Qin Fei whole body is a treasure many stunts loss where opponent

November 22 [Thu], 2012, 16:20

The article best the refining division 820 chapters, if you like the best refining division 820 chapters collection of Need refining division 820 chapters! 820 the chapter King City Wars very deep feelings between the two and spoke naturally very casual. However this is the case, the words come out of his heartless, still attracted a pay Marshal supercilious children. Brats Ya cloud them several strength raised to Plough level, do not help me an old man, almost no little care for the young the virtues. This is a kind of contempt, the contempt of a naked! majestic momentum forward direct command of Coronel Mesquita both man and sword and cut off for two and a half children. Ah? Amazing UGG Triplet! The At this point of his strength is transcendent identity Geng Shibi general monarch must be distinguished, not looked down on for a small Santo natural UGG Fringe Cardy. That loss in the hands of guns directly cut off, but fortunately he flash quickly, or else the sword alone will have to kill him. Loss of one hand UGG Women's Jimmy Choo Mandah, surprised Qin flying super strength, on the other hand do glad that they flash quickly. But his idea did not flash, Qin Fei's voice already appeared again in his ear: Qin Fei, the ear, that loss was covered hairs bristling up Sora UGG. Plough level strength, he has always been very confident. But his face Qin fly strange shenfa of actually help revealing the color of panic. Flame rope! Moreover, Qin Fei whole body is a treasure, many stunts loss where opponent. Qin fly by the trace of the sacred fire of the formation of a fire rope, put that loss tied up. The flame burning Zhilie with his body, issued a shrill screams so straight loss. This loss of a great general but millions of military command, and he has a very high prestige in the military has always been. This time his men in the Qin Fei showed the awkward side straight so that million Army is not exposed by the hesitation of color. Qin fly just casually out of the hands, then the general morale blow to the lowest point, which makes that side of the pay Marshal looked not help secretly nod. Under the unbearable pain, he could not help toward Qin Fei nodded UGG Adirondack Tall For Cheap. eight Corps, a commander of the group, the group of two Marshal the four Fushuai, and thousands of elite corps. significantly cried. Speeding provide the best refining division 820 chapters full text reading, if you like Need for refining division 820 chapters collection of Need refining division 820 chapters!

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