words before the office there is a colleague

October 17 [Wed], 2012, 15:45
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultYe Yifanfinished the joke ? The house climate will warm up ,Han Yuting is almost smile on Ye Yifan body, and the side of Li Mengling is holding his mouth smiling .
www Li Mengling also think that they should not act so cramped ,one should follow leaf Yifan say two words ,so she slowly with the leaf where in the relationship between Han Yuting eyes will slowly change .
Miss Li Mengling said: although the story leaves you speak very interesting, but one thing I want to correct the UGG Finnegan Boots.The Internet is a Y Apple toxic reported ,but after investigation shows that it is rumored .
The other is to want to be famous so will do !We y apples are mostly exported ,exports need what kind of inspection and quarantine procedures you should know ,so that there is no set of a plastic bag on toxic said .
Although Li Mengling is in correct leaf a mistake ,but Ye Yifan did not feel heart uncomfortable .After all the own the news is hearsay ,since people know more about the people of course is more right to speak .
The most important is now has opened up once ,then atmosphere would not like before that awkward . Anything specific I really is not too clear ,since you are in the city of Y ,then you have specific tell us ,when popular science .
Ye Yifan wanted a schoolboy is .Of course, his aim is not to understand the related knowledge ,then he is not what the researchers ,know these things dried egg .Ye Yifan asked the main purpose is to let Li Mengling borrow this topic continues to say it .
Our apple in the growth process is set on the plastic bag ,but no toxic plastic bags !On the contrary nike store,on the plastic bag after spraying pesticide Apple itself with pesticides will be much less .
And a plastic bag is a very complicated engineering ,the apple tree has so many apples ,do you think that each set of a plastic bag is then a simple matter to do .Fruit farm to give apple a plastic bags are in need of one ,is to spend money !Fruit fruit is to earn money ,spent so much money on plastic bags for what, is lets the apple toxic ?This is obviously not logical ! Li Mengling is very professional explained .
Although Li Mengling are farmers ,but grew up in the city of y children does not know this thing ,even the parents in this line of work are always doing that relatives .So I see someone to fame was so black hard fruit grower people when, Li Mengling also a bit angry .
And you don ,actually set the bag also is to have cultured ,where we will give apple on two bags ,is for the apples grow out better coloring .At the beginning of a fresh from the bag out of the apple is white ,in a few days later will turn red ,so you can sell a little expensive, so what apple on the plastic bag is toxic to completely is nonsense ! Ye Yifan corner if you wrote it on the rush in front of Li Mengling ,maybe Li Mengling will hit up dead people .
What, so that is what it is. Oh ,together with Meng Ling chat is really long knowledge !In addition we should say these so serious topic ,say something easy not good .Just who said that to tell jokes to Meng Ling ,or tell you a ? Ye Yifan still wants Li Mengling to continue to speak .
Ye Yifan said Li Mengling also react oneself just is really too seriously .Li Mengling face with a shy expression, said: I too will speak a joke ,as leaves you and then another ,I think your jokes still very interesting ! Well ,since you so that I would say ,a few .
Then Ye Yifan began to consider to give two girls what kind of joke UGG Fringe Cardy Boots?Ye Yifan knew that the joke is really a lot ,before the pub when boring Liu Mengxin and Liu Hao often several jokes to make us happy UGG Cayha Shoes.
But the problem is they two will joke basically are the kind of pornography .If it is in the bar with the bar woman tell that joke certainly no problem .But now to give Han Yuting and Li Mengling these two little girl speaking these things a bit awkward .
After Ye Yifan finally remembered there still be a joke ,he cleared his throat said afterwards: words before the office there is a colleague ,I finished lunch that day after he was in office filing of mad !You know ,summer open air conditioning off taste is flying out the window .
So the entire office he was out of the atmosphere was foul .Finally we have a colleague can pointed to the man nose and said you be quiet for a while! ?After this, when someone was appeased ,while we enjoy fresh air, only just fart colleagues on the bench a mad shake .
