the Zhongyang legend stood in

October 15 [Mon], 2012, 15:11

> Horse carrying air into his camouflage package on the County to the mouth of the town's bus, he refused the Organization Department of the recommendations he took office, to decide alone go estuary town report. The the www! QUaNBEN! Mayor of the town cOM estuary vacancies long before formal appointments natural people have to wait until the year after Assembly announced, he is now temporarily to the estuary presided over the work. A bit far from the road, the horse leaning empty into the seat, the car Mercedes-Benz on the road, the estuary town the Yongchuan Hengyang bordering town, Yongchuan to Hengyang provincial highways would naturally through the estuary, which also should be Hekou Town slightly better economic in other township reasons. Stone Mountain flashed a lot along the way, bare mountains, some huge rock, only a few sparse tree growth on rocks weeds add a trace of green leaves, this monotonous landscape. Heard say coming or mayor ass relationship with me! , also owned by the mayor of the tube! He is to say, the whole car was lifted interest, if it is, as he said, but the mouth of the town, a big thing. Liu Mazi, he ** Do not talk nonsense ah! Estuary town has always been Chen Kai straight final say, he would allow an outsider Hukouduoshi fails? rogue local ruffians are afraid to go on the boundary of Guanyin town! Horse empty into! Horse empty into a moment, but did not think of their own fame could be so much, could not help a faint smile: how, the elite of the people is the County Police Force, he became director of months put Guanyin town rogue guts shot and killed, lay down their rhetoric Guanyin town does not allow pickpockets Leng Shimo which was mid-loss, we almost six months without pay and friends! How cement plant? Cement Plant? County of Star Enterprise? what, how has become annual losses, are unable to pay wages? Well! Horse empty into the hearts secretly sigh, the original thought that the the estuary town's economic situation is gratifying to dry out a career Ye Hao chimed in with their own article, and at the moment it seems the situation is still very grim ah, even the cement plant Star Enterprise empty shells, that other industries? Station, the station! Carrying a green camouflage pack horse empty into the next car, the east side of the station in the town, from the town government, there are a few hundred meters away, all the way slowly walked past, and today happens to be the the estuary town to catch dike day people everywhere on the streets, street stretches hundreds of meters long, size shops put goods placed in the open air for people to pick the whole town seems to be being immersed in the lively. The bustling town government is coming and going in the, horse air into Lin Zhaobao into the compound, and this is a glimpse of the whole picture of the mouth of the town government compound, yard trees rich, three three-story buildings finished glyph stands in the thicket of trees and flowers. The head of a front coming and going, presumably office buildings, horse empty into carrying camouflage package went. Looked up and saw the sign of the estuary town government party and government office, Ma empty into carrying a package went in, the office is open, a man and a woman was lying on the table what was written, the two seem to have found no horse empty into the arrival . Horse put down empty into camouflage package, gently knocked on the door, the man and the woman looked up and looked over at the same time, the the handsome girl looks Cuisheng Chan said a: to reports, should also how the town leaders came out to greet about it, not even a shadow of the town leaders can not see! go? Chen Kai straight This is made clear to give yourself a blow! County Organization Department has been notified to the town, and he do not know how to report to work today,North Face Men's Denali Jackets? This guy seems a little emboldened ah! But he knew that, once the county leadership really sent him over the post, Chen Kai straight will definitely put on the best parade to welcome him to the mayor! After a few moments, a bespectacled middle-aged man hurried over. His eyes swept away on the ground camouflage package immediately out of the hands: armed fighting event has occurred, Chen Shuji went with a member of the Party Group the Tangkou reservoir site office! The office will not actually but the office will also take away the Office of the Director of the Party and government! Koga to Ma Zhenchang a cup of tea, hurry up,UGGs Tasmina Boots! table chat with colleagues. County youngest mayor, she naturally heard horse empty into the heroic deeds are the Zhongyang legend stood in front of her, how she can not help but secretly looked this county countless girls reckoning in the idol! room, you go to Ma Zhenzhang tidy. Xiaolan, you help Mazhen Zhang luggage the estuary town accommodation in good condition, is a town leaders live, two staff live in town. Room Ershiyiting, a kitchen and a bathroom layout, the rooms are renovated, laying a wooden floor, the wall brush on a white wall paint, and placed in the living room with a new sofa,UGG Jimmy Choo Boots, coffee table, one should furniture everything, air conditioning, television are new to put something really good condition! was not happy. Not to mention the popular character horse empty into the whole famous Zhongyang County Yiyanbuge shot. Zhang Yunfu's eyes flashed a happy expression the obviously empty into Ma Chen Kai straight to give birth to the dissatisfaction of the heart,Timberland Winter Snow Sale, a person of Li Qing, a Li Jun, who, I am afraid that the mouth of the town since then it does not calm down. However, for him, this is obviously a good opportunity, do not you? E! ~! . . <

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