now Wan soul gathered I ground Wong

October 16 [Tue], 2012, 11:26

> flying! clear all NPC monsters are at this moment trembling crawl rather than on general seems to meet the natural enemies, allowing players to attack but did not resist. WWw. qUanBen. COm rebirth back, I will destroy days, I am for God, will be free for the first! Black beam into a stalwart figure gradually revealed, we also did not look at his appearance, but even with a pair of eyes, it gives the feeling of a Harbourside! What is God? This is a God! A grip of death left fist day turmoil look death right fist a grip the earth tremble look! Soul come back! Soul come back! light toward Road dark beam Ben. 731 souls and six soul is divided into 13 people to death returned soul homing! people could not help but tremble under coercion, they can feel the power of death is the gradual recovery, which is an mortals simply can not match the power of. black sword in hand death. Edged Bloody Longbow cross back, a black sword in hand, a bow sword, unparalleled in the world! those who have never seen the strongest in the game is drawn out, so much mine, all this is actually caused by a player. This ...... This is incredible, right? Wu Chi coldly sweep toward the crowd, eyes wherever he went, they only feel the soul shocked, and a chill run out from the bottom of my heart, the eyes, this momentum simply unbeatable! the skull, the skull is cold stare Wu Chi. Wu Chi same slightly raised his head, mouth outline smile said: that wander the power of the devil, this time I see you, how to seal my, this returned, I want to kill his days! the power of death, even though concise Void devil,UGG Neema Sale, you still is not my opponent, I would be the greatest king in my world! death, lay down your heart obsession,UGG Butte, if you are willing to lay down their obsession in mind, I am willing to together with you to master this piece of heaven and earth. ? This time, I'd rather spend a half of heaven and earth, you must be completely destroyed! went up,Northface Denali Sale, the huge death force the moment they put these bright swallowed. Wu Chi mad laughs: ! Monstrous death of the gas that comes out from the Wu Chi, each time waving his sword, and day to crack a hole. Double superimposed under the power of death and the void Demon force, Wu Chi now prolapse six cycle severed Baraka, the day he did not do nothing,UGG Raya! But Wu Chi, after all, in the film world, limited its own power one day so deadlocked, fighting a full three days and three nights, one day more than at countless space cracks continue spreading this space has been can not automatically repair these cracks and becomes precarious. Days the eyes constantly flashing, hesitated for a moment, the day spoke and said: Then you close hand how? San nightmare already not the original mud blocks look like, but turned into a very handsome young man. , you and me has always been at the same level, you, how may destroy me? now Wan soul gathered I ground Wong San nightmare, has returned to today, I have to combine my master, wrong, I will have to jointly Death to rebuild six reincarnation, reforming world of order! edged black sword shoved toward God to shake off. Seven with chopped style! Seven even cut the second formula! Third type, the fourth type, V-type, the sixth type ... The film world into a smoke of days off, off in the last one and seven even cut above, Wu Chi incarnation as death came to understand the original these seven even cut simply by the death record, specifically to kill his days students ! Wu Chi smiled and said: This day a new look, free when! Beings free flying into this world, all hope is no longer a fantasy! This online game Diablo era also happened mutation, the establishment of a virtual world to the idealism in Wu Chi San nightmare efforts, finally in accordance with the expectations of those mad scientist to become a real world! Idealism into materialism, which became one of the most successful examples of ancient times to. Einstein's theory of relativity has finally been confirmed at this moment, because in addition to the space we live in, really establish a parallel space, just in this space, Wu Chi is the biggest king! (Quan Shuwan) <

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