Asked why the other replied ,if farting noisy to us, now replaced by vibration ! Brother ,how can you be so disgusting ! Listen to Ye Yifan joke ,Han Yuting laugh at the same time also not forget to complain that the upper lobe where one sentence .
But having said that Ye Yifan this joke is that two girls smile .At the sight of his own jokes have the effect of make persistent efforts ,Ye Yifan also told a joke ,but slightly a little yellow .
Say my vampire chat. Little said :" ;alas ,recent life adversity ,haven drink blood ." ;old said :" ;I did not ah ,I have only to the female toilet pick point tea bubble boiling water to drink " ; leaves a joke finished, but the two girls did not first time to react to this joke bursting point where .
Han Yuting be poker-faced the frowning thought for a moment and then said : the joke of the bursting point in what place? Why is that old vampire to female toilets inside what to drink tea ?Brother ,you will not be so disgusting !? Han Yuting frowned do not understand to ask .
Ahem . Ye Yifan heart this is an awkward ,jokes are most afraid of is the joke people did not understand the joke where the bursting point .But with Ye Yifan this joke is a bit yellow joke ,which made him with Han Yuting and others to explain how this joke bursting point in any place .
Let me explain ,this kind of thing you ever drink oolong tea ? Ye Yifan asked . Drink ,I like to drink . Han Yuting quickly replied . It is easy to explain .There is a kind of Oolong tea in bags, small bags into the quilt pour the water then can put tea leaves soaked out you know ? Ye Yifan then said .
with the joke what specific relationship ? Han Yuting still does not understand the question .Ye Yifan suddenly helpless, usually when Han Yuting looks smart ,how now became so slow ? Well ,do not understand the joke did not matter ,I then give you two tell another joke .
Once upon a time there were three vampire in the bar to drink ,one of the two vampire with the bartender for the blood of virgins .But until the third vampire you just wanted a cup of pure water .
Just before the two vampire didn ,the other mysterious took out a woman has just run out of sanitary napkins ,and proud of the two vampire said : brother now like to drink tea ! .
After second a joke after the two woman to see light suddenly ,turn out the first joke of the bursting point in this place !Two girls laugh and feel shy laugh now ,after all that sort of thing is the girl most things ,Ye Yifan now with that kind of thing make fun of UGG Montclair Boots,is really too bad ! Annoying !Brother ,you really hate ,what kind of joke is told, don we are the girls ?Annoying annoying ,you don ,for us .
Han Yuting said Ye Yifan discourse right to deprive .After Han Yuting and Li Mengling each told a few jokes ,everyone ha ha laugh .Then in three individuals with casual chatting two ,then Han Yuting imperceptibly to asleep .
Han Yuting slept very dependable, sleep ,with a smile on her lips .Han Yuting is asleep ,but Li Mengling and leaves where two individuals or in chat .Ye Yifan is the daytime sleep too much, Li Mengling is not easy to have this and leaves where opportunities to get along ,so she won sleep .
Two people conversation topic a bit to the adult side by, in determining what Han Yuting is really asleep after two people more act recklessly and care for nobody . Leaf brother you really are bad ,don know the girl that is ,the general situation is not to let others know it .
You should have that kind of thing joking with us, rotten to the core ! Li Mengling complained . This is nothing to be ashamed of ,the body physiological response to it, this thing is to drink cola to drink to eat ,to sleep ,sleepy ,hold to the toilet is a principle .
Just your heart on a barrier .Besides ,who will be doing nothing about you that question .I was curious, dream ,your cycle in normal ? Ye Yifan suddenly asked twitter . Of course I cycle is I don tell you !Go to bed ! The words of Li Mengling to a half after react that Ye Yifan is deliberately amuse her, so Li Mengling wouldn leaves Yifan ,she lay down on the bed and closed his eyes .
Can in such a long night ah ,today have rest here ,and now you are sleeping so how do I do ?Meng Ling: Oh ,you have no interest in doing the last night of interesting things ?I promise that I will make you sleep better .
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