had Shanxue went straight to his desk

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultNo pop novels Network ,thousands of fans online at the same time this had Shanxue from teachers sprang to the city hall to work ,if there is no background words UGGs Finnegan Boots Sale,it is a rare talent .
Think of this, Zhu Yiming has to inform him ,he came to have a look ,as long as no other problems ,it is him .Zhu Yiming was also an idea ,he is in charge of education and health of the two big day, but for these two aspects ,the basic is know nothing at all .
If a secretary is the expert ,that could work together to facilitate many .The community has a view, is the teacher and the doctors of the no nonsense ,but these two roles are to you ,right now Zhu Yiming is really a bit tremble with fear in one .
Zhu Yiming put the folder ,pick up the phone, to the municipal office .He is ready to call Zhao Yunsheng to inform had Shanxue over, think he had on his face ,the gas will not fight for a place, decided not to give him the face ,but the office of the deputy director of not being elected president ,field secretary is concurrently with the deputy director position ,but we all know ,it was just a formality .
After the call is connected ,it is a gentle voice , Hello ,Hello ,Heng Yang City Hall office ,tell me who you are ? Hello ,I am Zhu ming . Zhu Yiming politely said . Hello ,Zhu mayor ,what will your orders? The woman asked deferentially .
Hearing this Zhu Yiming is very satisfied, smiled and said : once Shanxue comrades in ?Please let him into my office ,I find him a little things . You wait ,he is here ,I let him come .
Well ,thank you very much ! Said Zhu Yiming politely .Hang up the phone ,Zhu Yiming can to just answer the phone voice was full of curiosity ,always feel this sound deja vu ,but once again could not think where heard .
No matter the familiar or not, the woman to leave a good impression of Zhu Yiming ,if only for a snob is a person, will introduce their surnames with ,then ask what .After all, although in the city government to do ,not what time can receive the vice mayor of the phone, and a new more than 20 years of deputy mayor .
The Chinese government has two of the most important ,if not a little old bully ,young people limitless ,who is not willing to easily offend them ;two cold burning stove ,which is the best way to gain confidence .
Now Zhu Ming is supposed to have both ,the woman should still take a calmly ,I had to sit up and take notice .Less than three minutes, a light tap on the door came, Zhu Yiming knew it was once Shanxue come over ,think of his name ,a kind of can not help laughing .
Zhu Yiming sat up ,and face is healed ,only at the door and said ,please come in .The door was gently away ,I saw a young man walked steadily .The man looked similar age and Zhu Yiming ,height is almost, wearing a smoky grey jacket ,her husband green trousers ,polished shoes ,feels this is a very personal appearance .
Looking closer, a square face ,but may be due to the reason of face is thin ,elongated ,but also very characteristic .The young man walked up to Zhu Yiming desk ,stand up Air Max Classic BW Outlet, respectfully said: Zhu mayor ,Hello, I am the city does have Shanxue ,heard that you look for me ,I do not know what orders? That can be neither humble nor pushy ,indicate the identity ,no excessive flattery .
After Zhu Yiming listens ,appreciate ,but has one kind of feeling ,he this attitude seems to be misfits and surrounding environment ,it should appear in the book campus .Zhu Yiming watched him ,smiled and said : Hello ,had Shanxue comrade, please sit down .
Thank you ,mayor Nike Air Max Trainer 1 Shoes Sale! Once Shanxue politely said ,then sit in the back of the chair ,and others, will only take half an ass .Zhu Yiming said after watching ,uneasiness ,although lower on their time, almost all of this posture ,including his own is no exception ,but I don he always felt had Shanxue like this ,let a person look particularly awkward .
Zhu Yiming couldn ,said to him : you don formal, I find you ,just chat . Then pointed his hips .Ceng Shanxue feel shy smile ,go to the buttock which moved ,but still maintain the body forward position .
The leader said chat ,it is polite ,if you take it seriously so, it is your fault .Today I heard the new Zhu mayor find themselves ,had Shanxue still very happy ,who knows the new mayor can also do without a secretary .
Just tell him the office of Chen Jie ,a happy color, good just to say congratulations, had Shanxue also heart music ,just face intentionally blank .As he walked out, two generation Su Liang ambiguous to say one sentence ,what ,deputy mayor is not necessarily what good ,some things just can do, some people try to change it, must think over their weight .
After hearing his words ,had Shanxue no opening ,this guy by Su Yunjie is his uncle ,from last year come after ,the basic business does not do, only know about love in every office ,especially in the pretty little girl popping in and out of the office .
Everyone he was unhappy, but with Su Yunjie to give him up ,are also began .Some time ago I have two months not to work, that the body is not good, can often see him walking in the street .
Years ago, time seems a bit seriously ,but we just got his uncle Su Yunjie delivery room to spread a good news -- rose, and Su Liang performed a controlled ,they immediately understand .
