A police department shook his head

October 16 [Tue], 2012, 18:21
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 210 chapter crime fighters for the arrival of Yang Xueguang ,house of Daoxian County had got everything ready ,as the county Standing Committee Yang Xueguang qualified in the county court to a set of two two-storey ,everything in the room is ready ,living facilities have everything that one expects to find ,though Yang Xue is only human ,kitchen facilities are complete .
Friends of Yang Xueguang fingers hand holding a cigarette ,slowly stroll out of the compound ,it was gradually dim down ,a setting sun slowly disappeared ,the street lights released a faint yellow wax .
Ling Guoqiang this time was enough meaning, in order not to let his Hu Daoheng rights is not fall ahull ,specially make the police chief, a deputy magistrate of the post ,but also into the often .
On the present situation, the Hu Daoheng committee secretary is Yang Xueguang County standing committee ,the deputy magistrate and director of public security is the county standing committee ,then the two will compete for the public security system dominance ,as the war who wins will see two people do !Gap is too wide ,Yang Xueguang was a sigh from the Public Security Bureau ,today the venue ,Daoxian County public security system that house be a monolithic whole ,but Hu Daoheng forces have overwhelming advantage is the fact that does not dispute !By this afternoon and commissar Ren Bing a long chat ,Yang Xueguang has generally understand the palace of the Daoxian County Public Security Bureau ,Daoxian County under the jurisdiction of a Palace Township ,every town has a police station ,basically each police station has long instructor for each one, and several police officers ,the rest of the police force is not enough by each villages and towns for the defense team help maintain law and order .
So doing ,the entire palace Daoxian County police force of about five hundred people, compared to the general population is only eight hundred thousand of the palace Daoxian County ,mastered such a force in his hand ,indeed in standing on feet !Similarly it is foreseeable Hu horizontal absolutely not so easily let yourself in Public Security Bureau foothold, today welcome meeting with absolute is an appetizer !Think of him thousands of miles away from the city on his hand ,Yang Xueguang will be a cigarette into his mouth ,with a breath ,Hu Tao cross would not again how ,palace Daoxian County is that we must break the past ,a small Hu Daoheng couldn ,not to mention me is the Beijing is a gangster teacher Chen !A cold wind is coming on Michael Kors Hot Style Sale,the wind sent waves of barbecue flavor ,Yang Xueguang dropped his fingers cigarette ,forcibly snorted ,turn around ,it was discovered that the whole street seems to sell barbecue stall ,some still use some simple screen field surrounding it ,slightly block a little wind ,air was a thick fragrance .
very literary smelled the fragrance ,Yang Xueguang can inviting ,quite a glut oneself with delicacies impulse, casually looking for a roadside stand sit down ,a moment later ,an apron of the middle aged smiling coming .
Boss ,to disc speculation Tianluo ,a kebab ,twenty elements ! Yang Xueguang drew from his pocket the smoke point, a breath ,and a cigarette in the hand of a young upstart ,quite a bit of temperament ,the boss is fine ,as Yang Xueguang put it on the desk of good smoke ,will know that in big client, he nodded : OK ,boss ,drink what wine ,here Moutai Wuliangye ! Surprised to open their mouth ,Yang Xueguang cry ,the small stall and the Maotai Town Moutai liquor yield ,is it right? It is too high a few ? ,no, just a whole bottle of our local liquor on the line ,high-grade wine really is not used ! Yang Xueguang waved his hands, so that his employer when the sheep Nike Air Max Skyline Shoes Sale! Okay ,right away ! The boss put a smile ,turned to prepare food .
Yang Xueguang slowly spit a smoke ring ,looked carefully at everything in sight ,business seems pretty good, especially those with screen stall business better ,here left, there is a number ,not far from a house building was brilliantly illuminated ,can be heard a song .
Yang Xueguang the roadside stalls because no screen relative to the windshield ,not many customers ,the boss serving is relatively a lot faster, after a few moments, and give up .Have to say ,the boss good ,Yang Xueguang is going a bit hungry northface jackets sale,down glut oneself with delicacies .
Brother ,the shed are no seat, or in the eat well, I ! A crisp sound audio .Yang Xueguang looked up ,he saw a young girl wearing coat standing on the roadside ,little head and a catch, eyeing Yang Xueguang around an empty table ,behind her Hao Ran is a hanging class superintendent rank police .
