to ease the enormous pressure of the energy received by the body

November 01 [Thu], 2012, 12:44

Cattle bb fiction reading network for you to recommend a number of wife warlords Magic Princess too difficult to chase entropy Princess than concubine gold medal Princess cold Meier the Shenglong town helped the Shadows Lie to deal with things at the Sun Yifeng left over At this point Liu Mengying they all ran back to their respective Munekado to practice the cold Meier is a spiritual teacher Northface Denali Hoodie, this time was helping the Shadows Lie take care of Nangong family things, after all holy Longcheng too great, then the encyclical Lingshuang they all ran practice, St. the Longcheng side manpower on not too good enough at this time is the palace awe-inspiring, the palace Aotian father and his mother, according to Lin, has not so leisurely. Soon, the cold Meier to Lee leisurely and ** Hill before the will begin to retreat a few days, and I think you will have a great advantage. guru in practice most important to rely on the state of mind. Tianxin tactic after practice, this is not your biggest obstacle now you less spiritual power , it is still a little way to dawn smiled, said strength is now less than that heritage Northface Men's Windstopper, so I'm going to let you to accept the inheritance. , heritage need three days, heritage after the same time, you also need a closed-door practice in a month's time, in the end, you can get much benefit you good luck. Cold Meier said quickly. To dawn they of course Aiwujiwu to. Palace Ao Tian in Inner Senses years just know constantly practicing the Inner Senses energy really extremely abundant, and filled with the forces of oppression, which makes the palace Aotian had been trying to practice vindictive and spiritual power, to ease the enormous pressure of the energy received by the body, while the Taiji disc of the palace Aotian head has been in constant rotation, this time the palace Aotian the body of the Spirit of God and the soul comes out colorful glow has been getting stronger Now is a range of three meters outside the palace Aotian whole body are faint five Caixia Rays shrouded. The Skeleton King the palace Aotian not far around, who turned out to also have extremely light multicolored glow. And although some gray bones this time turned out to have been exudes Yingying Baimang seems the bones of the skeleton king face began to pale. Or the kind of shiny white. Course, the palace Aotian not know the skull Wang Fasheng the change, still fully involved in the practice being, after all, this month a rare opportunity this time Nangong Aotian do not want anything the slightest distraction Michael Kors Hamilton. But the breakthrough came this time does not seem so smoothly, the palace Aotian do not know how long practicing Northface Windstopper, but it is always not been able to once again break. Of course, at this time the palace Aotian spiritual power also has been a lot of growth, has eight bands peak at this time, but the same, you want to qualify for the ninth order opportunity has not come. Know that some things can not be in a hurry, the palace Aotian full pacification of the thoughts of the hearts, just concentrate being put in practice. The this time Nangong Aotian spiritual power and initiates the grudge. The Palace Aotian use of spiritual power and vindictiveness degree of understanding, there has been a great deal of progress. Palace Aotian know, want to again qualify only wait until the opportunity come around again, this time worry no role under the rotation of the mind, so they began to devote all our energies to research a grudge with the tacit understanding of the spiritual power. Inner Senses in this, and there is no concept of time the palace Aotian never stop practicing, although the strength of sophisticated very slow, but in this state continue to stabilize the foundation of a solid foundation but no less than in the outside The effect is strong, several times more than. Continued operation of spiritual power and vindictiveness while Palace Aotian started trying to constantly resorted to their own deity avatar. Spiritual power and vindictive tie has become increasingly skillful. For use avatar palace Aotian more and more handy, unwittingly, the palace Aotian completely immersed in the study the vindictive and spiritual force the tie into go Nike Air Griffey Max Shoes. You go into the tie in the palace Aotian wholeheartedly invested into research the vindictive and spiritual force, do not know after how long. Pubic region at the sinking of the palace Aotian soul transparent beads, suddenly sent a burst of bright colorful glow. Ready to rest? President only joy does not love looking door lady concubine strongest Queen's scared of China first-class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult to obey first pulled the little Princess devil darling Merry Missy sake of the child with husband

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