zheng small Judo : you not to buy a lot of clothes ,help Ze Tao . Zheng Xiaorou to Ye Zetao : I bought you some clothes ,you try to go . Ye Zetao thought it too obvious ,will cause the doubting Yang Shenghai ,said : mother ,or this dress .
Fang Meiying was thinking about it ,nodded: you do . At the two to leave, Fang Meiying said to himself : these young people ! After a while ,Zheng Xiaorou arranged to come over, Fang Meiying gave her a glance : pay attention ,you don ,Ze Tao will progress into the house ,you good ,beside the road ! Zheng Xiaorou red, with no so-called : a the anyway ,what ! Fang Meiying laughed and shouted: this dead girl ,no face no skin !You can go and take a shower ,hot days ,sweat all over the body !You smell ! Zheng Xiaorou is red ,charming be angry : mom ! Now she can understand mother asked Ye Zetao to take a shower ,can carry what .
Well, well UGG Classic Metallic, I will not say you, you the things are like this, you should have some plan is . Going to do ? Your father has an idea ,he wants to have a family name Zheng offspring ,you have a look right when you are not one ,this can be a lifetime alone, although you do ,after all you are not prescribed in ,give birth to a child, then I say is adopted ! Mom ,I thought, adopt excuse on child development is not too good ,I still want to make the child at least know who was his mother .
Two mother and daughter is here to discuss the matter .Ye Zetao to take a shower after react Fang Meiying allowed herself to take a shower of reason ,hot and Zheng in chaos as a body ,have strange ,also shook his head ,his mother-in-law is really a smart entry !Ye Zetao certainly not in the Zheng family so rest ,wash bath ,hair would not wash .
See Ye Zetao walk out ,Fang Meiying sees Ye Zetao 1000 ,secretly nod unceasingly, heart was thinking ,Ze Tao that can develop so well ,he is a very attention section into the matter ,if he really hair washed out ,Yang Shenghai is bound to see, it will caused some unnecessary trouble ,Ye Zetao even the thought of this ,very good !Zheng Xiaorou did not like to think, see Ye Zetao 1000 ,he said : do not wash your hair? Ye Zetao smiled and said : no.
. Zheng Xiaorou took Ye Zetao said: I underwear is special for you, has not changed ? Change . Ye Zetao is uncomfortable .Fang Meiying smiled and said : dedicated to you leave a room, in all packed ,back to also can rest .
Ye Zetao hearts are warm ,the Zheng family on their own is really good, various arrangements are meticulous ,see Liu ,it is high in !To talk ,think Yang Shenghai is governor ,he should stay with him is .
Ye Zetao smiled and said: I went to the living room ! Fang Meiying smiled and said : go to . Watching Ye Zetao go ,Fang Meiying seriously to his daughter : don guess you into the thing is not the things ,bear these in mind ,to pay attention to some of the still must notice is ,don affect the development of Ze of tao .
Zheng Xiaorou smiled and said : know ! See Ye Zetao walking past ,Zheng Chengzhong smiled : Ze of Tao, you talk about your next Caohai development ideas . Yang Shenghai smile to look to Ye Zetao : I have just written with Zheng is talking to an impoverished area take off deficient problem ,in this respect you lake county also has a lot of experience ,I also want you to the next step of Caohai deficient work ideas .
Ye Zetao opportunities like this are rare ,said : I really have some ideas ,along with three road opened, water is no longer a closed area ,and the three provinces of the connection became the center ,if we increase the investment on Caohai ,had the privilege of policy ,and service management improved, more a fair competition environment ,and environmental improvement ,3 provinces businessmen have Lake County as their development of a new opportunity ,this will not worry Caohai could not be developed .
By the merchants of Caohai interest ,we can carry out various attempts in each industry ,a large number of rural idle pneumatic power can have more money ,with the income ,again by the village Party branch in a variety of entrepreneurial guidance ,project development ,I believe that soon could complete the task that takes off deficient .
.. ... Ye Zetao a lot of ,speak his thoughts .Yang Shenghai was just to listen to ,it means to give Zheng Chengzhong a face ,however, heard Ye Zetao a set of ideas UGG Noella Clearance Sale,Yang Shenghai is touched ,if really by Ye Zetao thinks of development mode, don Caohai can have great progress ,the black orchid city development will be promoted .
Just then ,the couple is Huyan Bo Ha came in smiling ,they and the Zheng family is very familiar with . thousands of dad ,mom . Ye Zetao hastily rose to greet .See also Ye Zetao here, Huyan Bo express volumes : start here ! Ye Zetao embarrassed smile .
Fang Meiying now walked out ,smiled and said: this Yao Zheng at home, just or sea came in ,everyone gathers . Soon put a big table .Cheng is a specialized service to members, these things done quickly .
We sat down ,Huyan Bo smiles: or the sea ,after coming to Ninghai ,work well ? Several into the soon to work in Ninghai .In their level of about Yao ,Ye Zetao only listen ,he did not idle ,do not stop for all men .
Is eating dinner, Ye Zetao also had a phone call from Liu Mengyi .Liu Mengyi is his mother request to call Ye Zetao ,aims to urge Ye Zetao to Liu ,Liu into while not to come up with a way ,but also worried about Ye Zetao in the Zheng family for a long time a problem .
Ze of Tao, in what to do ? Ye Zetao just ate a meal ,he said: this is a father and mother to thousands ,and Yang Sheng ,we are having dinner ,after dinner on the back . Liu Mengyi said the sentence drink a little wine .
Off the phone ,Huang Xin daughter : Ze Tao said what ? Liu Mengyi told Ye Zetao that the contents .To hear Ye Zetao father and mother are thousands of thousands to home Zheng ,Huang Xin a frown Timberland 3 Eye Shoes,once again came to the room .
Liu was a few into the family ,especially the study of Liu Fan and Liu Zheng arranged to where things .To hear Huang Xin say one database to Zheng home, everyone is a shock .Liu Dong channel : obviously, now Zheng Chengzhong Huyan Bo also held to create conditions for Ze Tao ! He said these words, the few into silence ,comparative so obvious ,Zheng home help so powerful ,Liu had no performance ,it is really to let Ye Zetao centrifugal .
Was silent for a moment UGGs Bailey Button Fancy Boots Sale,Liu rain : actually, I also have an idea ,he is in when you have many places of power ,now those forces are basic scattered, belong to a number of supernumerary forces ,why not let Ze Tao go down ? Liu Dongxiong patted the thigh : that ,but who we can them, they also hesitant ,referring to the Ze of Tao, he can make things ,is his ! Liu Dongyu nodded: walking on two legs ,who although much, but not too much force ,we manage Liu into core layer on the line .
Then Liu Dongliu have changed greatly, said : one of the things I want to say ,Liu ,I think the core into the member to the second charge, since I am the Ze Tao ,the periphery thing I shall help Ze Tao engage ,you see how like ? Not knowing that Liu Dongliu has such a big change ,they all look at him .
Liu Dong channel : so ,I will concentrate on Ze Tao this thing well, lest energy gubuguolai . He help his son-in-law !We feel some heavy, just about half days did not give to Ye Zetao is funded benefits ,Liu Dongliu the father-in-law heart uncomfortable !Liu Dongxiong is the most do not want the benefits to the family name of Ye Zetao ,he said : since big brother said ,I see or so ,two force each other to take care of ,Liu is also good .
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