Brow slightly twisted ,Yang Xueguang swept the level SP ,confirm the meeting this afternoon has not seen the man, for the public security system in some cases he is about ,from the police to the level of SP ,intermediate each cut a need at least three years !The police looked older and not quite, cannot be the sort of mixed qualifications of the police ,that afternoon, did not see him to office to attend the meeting ?Subsequently, Yang Xueguang thought ,the afternoon session is held temporarily ,some township police station leadership didn notice ,ten to have this level SP is a town police station ! Sister ,if you do not feel cold, then eat something in here ! A SP seems a little be absent-minded look ,glance ,see an empty table starts came .
Brother ,not sad, Wei could not you that she often ! The girl whispered comfort level SP : New Year ,my schoolmate at college will come to see me ,I presents ! No ! A police department shook his head ,a little have lost all interest in sth.
to sit down : boss ,a bottle of Daqu ,get some barbecue back ,wings ,some chicken wings ! Officer .Right away .The boss called to work ,turn to . Brother ,you are very good, also made several great power ! The girl some cannot bear heart ,whispered : Wei said to me ,she is just don the police ,not personal ! ,change your clothes ,you must wear uniforms ! To receive your phone, I have no time to do ,was tailing the suspect ! A SP expression is : to say, even if I change my clothes and how, when asked what I was ,how can I say ? The girl is stupefied ,hesitated for a moment : brother ,can I change a job ? Anyway you have offended the beam Dongcheng ,as long as he is in your life is the director of the stem end, why have to hang in a tree ,say UGG Clovis Boots, now the police the hearts of the people there was not much more than bandits ! A SP face snapped changed ,want to sister says ,but could not help but sigh : sister ,you remember Dad died prior to say ? Girl I slightly started .
The boss gave a few dishes barbecue ,fragrance overflowing ,girl silently picks up a string of meat eating . Sister ,I know you are good for me ! A sp a sigh : do the police father dying words ,although in recent years the public security system is a mess ,that is the top leaders get, you see below us township police which is not a spare, maintaining law and order ,crime ? Secretary of municipal Party committee Ling and also know palace road public security system ,this is not a public security bureau chief ? For the Public Security Bureau will work ? The girl he curled his lip ,labial angle on the grease twinkled in the light : who does not know the palace Daoxian County world is Hu Daoheng ,the new police chief is capable of a few months ! Yang Xueguang listened to the brother and sister two people conversation ,heart suddenly lit up ,County Bureau organs may not open situation ,then from below the township police station to ? Should not ! A SP slowly shook his head : hear this morning is the municipal Party Committee Organization Department Director Yang over ancient breeze sent personally took office ,can see the Municipal Committee of the palace Daoxian County public security system is not satisfied ,if the office who don know advance and retreat, caused by Party Ling Secretary anger would look better ! Yes, your brother ,the new director story? The girl was interested to ask ,waist slightly cocked, ruddy lips with a few small pepper .
was a mayor of Qi Shan county ,but it is said that our economy is a talent, that would be sent to our palace Daoxian County as police commissioner ,listen to old Hou says he is two years old this year ! Ah ! The girl stared in amazement ,threw a stick in his hands : brother ,what time of presentation I told him not to meet ,deputy magistrate !Let me live a magistrate addiction ! Superintendent grade one hand on her head struck one : a dead girl Nike Air Max 95,what are you saying !People will watch you such a little girl? Brother ,where young people ? The girl is not convinced of a chest ,eyes touched his chest ,was plaintive sound ,but also eat a lot of meat ah ,how not long there ?Yang Xueguang Wenyan smile ,the little girl is lovely .
Oh ,this is not our palace Daoxian County a great reputation crime nemesis Wei officer ,how so shabby ,snack ,here ,you guys don to Wei officer room ? A contemptuous laughter .Yang Xueguang looked up at the eye ,saw several hair dye brightly coloured small young laughing and walked over ,pawn is a wearing a suit and guy ,hair from Siegen separately, face is covered with zits .
Yes , officer ,I was wrong ,don you people here eat snacks, or ,I now give you clear ? Acne is a small hun hun came out ,a look at the girl: why, Columbia Road ,not Wei officer there is such a beautiful girl !Don know brother have no interest in ! Yang Xueguang brows a screw ,which is a look at the small hun hun ,these people are too aggressive ,daring to flirt with the police ! ! But see amprenavir officer swish stood up ,a hold that a small hun hun ,backhand a box on the ear of the past !J .
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