Two days ago ugg boots clearance, he suddenly in office which said ,to do the Secretary ,at the time you haven noticed ,that he is bluffing ,he so ,also can give the leadership as a secretary ,it bullshit you .
Later Zhao Yunsheng once in office, he deliberately made the stubble ,Zhao Yunsheng had no openings ,so we can believe ,his this kind of manner is not equal to is the default ?Su Liang we can when his fart ,but Zhao Yunsheng was the office of the leader, his attitude ,nature is the official .
Once Shanxue her newfound passion ,Su Liang said, basically come down to the freezing point ,but he was still very confused a road ,not to do the thing ,the new mayor Zhu find themselves have what thing ?To tell the truth ,and the mayor can know his name ,he was very surprised ,but just when, take his head away, now basic already lost in the crowd .
Zhu Yiming and have Shanxue for exchange of half an hour ,on his case also have full understanding .The first year was Shanxue distribution cards Heng Yang middle school ,second years in the city hall ,for what reason ,Zhu Ming asked very subtle, but Ceng Shanxue replied very clearly .
He had the feeling that the mayor is not to find their own chat Zhu is so simple ,seems to have diagnostic means ,said that the leader wants to use a person must give the people related to the situation is understood clearly, think of it later, he did not hide any .
At the time of the CPPCC Chairman and his family is distantly related to Wang Xiansheng ,which was promoted to deputy magistrate ,so put him into the county government ,Secretary for the king .
Who knows Su Yunjie to put his foot, took one of his relatives home what child in, so he just hung in the county office .Now the chairman of the CPPCC had retired, he was no one shows any interest in your .
Zhu Yiming listened to his condition is satisfied ,to tell the truth ,who is not willing to use a different background people ,even if it is in the same camp ,not exceptional also ,that should not be harmful heart ,defense of the heart without ,it the truth .
Chai Kaifei is one such example ,the boss to obliterate States, or bring him over, also do not know how he is communicating ,should say or very fruitful .To obliterate state ,left Chai Qingkui line of sight ,but he is more easily achieved Li Zhihao .
This is the man ,in the thinking of the most is always self-centered ,very exclusive ,even then a good friend is no exception .Zhu Yiming had Shanxue eye asked: Xiao Zeng, so, I just ,ready to choose a secretary ,director Zhao put you guys are sent over the data ,I looked up ,ready to invite you to come to this work for a period of time ,what do you think? Ah ? Ceng Shanxue said a loud ,just now he had a premonition that today may occur in any point, when it from Zhu Yiming mouth when, he almost can believe her ears ,lost the original cool .
Since the original CPPCC Chairman after retirement, his career is completely lost confidence ,so have nothing to do all day to dawdle .Through the years he influenced ,for everything ,from the initial rejection to swim now .
He more than once to tell myself ,this is society, this is the reality ,since we can not change, then to adapt ,but not all people can adapt to ,at least once Shanxue not ,otherwise ,it will not just be a small section of a mediocrity .
See his performance ,Zhu Yiming was a happy ,this guy must have music silly, and then give a cigarette in the past, said : how ,not happy ? No, not . Once Shanxue repeatedly disagreed, suddenly looked up ,he saw Zhu Yiming put a cigarette here ,quickly stood up respectfully took the cigarette lighter ,and then quickly pulled out ,as Zhu Ming lit .
Ceng Shanxue once again sit down, ass even than had previously been the place but also small ,he thought a moment later ,seriously said: Zhu mayor ,I am very glad to be at your service ,just feel very surprise ,because two days ago someone says your secretary has arranged ,so .
.. ... When it comes to this, had Shanxue chose silent ,since people to do their own secretary ,then being your own boss ,Su Liang outside make irresponsible remarks ,estimated here do not know ,so he ventured out .
After Zhu Yiming listens ,was a heavy, he had Shanxue natural to understand the meaning of words in certain is that Su Liang ,in the city government to do talk rubbish .Such a man is really hateful ,no sure thing, even outside the lookout ,even if he is not Su Yunjie ,such a shrewd have not North Face Women's 3 In 1 Jackets, how to make the .
Zhu Yiming slightly meditation ,said: this is my thing ,it others to do ,now you go and tidy ,one will come here ,I didn ,really is . After Ceng Shanxue listens ,happy in the heart ,but still pretend unusually calm appearance ,stood up respectfully said : mayor ,you first busy ,I go and tidy ,one will come .
Zhu Yiming watched him ,gently nodded .Once Shanxue quietly walk to the door, and then gently massage .Zhu Yiming watched his performance ,nodded with satisfaction ,then end up cup drink tea ,had been Shanxue in time, he didn dare put apart .
That worked hard, who knows sometimes do the leadership is not easy .Back to the city government to do later ,had Shanxue went straight to his desk ,busy finishing up things to say ,and the mayor but ,waiting for him to go at once .
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