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May 13 [Tue], 2014, 20:03

11:30 am, the two sides the meeting, Foreign argument is not yet achieved any consensus. In fact, the two sides have reached some preliminary agreements, the specific details being negotiated, but the normal growth of the stock market does not currently allow representatives of the sea and the sea Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet moving moving Industrial Industrial Zhao Yunlong can not be accepted. With more than 100,000 prices, had only 60 yuan to buy the stock, it http://www.bricscad.infois a fool. Therefore, Zhao Yunlong are ready to let the stock cool. Of course, down 60 yuan it is unrealistic, but dropped yuan, is entirely possible, but, also to ensure the healthy development of the stock market, will not impact on a large number of people.

while the brilliant auction party is concerned, it does not want the stock market soaring again. Because this is a merger, not a normal development. Such skyrocketing continues, will affect the progress of the merger event. Industrial action outweigh the sea once felt, Ray Ban Aviator 3025 gave up, then brilliant auction cry no tears are falling grams. Therefore, in the stock market this matter, the parties did surprisingly consistent, to cool the stock market. But, the cooling intensity is different. Shanghai Dynamic Industry maximum allowable per million, while the auction house is ready to be brilliant price stabilized at around 30,000.

afternoon, the two sides began talks on the stock price, in any case has now soared to 150,000 shares, so that both sides can not be accepted. After all, a stock is 150,000, and had a brilliant auction shares outstanding was 200 million! To all of these shares repurchases, need to pay 300 billion yuan! Wang has not been so stupid! Moreover, the auction house will not be brilliant to daydream, to really be the case, the sea will definitely move Industries let go, without the slightest doubt. Ray Ban Active Lifestyle

Moreover, many people are beginning to recognize this problem and are speeding up the time in the hands of stock thrown, but this one of those people walking more or rope, you want to make a wrong move in the sea and brilliant Auction Industry Before things, try to hug the money, so to maximize profits. Moreover, the rising trend now full, there really is not a little bit, even minor fluctuations. However, nine in public is still blind follow-up Ray Bans Sale and did not take into account so much, only to see that the stock is still soaring, it is crazy to buy and sell, or stockpile, until a vertex and then sold.

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